Near and Far is a new exhibit opening this summer at the Children’s Museum, Seattle. Children can explore and learn about what is near and what is far away. LEGO bricks and DUPLO bricks create 6 learning stations. In the Architect’s Office, architectural structures can be explored for their creative design and their location on the map. A visit to the Mechanic’s Shop allows your child to build transportation devices to go far! Little ones can hop in kid-sized cars and drive around the Car’s Corner – making sure they obey the traffic signs! Designed with your child’s development as the core focus, this exhibit will ignite young architects, mechanics, artists, racers and designers to play, build and learn.

The museum is offering customizable day camps that allow you to design an experience that best fits your child between ages 3 -10! You can select from half-day ($25), full-day ($60) or week-long activities. Just mornings are available, just afternoons, all day, all week or all summer! You pick and choose the days that fit your summer plans.

As an added bonus as weather and scheduling permit, children will get to play in the International Fountain, take Seattle Center Campus and neighborhood field trips, play outside and explore the Museum’s outdoor exhibit – all this along with the Museum’s 22,000 sq ft of inside exploration space.

Camps are available for children of the following age groups:

5 – 10 years old – AM/PM Partial Days or Full Day
4 year olds – AM/PM Partial Day
3-year-olds may attend with a caregiver
Curbside Drop-off and Pick-up available!

For more information, or to register your child, go to


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