BOTH the Point Defiance Zoo elephants will receive special birthday treats and toys (called enrichment) at their special birthday party on Saturday, September 24!

Come hear from their keepers! Watch them eat cake! Celebrate with the zoo! It’s an elephant birthday party

All activities are included with admission to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium on Saturday, September 24 between 9:30am and 5:00pm. $16/adult $14.96/seniors, $12.34/ages 5 to 12, $8.14/ages 3 to 4, discounts for military and Pierce County residents, too!

For more info visit

  1. Jude Price says:

    Great more inane and stupid entertainment – poor elephants – live in deplorable conditions and supposedly Zoos are ALL about “conservation” and then they have to enjoy cake and parties… Bah Humbug. Elephants need space to roam, a herd of their own – not birthday parities and ‘sell it up big” zoos trying to make money of their suffering.

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