The 41st Annual Pirate’s Booty Seafair Milk Carton Derby is happening on Saturday, July 16. Nearly 100 colorful milk carton boats in creative designs will compete on the waters of Green Lake for $10,000 in prizes. The Derby filled with lots of fun “competition” as children, adults, families and businesses build milk carton watercraft to show and race.

Where would your Pirates’ Booty snack be?  From the tops of the mountains, to the depths of the sea, would you travel through space for your Pirate’s Booty? Build a place in the world (or out of it!) where you’d like to eat your favorite Pirate’s Booty snack by incorporating it into the design of your boat. To qualify contestants must include Pirate’s Booty snack and/or Pirate’s Booty logo somewhere on the boat. Prizes: 1st place – Year Supply of Pirate’s Booty and Pirate’s Booty Swag, 2nd place – 1 Case of Pirate’s Booty and Pirate’s Booty Swag, 3rd place – 1 Case of Pirate’s Booty!

Boat Categories:  The racing, military and open categories are complimentary, and there is no charge to enter.

Racing – Free to Enter; Any craft whose design and intent is primarily speed like kayaks, surfboards and racing-type catamarans will be placed in this category. The race has two sub-categories:
Youth ages 8-13
Adult ages 14 and up

Military – Free to Enter; A special category for the military community, at least one crew member of the milk carton craft must be active duty military. There will be:
A trophy for one year display will be awarded to the military race winner.
-A prize awarded to the military race entry judged to have the best design.

Open – Free to Enter; Any style entry other that racing, military or commercial. This category is for entries where design took precedence over speed in the construction. It is still however a race to the finish. This race has three sub categories:
Youth ages 8-13
Adult ages 14 and up
Family – kids up to age 13 with at least one adult

Groups & Commercial – $250 Entry Fee
This category is for groups & Commercial entries. A $250 entry gives your group or company the opportunity to race with a company name, logo or slogan on your vessel. Take the challenge and race to glory on the formidable waters of Seattle’s Green Lake. A minimum of 100 half-gallon cartons or their equivalent is required. This category is not eligible for Showboat or other major price drawings. Entries must meet the conditions of the Open category. Each group/commercial participant will receive an official 2011 Milk Carton Derby T-shirt.
The overall winner will be awarded 8 one-day passes to Seafair Weekend (Albert Lee Cup/Boeing Air Show) as well as 10% of collected entry monies donated to the non-profit of their choice.
The best design winner gets 4 one-day passes to Seafair Weekend (Albert Lee Cup/ Boeing Air Show).

NOTE: The racing category is for entries designed for speed. The open category is for entries where design and creative use of milk cartons is the primary purpose but this is still a race. The showboat award is not opened to sponsored groups/commercial or military entrants.

There will be plenty of other family activities on shore as well – including interactive displays and exhibits, autographs and picture opportunities (Seafair Clowns, Seafair Princesses, The SeaGals – and more!), pig petting and plenty of food booths!

Northwest Harvest and Seafair are partnering to collect food donations at the Milk Carton Derby.  Non-perishable food will be collected on site.

Awards will be given for each of the race categories. Additionally, all participants will receive a raffle ticket. Raffle winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. Other awards include the Showboat Award (chosen by the Milk Carton Derby Race Committee) and the Pirate’s Booty Award.

For more Seafair information, or register for the Milk Carton Derby, go to the website at


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