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Crisis Management 3-Part Series – Part 2: ‘Nothing Beats Good Planning’

Crisis management planning may be on the back burner – possibly where you keep your priority about advertising. You may say, “I don’t need a crisis management plan, I’ll just deal with it if it […]

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The All Important Business Plan

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together.   Here’s a memorable quote just for you from one of the great minds of the ‘80’s – John “Hannibal” Smith. You remember, of the “A-Team”. Hannibal […]

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Crisis Management 3-Part Series – Part 1: ‘Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?’

Crisis management you may ask, why do I need to worry about that? What does crisis management have to do with your company marketing your business? Lack of a crisis management plan could potentially cost […]

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Get Them To Pay Attention – Reader Response Rate

Want to Increase Reader Response Rate? Would you like to be able to put into practice best copy-writing practices for all of your company’s media? Specifically, how about best practices for direct mail and e-mail […]

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Structuring A Solid Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy – Don’t Go Off Half-Cocked! I’m big on helping businesses stay ahead of the competition, and implementing innovative strategies to give clients the competitive advantage. Be ahead of the curve! Put innovative strategies […]

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Mobile Marketing Your Business – Part 3

Part 3 of 3 “Mobile Marketing – Now You Want Real-World Examples?”     Hopefully you learned from my articles, “Mobile Marketing Parts 1 and 2”, which support the importance of mobile computing and application […]

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Mobile Marketing Your Business – Part 2

Part 2 of 3 “Mobile Marketing – So, You Want To Know More?”   Real World Applications of Mobile Marketing Applications There are some extremely interesting real world examples of how mobile marketing is being […]

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Networking Part 2 – Hiring Marketing Experts

Marketing – Not the Ugly Step-Sister!   In the Networking post I provided you with an overview of the importance of networking and how to network person-to-person and online. That leads to an excellent jumping-off […]

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Networking Can Boost Your Small Business Sales

To Compete…Network with Experts! When it comes to you as the “decision-maker”, you need to have the skill to surround yourself with staff members that have the required technical and real-world experience. However we all […]

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Is Consumerization of IT Infiltrating Your Business? Consumer = You’re Not In Control

To see an example, let’s look at Waste Management’s experience when the company replaced the established enterprise hardware and software with consumer-market tablets. Waste Management experienced a serious repercussion to the decision to switch.  The […]

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