Court: Music On Phone Not Evidence Of Gang TiesWashington's Supreme Court has thrown out the convictions of three men in what police called a gang-related shooting, finding among other things that music on one defendant's phone was not evidence of gang ties.
Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider Charter School DecisionA divided Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday it will not reconsider its ruling striking down the state charter school law.
Washington State Gets Failing Grade On School FundingWashington state is being fined $100,000 a day by the state Supreme Court because justices say lawmakers have failed to adequately pay to educate the state's 1 million school children.
Profanity Against Police Gets First Amendment ProtectionThe Washington Supreme Court threw out the conviction of a juvenile who had yelled at officers while they tried to calm his intoxicated sister
OSPI To Offer Alternative Plan For State Education BudgetSuperintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn has an alternative plan for answering the Washington Supreme Court's McCleary decision
Sentence Overturned In 80-Year-Old's StrangulationThe Washington Supreme Court has overturned a prison sentence given to a Nevada man in the cold-case death of an 80-year-old woman.
Voters To Decide On Initiatives, Dozens Of Races
Washington Justices Shift Burden In Rape CasesThe Washington Supreme Court says the state cannot require rape defendants to prove that an alleged victim consented to escape conviction.
Court Rules Age Discrimination Case Can Go To TrialThe state Supreme Court was unanimous Thursday in a ruling that said an instructor's claim that she wasn't hired for a tenure track teaching position at a community college in southwestern Washington can proceed to trial.
Washington Supreme Court Holds State In Contempt If lawmakers do not complete their plan for fixing the way the state pays for public schools by the end of that legislative session, the court promised to reconvene and impose sanctions and other remedial measures
Washington High Court Hearing About School Funding A group pushing for increased funding for Washington public schools plans a rally Wednesday in Olympia before the state Supreme Court hears why lawmakers haven't done more
Supreme Court: Psychiatric Boarding Illegal People with suspected mental health problems cannot be "warehoused" in emergency rooms and hospitals when certified mental health facilities already are full, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

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