A year later, ticket holders to last year’s U2 concert will get the concert they’ve been waiting for! U2 had a groundbreaking 360 Tour during the summer of 2010, but following Bono’s accident and subsequent back surgery all 2010 dates had to be cancelled. Bono’s recovery has been a constant point of interest in the media over the past year, and thankfully, the new tour has been going since May, 2011.

Tickets for all original shows are going to be honored on the new dates, and tickets are still available for some shows from the usual outlets. The Qwest Field show is this Saturday, June 4, 2011. And there are some cool new changes to this 360 show.

“The Claw”, a stage piece of the original 360 Tour, is hitting the road and part of the set-up for this year’s tour. At last week’s Denver tour, there were several new features that were not part of the 2009 U2 tour. According to atu2.com, the whole band does a quick change into new jackets. Each jacket has LED lights all over the front, back and arms — and the lights flicker on and off as the band plays several songs. Burma’s democracy leader, recently freed Aung San Suu Kyi, makes a powerful moment on-screen immediately after U2 plays “Walk On” in her honor. Volunteers on stage carry Amnesty International lamps. When they leave, the volunteers place the lamps on the stage in front of them, and the lamps stay there as U2 begins the encore. It’s a cool image with the lights circling the outer stage.

The 360 Tour will culminate in Minneapolis on July 23, 2011.


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