Best Dance Classes For Kids In Seattle

July 4, 2014 5:00 AM

Dance is equal parts art, science and sport, incorporating symbolism and storytelling, choreography and rhythm, speed, strength and movement. Dancing is a healthy, enjoyable activity for children of all ages – it promotes locomotor and cognitive development, increases blood and oxygen flow and reorganizes the neurological system. For children in the greater Seattle area who would like to learn about dancing, classes abound for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Students can take classes in creative dance, pre-ballet, ballet, jazz and tap that are offered by the best dance studios in Seattle. From Golden Teddy Award winner Creative Dance Center to longtime Seattle studio Lynn Beasley’s Dance Center, there’s a class for every budding Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire.
Creative Dance Center
12577 Densmore Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 363-7281

Winner of the 2013 ParentMap Golden Teddy Award for best dance studio, Creative Dance Center (CDC) is a nonprofit organization that has offered dance classes in Seattle for more than 30 years. CDC’s unique “BrainDance,” a series of exercises that stimulates the nervous system and facilitates learning, includes eight developmental movements that are exhibited during an infant’s first year of life. Each class incorporates the BrainDance series of exercises, which entails a thorough physical and neurological warm-up for children and adults alike and provides enhanced core support, reorganization of the neurological system and increased oxygen and blood flow. The CDC curriculum includes brain-compatible dance education and BrainDance, featuring an early childhood program with parent/child classes or preschool-Kindergarten classes as well as children and teens’ ballet and modern dance.

Cornish College Preparatory Dance Company
Kerry Hall, Floor 3
710 E. Roy St.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 726-5186

The Cornish Preparatory Dance Company (CPDC) helps students develop a lifelong love of dance and movement while instilling core values such as accountability, discipline, focus and a sense of satisfaction. CPDC teaches classes in multiple genres, including classical ballet, pointe and creative dance. Experienced, distinguished dance instructors teach with a backdrop of live music as students work on age-appropriate skills, exercising their cognitive skills and working on their gross motor development. Creative Dance classes begin at age four by September of that year and help students learn about following directions, active listening and imaginative play. Students later progress to pre-primary and primary classes, which focuses on rhythm, coordination, body alignment and spatial awareness. Ballet students learn about body alignment and proper technique while learning about rhythm exercises, allegro and barre.

All That Dance
8507 35th Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-8944

As a finalist in the 2013 ParentMap Golden Teddy Award for best dance studio, All That Dance provides classes for children of all skill levels and backgrounds, including parent and tot classes, hip hop, creative ballet, tap, ballet, pointe and summer dance camps. All That Dance’s classes use professional instructors who emphasize fun while focusing on both mental and cognitive development through dance. The instructors teach with props, music and a carefully designed curriculum that instills a lifelong love of dance. Students can begin dancing at All That Dance at any age and will progress at their own learning speed in a positive, encouraging learning environment. The children’s program begins with basic movement and continues on to other classes, including jazz, ballet and tap.

Darrah Blanton Dance
Dance Underground
340 15th Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 328-1500

Darrah Blanton, who has been teaching dance in Seattle for more than 15 years, specializes in parent-toddler classes, musical theater, creative movement, tap, ballet, ballet/tap combination classes and beginning jazz. Classes are for students between 18 months and eight years of age and begin with the parent-toddler class features BrainDance, which features songs and games, movement concepts and basic dance. The pre-ballet classes focus on physical, social and emotional skills while learning how to leap, curtsey, stretch and plié. Ballet focuses on barre exercises, five ballet positions and step combinations and jazz teaches students the basics of chaine leaps and turns, pencil turns and pivots. Learn the basics of choreography, rhythm and movement while developing confidence, flexibility and balance in a structured, encouraging learning environment.

Lynn Beasley’s Children’s Dance Workshop
Children’s Dance Workshop
2564 9th Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 283-1356

Lynn Beasley has been teaching children how to dance in Seattle since 1987, when she founded the Children’s Dance Workshop. Students typically need to register for one year, as classes begin in October and continue through June, culminating in a recital. Creative Dance classes are for ages three to four, four to five or five to six and help students develop body awareness while learning the joy of movement as they stretch, leap, jump and run. Pre-ballet, for ages six to seven, builds upon the skills learned in Creative Dance and incorporates basic ballet skills as children learn about rhythm and choreography while supporting their locomotor development. The Children’s Dance Workshop features a casual, supportive environment and scholarships are available for students who need them.

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