Five years ago, Blake Mycoskie was traveling through Argentina when he noticed many of the children had no shoes. He went back home to the US determined to make a difference. TOMS shoes was born. A year later, Blake returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes. Their program, ONE for ONE program is simple. For every pair sold, another pair is sent to a child in need of a pair of shoes. According to TOMS’ website, shoes help children from contracting disease, protects their feet from cuts and infections, and allows them to attend schools, many of which require shoes as part of their uniform.

Today, TOMS Shoes is asking us to go “One Day Without Shoes” to raise awareness of the importance shoes play in daily life. Through their website, and social media like Facebook and Twitter, TOMS asking for photos of you and your barefoot friends.

Nordstrom, the Seattle-based store that first opened as a shoe store in 1901, is honoring the day by having a “Day Without Shoes Walk” at their Downtown and Bellevue Square locations. Walking inside, without shoes, Nordstrom hopes to get conversations started and change the world a pair of shoes at a time.

“We’ve been selling TOMS Shoes for about five years,” says Heather Goodman, who works in the BP Department of the Downtown Seattle Flagship Nordstrom. “Every pair of Toms we sell provides another pair for someone in need.”


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