Hospital Warning Thousands To Get Children Tested For HIV, Hepatitis After Surgical Equipment Not Sterilized

Seattle Children’s Hospital is offering free blood tests to 12,000 families after discovering surgical equipment at its Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center was not always properly cleaned and sterilized.


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Are Your ‘Forgetful Moments’ Actually Small Seizures?

As we hurry about our busy lives unusual occurrences can be overlooked. For instance, have you ever had your brain just pause?


Can My Health Insurance Cover My Children?

Whether or not your health insurance can cover your children depends on your specific policy.


Can My Health Insurance Cover My Spouse?

Whether or not your health insurance can cover your spouse depends on your specific policy.


How Does My Health Insurance Work At The Hospital?

The Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance policies cover 10 essential benefits, including emergency treatment.


How Do I Use My Health Insurance When I Visit A Doctor?

To maximize the benefits of your insurance policy, you will likely need to choose a doctor from within your health plan’s network.


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Parents Of Young Boy Who Lost Testicles During Surgery Loses $1.5M Lawsuit Against Hospital

The parents of a young boy lost a $1.5 million lawsuit against Oregon Health & Science University over a surgery that rendered the child’s testicles useless.


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Is It Wise To Have Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

For years, conventional wisdom has suggested that wisdom teeth have to be removed. However, some experts say that no one should have their wisdom teeth pulled.


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Harvin’s Injury Will Require Surgery

Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin tweeted Tuesday night that his hip injury will require surgery.

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Giacomini Has Surgery On Elbow

Seattle Seahawks starting right tackle Breno Giacomini has undergone arthroscopic surgery on his right elbow and is expected to take four to six weeks to recover.

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