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Seattle Police Department

(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

REPORT: Seattle Police Chief John Diaz Stepping Down

After a relatively short tenure, Seattle Police Chief John Diaz is retiring, according to KIROTV.com.

CBS Seattle–04/08/2013

File photo of a drone. (credit: PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/Getty Images)

McGinn Ends Police Drone Efforts

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is ending the police department’s drone program after local residents protested.

CBS Seattle–02/07/2013

File photo of a rocket launcher. (credit: Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/Getty Images)

Police: Man Buys Missile Launcher From Another During Weapons Buyback Event

Seattle police are tracking down the history of a nonfunctional missile launcher that showed up at a Saturday weapons buyback event in Seattle.


File photo of a courtroom. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Police: Woman Beat Boyfriend Unconscious With 2-Week Old Baby Strapped To Her Chest

A Seattle woman is accused of beating her child’s father into unconsciousness while the newborn baby was strapped to her chest.


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Space Needle Smoke-Out Planned, SPD Provides Pot Use Guide

Legal marijuana possession becomes a reality Thursday, but some people plan to celebrate the new law by technically breaking it.

CBS Seattle–12/05/2012

credit: www.zev.lacounty.gov/news/public-safety

Federal Court Names New Monitor for SPD

A federal judge has named a prominent Los Angeles police reformer to oversee changes at the Seattle Police Department.


(Photo credit: PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/GettyImages)

Seattle Police Given Permission By Federal Government To Use Drones

The Seattle Police Department is one of the first in the nation to receive permission from the federal government to start using drones.



Seattle Cop’s Husband Contacts Her Attacker

After a Seattle police officer was injured in a fight with a suspect, her husband who also is an officer showed up and made physical contact with her attacker.

CBS Seattle–09/26/2012


Armed South Seattle Man Killed By SPD Officer

A south Seattle man who was alarmed by a disturbance outside his home Sunday night was shot and killed by police when he met them at his door with a gun.

CBS Seattle–09/24/2012

File photo of Seattle police officers at a crime scene. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Force Complaint: Seattle Officer Suspended

A 19-year veteran Seattle police officer has been suspended after other officers said he used excessive force as they investigated a drive-by shooting involving a pellet gun.