(Photo by Binder Of Daemons/Flickr)Tonight we’ll tackle the tale of two very different comebacks:  Keith Olberman’s return to his rightful place as the king of MSNBC evening talk personalities . . . and the return of the king of death row Texas as Dim Son emerges from his Lone Star Beer-lined man cave to embark on a torturous book tour to promote his memoirs.  Some things are better left to decay and rot in the darkness.  Dubya’s illegal occupation of the Oval Office is no exception.

You Teabaggers are upset about rampant spending? 38% of the current national debt was created by The Bush Crime Family’s foreign wars and tax policies.  But who cares, right?   Obama is a ” half-breed Muslin” as one recent Teabagger sign decries.  Funny, Obama seemed more seersucker to me . . .but then Bush/Cheney were a different breed of  ” . . . . suckers” altogether.

Join us tonight for further analysis and discussion of the news of the day!