In a piece for the O’Reilly Factor, a Fox News reporter complains that he is unable to report on the protests in Madison because his camera shots are drown out by chants from the crowd of “Fox Lies! Fox Lies!”.  The reporter is suspicious of outside influences and “professional looking signs” being held up by the protesters.

Watch as Bill-O and the reporter discuss these nefarious outside influences that they claim are busing  “professional left-wingers” into Wisconsin and you’ll see them roll a video labeled “Union Protests” showing a violent interaction between protesters.

The Lie (by omission at the very least):  There have been no reports of violence in Wisconsin, this video footage was not recent,  nor was it from Wisconsin.  Sorry Bill-o, the footage we’ve seen of working families standing out in the snow to fight for their rights doesn’t quite match up with the palm trees in your the Fox (Lies) video.

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  1. Johnny Urrea says:

    Just another day of The FOX Phonies. The radical right just thrive on lies. Truth no longer has a place in their debate. Merits of a debate doesn’t matter to them, just say anything, their new motto.

  2. John says:

    Wow. Amazing. Just bold face liars at Fox, nothing more. They don’t even care how obvious they are either. Just goes to show how gullible they know their faithful viewers are.

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