Boehner is getting firm. That’s just fun to say, especially if you pronounce “Boehner” the way you really should pronounce “Boehner.” All kidding aside, yesterday John Boehner told the Tea Party faction of his House Republicans that they better get their asses in line… for Boehner. OK, I promise, no more. The point is, if the Speaker of the House couldn’t get his own plan through the House, he would look like an idiot. OK, he already looks like an idiot—his face is the color of an overripe tangerine. But he would have looked weak too.

Despite what some pundits are saying, there are major differences between the Boehner bill and Harry Reid’s bill. Obviously, where the bills go has a lot to do with where they’re coming from, and John Boehner’s bill is not coming from a good place. It’s coming from John Boehner. The biggest difference between the plans is whether or not we have to go through this whole thing again in a few months. The House Republican plan is a recipe for a repeat.

John McCain is taking on the nuts in the Tea Party. If you didn’t already know, that’s your big clue that John McCain is NOT up for reelection in 2012. John McCain is certainly qualified to criticize the Tea Party people. He spent a good chunk of the past few years impersonating them. Be careful criticizing the Tea Party, John. You will eventually be up for reelection again, and there’s this newfangled thing called “video” that could come back and bite you in the ass.

The Wall Street Journal mocked the Tea Party, saying they envision a fantasy world where they get all they want “and the tea-party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth having defeated Mordor.” One problem comparing Tea Partiers to Hobbits—Hobbits are cute. If the extreme right wing is anything from the Lord of the Rings, then they are the ones who represent Mordor. Take a good look at Ann Coulter and try and tell me she is not a Ring Wraith. And all of the millions of dollars of computer graphic imagery that was spent on the Lord of the Rings movies failed to show any creature scarier looking than the people who actually attend the Tea Party events.

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