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The Struggle and Triumph Of The Mexican Peso

Did you know that internationally the Mexican peso was once more highly regarded than the U.S. dollar? Well, it’s a fact. Like most of North American history, the story of the Mexican peso takes many twists and turns. It’s all part of a fascinating journey that took the Mexican peso from its humble beginnings to a dominant currency in Latin America.

CBS Seattle–05/06/2014


Russia’s 40-Year-Old Diamond Secret: Popigai Astroblem

Russia dominated the diamond market in the 1970s with its abundant natural resources and its partnership with De Beers, which at the time was distributing most of the world’s diamonds. Perhaps this is why Russia […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013

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Modern-Day Legislation: Why Coin Collectors Should Care About HR 5977

Coin collecting is one of the world’s oldest known hobbies (and one of our favorites!). Once thought of as an activity for the wealthy, today, coin collecting is becoming increasingly popular with millions of hobbyists […]

CBS Seattle–04/23/2013


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