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Tablets, Not Always a Laptop Replacement

Bill Martin the CIO of Royal Caribbean claims, “The iPad is an incredibly personal device.” Royal Caribbean is taking a gamble by putting iPads in all staterooms of the newly-renovated cruise ship, Splendor of the […]

CBS Seattle–07/02/2012

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Tablets! They’re Coming to a Business Near You!

As you know… tablets, iPads, netbooks, Blackberry’s, Androids, iPhones are all the rage. Other than all the rage, this technology is:   • Highly desired! • HOT and trendy! • Just in its infancy • […]


Seattle police have indicated that an act of vandalism at a Seattle bank, one that included the bank being spray-painted with the words "revenge for Occupy Oakland," is being linked to someone from the Occupy movement. (credit: ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Revenge For Occupy Oakland’ Spray-Painted On Seattle Bank

An act of vandalism at a Seattle bank in support of the Occupy Oakland movement has led Seattle Police to believe it was an act by someone connected to the Occupy movement.