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5 Reasons Why The NBA Should Shorten The Length Of The Games

Purists definitely don’t want to see NBA games get shortened. However, we like the idea of reducing the time limit for each game, and here are five reasons why it should happen sooner than later:

CBS Seattle–10/16/2014

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The 5 Most Surprising Plays In The NFL So Far This Year

What has made this season so special? Plays we didn’t expect. Here are the five most surprising plays in the NFL so far this year.

1090 The Fan–10/16/2014

Riley Cooper (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

5 NFL Players Who Take Plays Off

Here are the five players we think get caught taking plays off too often.


Tim Tebow (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

4 Reasons The Jets Should Sign Tim Tebow

Here are four reasons why the Jets just need to swallow their pride and sign the former NFL QB…


Russell Wilson (Photo by Otto Gruele/Getty Images)

5 Tweets Proving Russell Wilson Is Even Nicer Than You Think

It’s not hard to understand: Russell Wilson is nicer than you think.

1090 The Fan–10/03/2014

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5 Reasons There Should Be Wednesday Night Football

Here are five reasons the NFL needs to implement Wednesday Night Football!

CBS Seattle–10/03/2014

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5 Things Not Said During The September 23rd Giants-Dodgers Game

The first inning dramatics made for quite a battle. It’s almost certain that some heavy exchanges took place on the field, however, we don’t know exactly what was said. We do know what was not said, and here are five of those statements…

CBS Seattle–09/24/2014

Trent Dilfer #4, Robbie Tobek #61

The 7 Most Memorable Seahawks Quotes In The Last 20 Years

Like the Rolling Stones once said, “Some things just stick to your mind.” And as Hawks fans, well, some quotes just stay with us. From Richard Sherman, to Shaun Alexander, to Kelvin Martin — inspiring things have been said and really peculiar things too!

CBS Seattle–09/17/2014

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6 People Who Should Host The Super Bowl’s Pregame Ceremonies

By Mel Piper Sr. Let’s face it: The Super Bowl is more than just a game nowadays. There is a pregame concert, an extended National Anthem, a celebratory coin toss, a half time concert and, of course, […]

CBS Seattle–09/17/2014

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6 Sports Figures Who Didn’t Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Some professional sports figures didn’t seem to get the memo to support the great cause. Obviously nobody has to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, but if a public figure chooses not to, he or she may see backlash in the court of public opinion. Here are six sports figures who have no record of partaking in the Ice Bucket Challenge

CBS Seattle–09/11/2014



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