Justice is served – and deservedly so, as always – on Republicans today! A key House Republican declares that the middle class gets NO tax relief unless the billionaires get their HUGE tax breaks. Details and commentary today!

Sarah Palin (“Smush” as I call her) gets a face plant as her “Tea Party” robot Joe Miller loses the Alaska Senate race to a WRITE-IN candidate! So much for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”!!

And, her little daughter Willow lights up Facebook with cuss words only a sailor would love – including anti-gay slurs – at the same time Mama Hissly hints she’s running for President. Why won’t Fox take her off the air?

The White House is trying to patch things up with the Shameber of Commerce – what do you think of THIS?

Nancy Pelosi is re-elected the House Democratic leader over a ConservaDem challenge – details and commentary on THIS today!

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