Ask Stylists: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 24, 2013 5:00 AM

Whether you are graduating from high school, you’re a student currently attending college or you’re an executive-level businessman, every level of professional needs help finding the perfect suit for a job interview, a business meeting or for giving a presentation to work or school colleagues. Use these informative style tips provided by a Seattle wardrobe stylist to assist you in shopping for the perfect suit, dress shirt, tie, shoes and other accessories needed to look your best and impress in every situation.

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At Styled.Seattle, you can choose from three fashion experts who can assist you in whatever styling capacity you may need. Founder and primary wardrobe stylist Darcy Camden is not only a fashion consultant for men and women, she has also been a fashion correspondent and a style editor for magazines and television shows in the Pacific Northwest. If you work with Sherrianne Garcia, the lead stylist and another fashion expert at Styled.Seattle, she can provide you with a great, new look and is the company expert at working with men around the Seattle area. Lastly, you will also receive expert advice from Styled.Seattle’s third fashionista, Tiffany Lowry, who works as a partner stylist providing the final touches in consultation and advice to the company’s clients. Follow these expert tips from three style and wardrobe experts in Seattle and you definitely won’t go wrong when giving your wardrobe a makeover.

Choose the right suit material for the time of year.


When looking for a suit to wear during the summer, you certainly will not want to wear anything made of a heavy-weight material, which is meant for colder, winter months. Make sure that you leave the heavy-weight material suits for fall and winter months when they are appropriate and choose lighter-weight suit materials for spring and summer.

Try to limit your dry cleaning.


If it is possible, search for suits, dress shirts and ties that do not necessarily need to be dry cleaned or professionally pressed after each wear. Some suits can be spot cleaned in between dry cleaning trips, while other suit brands, along with dress shirts and ties, may be machine washable if the gentle cycle is used. Consistent dry cleaning can cause additional wear and tear to suit fabrics, especially if they are made of materials that are more delicate.

Shop around for the right fit.


Not all suits are made the same and it may take a few stops to clothing stores that carry suits and suit accessories to find a fit that is most comfortable for you. Once you find the perfect suit(s), you may still need to have them fitted somewhat by a tailor. Many clothing stores that sell suits have their own on-site fitting tailor, while others may have to send you to one they work with at a separate location. Regardless, make sure you have the suit tailored correctly — not too snug or loose and the sleeves should be shortened or lengthened appropriately — and try the suit on again once it has been altered to ensure it is tailored to your specifications.

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Select mix-and-match separates.

If you consider yourself stylish and want to be able to mix and match your suit wardrobe and separates without spending a great deal of cash, then select dress shirt colors and tie patterns and colors that can be worn with more than one suit. Black and gray suits can be worn with almost any color, while blues and browns may be a bit more difficult to mix and match with other colors.

Wear the right color of dress shoes.

Brown shoes would complement navy-colored suits, as well as most shades of brown suits, while black shoes would be more appropriate for gray shades, as well as black and at times, taupe-colored suits. Dressy shoes don’t have to have laces either. Loafers without laces can actually dress up suits even more as long as they are not too worn and kept polished.

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