Instead of another necktie or power tool, how about naming a zoo animal after Dad? Woodland Park Zoo has an opportunity for you to name a cool creature just for him!

Make a donation towards a western pond turtle, Madagascar hissing cockroach or Partula snail after dear old dad! Your donation will directly support conservation efforts at the zoo and around the world.

With a $25 donation, you’ll receive a printable acknowledgment letter, printable fact sheet and digital wallpaper. For $50, you’ll receive an acknowledgment letter, fact sheet, a 5×7 photo and an emailed digital wallpaper. With $100 donation, all of the $50 level benefits plus two (2) one-time use admission passes to Woodland Park Zoo.

If you choose to name a turtle, you can help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the successful Western Pond Turtle Recovery Project by naming one of our headstart turtles hatched at Woodland Park Zoo for release back into the wild. There are 49 turtles available for naming.

Want to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach? Why buy a gift that will need to be replaced when you can name a cockroach that’s bound to last….forever! This gift sends a message to your father that you see him as resilient and resourceful. There are 49 cockroaches available for naming.

Or you can name one of our endangered Partula Tahitian tree snails after your dad. They are born and raised at Woodland Park Zoo. Partula nodosa are extinct in the wild and only live in 6 zoos in America. Learn more about the International Partula Snail Field Program. There are 681 Partula snails available for naming.

You’ll have to hurry! These animals are only available for naming until Sunday, June 12. Go to the Woodland Park Zoo website for details:


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