The Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is defending his decision to hold a hearing on the radicalization of some Muslims in America.  New York’s Peter King opened today’s hearing by accusing critics of engaging in unwarranted rage and hysteria.  King said there is “nothing radical or un-American” about holding the hearing.

However,  Keith Ellison of Minnesota (the first Muslim American to be elected to Congress) said ascribing the evil acts of individuals to an entire community is wrong and doesn’t make the country any safer.  He talked about a Muslim-American who gave his life for our country on 9/11.  Ellison said the patriotism of  the Muslim first responder was questioned simply because of his religion.

Even More On The Story From The AP

  1. What’s wrong with these people? It’s McCarthyism all over again, these people are sick and seriously need their heads examined.

    I am ashamed to be called an American, this country has fallen into an unprecedented moral squalor. No wonder we are hated and despised, no wonder people want to kill us. The pain and misery that we have caused millions, upon millions to bear is sickening. People should go to jail for what they have done to destroy this country…shame, shame, shame.

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