Bill Advances That Would Exempt Some Info About Wolf AttacksA bill that would exempt from public disclosure information about people who report or respond to wolf attacks has cleared a House committee.
Inslee Reverses Panel's Decision To Increase Cougar HuntsGov. Jay Inslee has reversed a state wildlife panel's decision to expand cougar hunting in areas of Washington occupied by wolves.
Washington Takes Steps To Reduce Wolf Conflicts This SummerThe season when wolves come into conflict with livestock in Eastern Washington has arrived, but the state Department of Fish and Wildlife is ready.
State Says Wolf Population Grew 30% Last YearThe state says Washington's wolf population grew by more than 30 percent last year and formed four new packs.
Study: Killing Wolves Actually Increases Livestock AttacksKilling the alpha male or female in a pack frees the other wolves to start breeding, according to a wildlife expert.
Group Demands Washington Decrease Wolf PopulationA billboard campaign in Washington state aims to reignite a debate that splits the Pacific Northwest: Do wolves belong?
Too-Friendly Washington Wolf Still On The LooseOfficials are still trying to trap a wolf that has to be moved from northeast Washington to prevent it from becoming too friendly with dogs, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department said Monda
Study: Cows That Survive Wolf Attacks Suffer Post-Traumatic Stress SymptomsCows that survive a wolf encounter reportedly suffered symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.
Wolves In Idaho Kill 176 Sheep In One Sitting A southeastern Idaho ranch lost 176 sheep as the animals ran in fear from two wolves that chased through a herd of about 2,400 animals south of Victor.
No-Kill Wolf Ban Spurs Nonlethal Options As long as wolves have been making their comeback, biologists and ranchers have had a decidedly Old West option for dealing with those that develop a taste for beef: Shoot to kill. But for the past year, Oregon has been a "wolf-safe" zone, with ranchers turning to more modern, nonlethal ways to protect livestock.
State Lawmaker Wants Wolves Sent To Rival DistrictLamenting that "the entire citizenship of the state has not been fully able to enjoy the re-establishment of this majestic species," a Republican lawmaker suggests moving some of the animals to western Washington.
Wolf Killing in Washington State: Will There Have to Be More?Taking aim from a helicopter flying over northeastern Washington state, a marksman last month killed the alpha male of a wolf pack that had repeatedly attacked a rancher's cattle. The shooting put an end to the so-called Wedge pack, but it did little to quell the controversy over wolves in the state.

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