Parenting can be a daunting task, but fortunately, we live in an age where technology can be a great parenting tool. Here are some apps we think are worth looking into.

When it’s Bedtime or Naptime…
As a new parent, sleep might be a thing of the past, but MagicSleep will help both you and your baby sleep well. This app recreates sounds inside the womb that soothe and ease you into sleep. Babies, children, and adults fall asleep faster and more deeply.
Cost: $3.99
For: iPhone, iPad

When it’s Time to Wash the Dishes…
The creator of Chore Bank made the app because his method of handling the kids’ allowances was not working. Ever have this problem? The  kids receive a set dollar amount per week as an allowance. And in a separate agreement, they were expected to do a set of weekly chores. Often the chores were not done, but the kids still expected their allowance!  The Chore Bank allows you to create a virtual bank account for each of your kids. You can set up a chore list and assign a monetary value to each chore. As your kids complete them assign the money into their “bank accounts.” You can also handle withdrawals from the account, when your child wants money for something you would not ordinarily pay for yourself.
Cost: $1.99
For: iPhone, iPad

When Nature Calls…
Have2p is the app we wish we had back in the day on roadtrips or at the mall. The app automatically tells you the nearest bathroom to your location (via GPS) and even has additional notes like if there’s a changing table available. When your little one has to go, now you can save precious time and have some options when nature calls.
Cost: Free!
For: iPhone, Android

When it’s Time to Hit the Road…
Whether the road trip is taking you to grandma’s house or the grocery store, Slug Bug, Rock, Paper, Scissors and Scavenger Hunt are great games and available with the Travel Games Ultimate Edition
Cost: .99 cents
For: iPhone

Marathon Travel Games offers up two favorites-the License Plate Game and Car Bingo and St8Pl8 helps kids keep track of the state licenses plates they see along the way
Cost: Free!
For: Android

When it’s Time to Learn
The Dolch site words are a list of 220 words that educator Edward Dolch discovered are the most common in the English language. Once children are able to easily recognize these words, their reading ability greatly improves along with their confidence. Learn Sight Words is a collection of virtual flash cards in an app. The app has the most common English language words written on them. Touching the face at the top of the screen will read any of the words aloud. Kids (or parents) can flag words that need to be practiced more.

Learn Site Words
Cost: .99 cents
For: iPhone, iPad

Learn Dolch Site Words by Five Pumpkins
Cost: .99 cents
For: Android

When You Need Some Extra Eyes…
Cyberspace can be scary, especially when you know your kids are floating around out there on the Internet. Keep tabs on their computer activity with SafetyWeb, which is designed to trace your child’s online footprint. You can analyze activity with its reports on your child’s social media posts and monitor your child’s cellphone calls and text messages. There are also tips on Internet safety.

Cost: Free to download, but subscription fee for services
For: Android, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Comments (4)
  1. Nancy says:

    I recently moved to Seattle from Columbus, Ohio and the app that has been great for me has been iTriage. I’m a mother of 3 boys and they seem to always be injuring themselves. Since I’m not familiar with the area, I wasn’t sure where to take them. iTriage uses the GPS in your phone to locate the closest ER or urgent care clinic and then gives you drive by drive directions. This app is a must have app, I recommend it to all parents.

    1. Thanks, Nancy, for adding to the list! And welcome to Seattle!

  2. Jorge says:

    I should add Baby Grow Log and Baby Sleep Care

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