Study: Violent Stereotypes Attached To Black Youth As Young As FiveIn the study, published in Psychological Science, researchers were interested to see whether stereotypes associating Black men with violence also extended to younger Black children
Ferguson Lawyer To Represent Slain Mexican Man's FamilyAntonio Zambrano-Montes' death has sparked calls for a federal probe
Graffiti Referencing Trayvon Martin Case Found At Arson SiteGraffiti referencing the Trayvon Martin case was found at a Seattle restaurant that was set on fire by an arsonist.
Tests Only Identify Zimmerman's DNA On HandgunForensic tests made public Wednesday show that George Zimmerman's was the only DNA that could be identified on the grip of the gun used to fatally shoot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman Wants New Judge
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