Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Edgewater Hotel has become the “rock and roll” hangout of the past half century in Seattle. Still a favorite for celebrities (Sean Penn was just there in July, 2011), the history of the Edgewater is as grand as its accommodations.

In 1962, Seattle was abuzz with activity. The World’s Fair was coming, and the Space Needle and monorail were being erected to showcase modern architecture and transportation. Along Pier 67, another Seattle landmark was being built. Not just ‘on’ Elliott Bay, but literally ‘over’ it, the Edgewater Hotel was designed to give its guests the most opulent views of the Space Needle ( the hotel claims best seen from rooms 309 and 317) but the Olympic Mountains, Elliott Bay and the Seattle skyline.

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Created with a woodsy, log cabin-like vibe, the Edgewater is cozy and homey, as if you were away from the city, and yet plunked right in the midst of it. Just a short jaunt to Pike Place Market, or the restaurants of Belltown, the Edgewater Hotel can be as exciting and alive, or as relaxing and peaceful, as you’d like it to be. It’s been both, since its earliest days.

Scene: The Edgewater Hotel, Seattle. Time: 1964. It’s the height of Beatlemania. Ed Sullivan had showcased the boys from England and they had rocked America’s youth to their core. On their first world tour, The Beatles made a stop in Seattle. Because of their notoriety, and the sheer numbers of fans who followed them, no hotel in Seattle would host the Fab Four. Except the Edgewater. The hotel installed cyclone fencing to help keep the fans at bay, but to the bay they went; Many tried to swim across Elliott Bay for a glimpse at The Beatles. After their Seattle concert, the group was rushed back to the hotel in an ambulance. And decoys were in place in taxi cabs. For fun, The Beatles passed the time fishing in Elliott Bay, right out their Edgewater Hotel window.

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In honor of their visit, The Edgewater has a Beatles Suite, available for your overnight stay. In the suite is a CD filled with Beatles music, a plush living area, private dining area, photo gallery of The Beatles, and a framed photograph of the Fab Four fishing “out the window”.  With modern amenities in granite and stainless steel, including a claw-footed tub and separate shower, it has every convenience and luxury imaginable in 700 square feet.  And the gorgeous Elliott Bay and Olympic Mountain views are icing on the cake.

The newly remodeled SixSeven restaurant and lounge (cleverly named after Pier 67) give the hotel a clean, contemporary and chic vibe.  Called “Seattle’s Livingroom”, the lounge is where artists like Robert Plant and The Village People are have known to have given impromptu concerts.  And The Edgewater keeps it going with live bands every Friday night in the lounge.  With delicious signature cocktails like the pineapple infused vodka martini and home-made gin and tonic, you will fit right in with the glow of the sunset, and the relaxed mood of the hotel.

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If you come for happy hour, or to spend a weekend away, you might have a chance at bumping into a celebrity on the elevator.  Known to enjoy the comforts of The Edgewater are musicians and actors like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Jewel, Jessica Simpson, Rod Stewart, and most recently, Sean Penn.

For reservations and more information, visit www.edgewaterhotel.com or call 1.800.624.0670.