TTYM: Watch Tony Romo Go Up In Flames, An Iron Bowl Lip Sync & A Woman Gets Hit With Puck Stays At Game

December 20, 2013 2:08 PM

ttym 9556111 TTYM: Watch Tony Romo Go Up In Flames, An Iron Bowl Lip Sync & A Woman Gets Hit With Puck Stays At Game

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, a woman gets slammed in the head with a hockey puck and stays at the game for overtime, fans have an obvious reaction to the Cowboys’ debacle, an interesting angle of the Blackhawks Ice Girls and a woman lip sync’s the Auburn Iron Bowl call for the ages.

In Sync

It’s the call and the play that will go down in the College Football history books. Auburn’s historic Iron Bowl win against Alabama.

And what was nearly as good as the play was certainly Rod Bramblett’s dramatic play calling.

The special moment wasn’t lost on one viewer who was so moved by the emotional call she learned it line by line and posted this uncanny lip sync on YouTube.

Here’s the thing. She is not even an Auburn fan or from the state of Alabama.

One thing is for certain it’s a moment that will bring joy to college football lovers for decades to come.

Well, I guess except for Crimson Tide fans, that is.

Story Via CBS Atlanta

 A Stitch In Time Doesn’t Catch The End Of The Game

I know I ramble on ad infinitum about the toughness of hockey players and even extol the physical and mental toughness of its fans on occasion. Like here.

This woman, yes woman is so tough she deserves a Stanley Cup of her own (filled with vodka). Caps fan Tricia Drummond got slammed in the forehead with a puck during a game against the Flyers this week.

She got knocked down to the ground unconscious and her blood splattered all over Alex Ovechkin’s jersey.

Did she cry? Um, no. File a lawsuit? Please! Go to hospital for stiches? Hell no! Well, at least not right away.

Since the score was tied Drummond insisted on returning to her seat for the end of the game.

She got there just in time to watch the Caps beat the Flyers in OT.

Story via CBS Washington DC

 Tony Romo’s On Fire

Well, now, this was inevitable,

On Sunday the Cowboys had an epic collapse blowing a 26-3 lead against the Packers, so this man decided to burn his Tony Romo jersey.

After that debacle shouldn’t the real question here be ‘What Cowboys fan didn’t decide to burn their Tony Romo jersey?’

Story via CBS Philadephia

Goal Tenders

Blackhawks Ice Girl Goal Cam by dm_520cd98243c9e

NHL Goal cams have offered up a variety of great footage giving fans an otherwise non-existent view and refs a way to review goals. They’ve even captured goal tenders in their less than ideal moments.

But, no moment caught on tape was ever quite as awkward as the one captured when the Blackhawks’ Ice Girls just tried to do their job.

You do realize though Kim Kardashian is watching this somewhere thinking… ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

By the way, you’re welcome.

Story via CBS Chicago

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