Those on the right, and much of the media in general, have framed the story of what is happening in Wisconsin as public employees not willing to give up concessions on pay and benefits despite the state facing a fiscal crisis.  But, Rachel explains the bigger story of whats happening in Wisconsin (and other Republican controlled states), how workers rights in Wisconsin affects us all and why  the very  survival of the Democratic party depends on the right of workers to collectively bargain.

Oh yeah, and to top it all off, it turns out there actually was no budget crisis in Wisconsin to begin with… the state started 2011, and Republican Governor Scott Walkers term, with a budget surplus.

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  1. Paul Carmi says:

    I like hearing the truth.

  2. Donna W. says:

    Rachel is great! I also like hearing the truth and wish more people would seek the truth instead of believing everthing the right wing puts out there, including their viral emails. Governor Walker is in the Koch brothers pockets–shame on him–and he should be exposed for his backroom deals. The progressives need to get their message out there truthfully and assertively, so ordinary people will really question what these right-wing organizations and the Tea Party are saying and doing.

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