Seattle Tunnel Contractors To ResumeDigging is slated to resume by November 23rd
Damage Done To Tunnel-Boring Machine Greater Than ThoughtSeattle Tunnel Partners finished disassembling Bertha and have concluded the damage the machine sustained is more extensive than previously thought.
Transportation Officials Say New Cracks On ViaductThe latest inspection of the Alaskan Way Viaduct found additional ground settlement, wider cracks and two new cracks on columns near the area where the Seattle Tunnel Partners are working to fix Bertha, the giant tunnel boring machine that is supposed to dig the highway tunnel to replace the viaduct along Seattle's waterfront.
Crews Pulling Pieces Of Seattle Tunnel Machine To SurfaceWorkers at the Seattle tunnel project have started pulling pieces of the broken tunnel machine called Bertha to the surface for repairs.
Seattle Tunnel Machine 'Bertha' Moves Toward Access PitBertha is on the move.
State, Contractor Still Battling Over Viaduct ProjectThe manager for the troubled Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project told lawmakers Thursday that the state and the contractor are still battling over tens of millions of dollars in repairs dating back to 2012, but even if the contractor declares bankruptcy tomorrow, the project could still be completed.
Downtown Tunnel To Open August 2017A new highway tunnel through downtown Seattle won't be open until August 2017, about 20 months behind schedule, state transportation officials said Monday.
State: OK To Restart Digging Of Tunnel Access PitState transportation officials gave Seattle Tunnel Partners the OK on Tuesday to resume excavation on a pit being dug to reach and repair Bertha, the broken tunneling machine.
Effort To Repair Seattle Tunnel Machine Delayed An effort to repair the giant tunneling machine stuck under downtown Seattle is going more slowly than expected.
Plan Advances To Dig Up Now-Stalled BerthaThe new tunnel would allow workers to dig up and repair the now-stuck boring machine
Large Wall Part Of Seattle Tunnel Machine Repair It seems that everything connected with the effort to dig a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle is big — from the tunneling machine that stopped working last December, to a large plywood wall planned to shield neighbors from the noise of repairing the machine.
6 Month Delay 'Optimistic' For Seattle Tunnel An official for the contractor boring the Seattle Highway 99 tunnel says a six month delay in the stalled construction is a "slightly optimistic" forecast.

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