Secret Service Warns Of Credit Card Chip Scheme, Report SaysThe U.S. Secret Service is reportedly warning banks about a new scam that is targeting the chips in credit cards sent through the mail.
Secret Service Investigating Counterfeit Money In Snohomish County At least three counterfeit bills have been snatched from circulation in Snohomish County in the past two weeks.
Reported Theft Of Romney Tax Records Being ProbedThe Secret Service said Wednesday it is investigating the reported theft of copies of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's federal tax records during a break-in at an accounting office in Franklin. Someone claiming responsibility demanded $1 million not to make them public.
Opinion: Obama Visits Bring Hefty Price TagThe President's visits often come with a hefty price tag for cities in both security costs and time misspent by police forces.
Norm Is Serving Justice On Food Safety, War On Drugs, And The Secret Service
Norm Has A Word Of The Day And Is Serving Justice On The Middle East On Today's Show
Today Norm Serves Justice On Afghanistan, The Secret Service, And Gov. Etch-A-Sketch
Police: Secret Service Agent Shoots At Man Videotaping DaughterPolice say an off-duty Secret Service agent fired a shot at a person he thought was videotaping his daughter through a window at their home at Mercer Island.

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