Real-Life Superhero Patrols Oregon CountyA man known only as "Guardian Shield" has donned cape and costume to patrol the streets of Beaverton, Oregon.
'Superhero' Phoenix Jones Helps Police In Bloody AssaultSelf-proclaimed real life superhero Phoenix Jones is helping police by serving as a witness in a bloody Capitol Hill assault.
2012 Emerald City Comicon PreviewGet a sneak peek of the best things to see at this years Emerald City Comicon.
Best Bars To Geek Out At For ComiCon in SeattleGet ready nerds and geeks as ComicCon is taking over Seattle. After a day full of entertainment, refuel and grab a refreshment at one of Seattle's finest bars.
Seattle 'Superhero' Unmasks Himself in Court
Seattle Police Arrest Self-Confessed Superhero Phoenix Jones

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