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Both Hosni Mubarak and the protesters in Egypt seem to be standing their ground.  But the protesters seem to be standing on more of it. The number of pro-democracy protesters inEgypt is steadily increasing. If they actually had democracy, they would have won by now.

Omar Suleiman, the newly appointed Vice President, isEgypt’s former spy chief and top torturer. Mubarak making Suleiman vice president is a case of the frying pan appointing the fire. Bringing him in is Hosni Mubarak essentially saying “release the hounds.” Or camels, as the case may be. And Suleiman says Egypt isn’t ready for democracy! Having him oversee the transition to democracy is like having Exxon-Mobile oversee the transition to renewable energy.

Al Qaeda has been noticeably silent on the protests inEgypt. They haven’t released one of their audio or videotaped messages yet. Did these events catch them in a long-delayed switchover to digital? Al Qaeda’s message is no longer resonating in the Islamic world. Maybe they should try to make up for it by at least upgrading their messages to HD. And face it, a lot of people will watch any piece of crap, as long as it’s presented in 3D. At least that’s what the makers of “Justin Beiber: Never Say Never” are hoping.

Speaking of irrelevant fringe characters, Bill Kristol has called out Glenn Beck’s bizarre conspiracy theories about Egypt, saying “hysteria is not a sign of health.” Heavens no. Hysteria is a sign of what I like to call “Glenn Beck Syndrome.” How can you tell if you have Glenn Beck Syndrome? The first danger sign is that you are Glenn Beck. Kristol said that Beck has invented non-existent connections between “caliphate-promoters and the American left.” Well, you know what that means—the next connection in Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory is going to be Bill Kristol.  Hey Bill, don’t cross Glenn Beck—or you’ll find your name on a chalkboard.

  1. John Catherine says:

    Ms. Rhodes is the BEST — you go gal!

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