PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Starbucks hopes customers will be willing to pay at least $5 more when they stop in for their morning cup of Joe.

Starting Nov. 1, Starbucks will begin collecting donations of $5 or more from customers to stimulate U.S. job growth through its “Jobs for USA” program. The Seattle-based coffee chain is collaborating with the Opportunity Finance Network, a nonprofit that works with nearly 200 community development financial institutions to provide loans to small businesses and community groups. Starbucks says 100 percent of the donations will go toward loans for firms and organizations that can add jobs or stem job losses.

Starbucks, which pioneered how Americans drink coffee, declined to estimate how much money it plans to raise, but millions of people visit its nearly 7,000 company-owned U.S. stores each day. Customers who give will get a red, white and blue wristband that says “Indivisible.”

“This is about using Starbuck’s scale for good,” said Howard Schultz, Starbucks Corp.’s CEO.

The program is the latest effort by Schultz to address the nation’s economic woes. In August, he sent more than 200,000 Starbucks employees a memo urging them to do what they can to help business thrive. Then, he asked fellow CEOs to stop contributing to political campaigns until the nation’s leaders reached a long-term economic solution. After that, he hosted a national telephone forum, bought full-page ads in two major newspapers and started a website, Upwardspiral2011.org.

Schultz said he feels personal responsibility to do something to stimulate the U.S. economy. Starbucks is hiring about 200 people a day in the U.S. as part of its efforts to remodel thousands of stores and add about 200 more locations in the next year. But Schultz said he wanted to do more.

Starbucks is covering the operational costs to get loans out through the program, which will run indefinitely. Its charitable arm, The Starbucks Foundation, is giving $5 million to get the program started, with the hope that funds will be invested in communities within a month of a donation being made.

Opportunity Finance Network works with 180 financial institutions — banks, credit, unions, loan funds and venture capital funds — that give loans in low-income communities that don’t have easy access to credit. The organization, created 27 years ago, has invested $23.2 billion and generated nearly 300,000 jobs through 2009.

Loans through the network have supported everything from charter schools to grocery stores nationwide. The organization found that, even during the recession, more than 98 percent of the money loaned out has been repaid, which is in line with traditional lenders.

Through the program, businesses will apply to financial institutions, which along with the Opportunity Finance Network will assess their potential for adding jobs. Preference will be given to applicants who can add jobs within six months. An outside organization will audit the program within a year.

“We want to match up every person who has $5 to share with every person who can’t spare $5,” said Mark Pinsky, CEO of Opportunity Finance Network.

The effort has the potential to be successful, say some experts. Community institutions succeed, they say, because they understand the needs in the areas they serve.

“I think it’s a really worthy effort,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “In theory, this is a great idea and should have impact.”

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Comments (253)
  1. flowerplough says:

    “Starbucks, which pioneered how Americans drink coffee,”


    1. Irish Mike says:

      Yeah, it’s like they invented coffee-drinking…what a crock of BS.
      I have a better idea!
      Let’s all:

      Song of the year, 2012: “Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?”

      1. Luke says:

        I like your thinking.

      2. Curly BIll says:

        Actually, “Buddy can you spare 5 Bucks?

  2. Mike Mathea says:

    Fools, they know the problem is demand not available credit. The banks are sitting on 2.6 Trillion in excess reserves sitting in FED accounts.

    1. James Hoffman says:

      Fools, the problem is too much credit wasted on kooky ideas in the first place, eventually soaking us all in bad debt. Starbucks Socialism! LOL.

    2. colonelkurtz says:

      I wonder if this patently Dem program will “add or save” jobs just like Obumster did.

      1. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS 'E-VERIFY' says:

    3. prettyinpink09 says:

      So let me see if I have this correct.

      They want DONATIONS so that the money can be given as LOANS?

      Get bent.

    4. fredlave says:

      Starbucks customers are already kicking in their $5 when they pay that for their $1 cup of coffee. (Sorry if my arithmetic is a little off but you get the point.) BTW, does anyone have any WIN buttons for sale?

    5. Fred Carson says:

      Ask me for a $5 donation after spending over $5 on a purchase? Go **** yourself!

    6. mark says:

      Starbucks has increased their own cash reserves from 500 million to nearly 2 billion over the last three years during a time when all the rest of us are struggling to stay afloat. Now they want US to fund for FREE a loan program they will profit on


  3. Lewis Barry says:

    so in reality this is a campaign donation to obama, just because people are willing to pay a couple of dollars for your lousey cup of coffee doesnt make them stupid, obama is intent on destroying the country and starbucks supports this. I think if i were one of your customers I would start getting my coffee some where else

    1. woodNfish says:

      “just because people are willing to pay a couple of dollars for your lousey cup of coffee doesnt make them stupid,”

      I’m pretty sure it does.

      1. SHARINLITE says:

        I agree woodNfish…but, not only stupid but idiots laughing in the face of those who can’t even afford a lousy cuppa joe! I believe that corporate heads, billionaires, multi millioaires shouls all, academics, celebratries, union thugs, professors, media should take 90% of their own liquid assets and send them to the Treasury and then sell off 75% fixed assets, not take the capital gains, pay regular and send that to the treasury….including the President, the 50 senators, Buffett, Gates, Geffen, Peterson et.al.!!! Until that the time they do that; STFU!!

      2. tville_dad says:

        Only $76,000.00 per job already created

      3. Chicago Nick says:

        @tville_dad and only 300 thou donated per job ‘saved’!!!

        These liberals are OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS!!! Donate money to SB so THEY Can donate it in loans to someone else? Talk about robbing peter to pay paul….that’s all the left knows.

      4. B Rye says:

        From the article: “Starbucks says 100 percent of the donations will go toward loans for firms and organizations that can add jobs or stem job losses”

        So if it is a loan, who gets the money back?

        If anybody is really interested in stimulating a local business, go to them donate or purchase their goods.

        This is a general comment to all of us…

        We really need to stop being so naive and trusting of business or governments for that matter, just because its a brand name or familiar. Even I have been guilty of this.

        Smells like another scam.

    2. colonelkurtz says:

      I’ve already made the switch to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Obama’s got to go and maybe Starbucks with him.

      1. Bert says:

        I already made the switch to not drinking coffee.

      2. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

      3. JustAGuy says:

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

        Will you report me? I want to be reported. Should I say something bad about Obama first? OK here goes.

        Obama has a Conneticut SSN but he never lived in Conneticut.

        Will that do?


        @ JustAGuy
        Google “Obama Fails E-VERIFY”

    3. Mark says:

      From 2007 to today, Starbucks has increased their own cash reserves from 500 million to nearly 2 billion. This during a time when the rest of us are struggling to keep our heads above water.
      Now they want us to fund a loan program for FREE where they will collect the interest?

      Don’t fall for it.

      I wonder how long it will take for this comment to be deleted.

      1. mirted says:

        I see nothing wrong with a voluntary effort to stimulate the economy. Whether or not it will be structured and effected so as to ensure some “productive” outcome that exceeds the expenses is another matter.
        To Sharinlite: Money to the Treasury, unless directly applied to debt reduction, will be just as wasted as all the stimulus money and money “created, not saved” QE1,2,3 etc has been. This is the real reason to first, get the cost of government under control and downsize it to be productive, then reform the tax system to take out the huge inequities that exist. At this point, any new revenues to the Treasury will just go to growing government and papering over its lack of productivity.

    4. JohnDave says:

      They charge way too much for their coffee anyway. The biggest thing they could do
      would be to start a fund to impeach Holder and the Liar/Traitor-in-Chief.

    5. MLee says:

      This is just a marketing ploy by Starbucks. Today, 10/04/11, Starbucks raised the price of their regular coffees an average of $.20 per cup. This extra money will more than pay for Starbucks to administer this program. Why CBS report the “WHOLE” story. This is just another ripoff of the American consumer.

      1. Steveo says:

        $.20 per cup could be used to administer the program. Right. That’s assuming that Starbuck’s themselves aren’t trying to just cover the cost increases in this economy. Have you seen the cost increase in coffee imports? Or do you assume Starbucks have no costs cause they own all the coffee in the world?

    6. the swami says:

      Here’s a better idea. Just give out FREE cups of coffee (about $5.00) and give the savings directly to your customers. How about that?

    7. icansayit says:

      When did STARBUCKS become a hidden branch of the DNC, and Obama campaign committee?
      Anyone who leaves a 5er for that purpose deserves to pay another 10 for their coffee…and a good CHOKE as well.

  4. Russ in OR says:

    “Starbucks says 100 percent of the donations will go toward loans for firms and organizations that can add jobs or stem job losses.”

    Loans? When these loans are repaid, who keeps the money?

    1. Amy Sterling Casil says:

      Good catch, Russ – same with numerous similar “programs.”

      1. HonkyLips says:

        Definitely a good catch. They dont need loans, they need cash flow to support expansion and the creation of new jobs. So Starbucks is going to generate revenues for other companies?? Now that’s an interesting business model.

    2. cougar says:

      Russ, you nailed the problem. Starbuck’s is not a bank to loan $, buy getting donations from regular Joe (unemployed, underpaid, and with the future uncertain because of the financial condition of irresponsible and incompentent, greedy government people e.g. Solyndra and Pelosi, banks who got money for nothing, etc.) what rules will they abide to, who pays for the processing? why the victims should pay for someone else’s irresponsible beahvior? Why isn’t Schultz paying from his bil or mil? How come he has even the nerves to do something like this? I understant he did it for PR (Starbuck’s involved in community etc.) but actually it is offensive to many unemployed people and OR has plenty of them!

      1. Don says:

        Do the unemployed go to Starbucks. I’m employed, make my own coffee, and in rare moments buy a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for half Starbucks’ price. That never ending unemployment insurance lets them spend more on non-essentials than the working stiffs whose taxes provide it. Who would have thunk it?

    3. John Politano says:

      That was conveniently left out of the article!

    4. sleepingtolive says:

      The loans will most likely be paid back to the organization in order to provide more loans.

    5. gil says:

      Repay loans? Do people actually do that? I though all friends of Obama just took the money and then had the corporation declare bankruptcy

    6. OMG says:

      another ploy by a company to show they “Care” . YOur coffee is too expensive and if you want to help hire more baristas. So who is going to report the dollar $$ amts? Sounds like another slush fund for the DNC

    7. Kathy says:

      They will be repaid the same way government loans are repaid – NOT

    8. stopthe says:

      Did you read the article? Starbucks is not making the loans. They are collecting donations for the Opportunity Finance Network, which links together local private financial institutions. http://www.opportunityfinance.net/

      And… HonkeyLips a loan does add to cash flow. Just because you pay interest on it doesn’t mean it’s not cash flow.

      I’m glad you’re bringing some skepticism to your reading of the news, but a little more reading comprehension is in order as well.

  5. Pete says:

    I would like everyone to give me $5 also. It, the donation, would allow me to “stimulate” the economy in my area also.

    1. zombierocket says:

      Me too. This is just so absurd…

    2. cougar says:

      Pete, add me to the list, pleast

    3. Ernie says:

      There’s a panhandler down the street that has a similar jobs program.

  6. PM says:

    Or what?
    Support Obama’s economy or we at Starbuck’s will spit in your grande venti…
    Overpriced, overhyped coffee to boot and a backer to this wretched president, I will never spend a dime on their product.

  7. Brian Richard says:

    Fire the President, Fire Congress, get rid of the IRS and create a flat tax of 16% on EVERY citizen and company in America and 90% or more of the financial problems would be solved. Almost forgot, get rid of the professional politician by establishing term limits Congress as well as getting rid of the extensive “benefits” for all in public office.

    1. NSAGUARDIAN says:

      How dare you bring logic and solutions to the table. How are we to go bankrupt under President obama if the likes of you bring good sollutions. Hold your tongue and we might let you live.

    2. Retired SOF guy says:

      Enough with the idea of taxing corporations already. News flash: those taxes are considered a cost which is passed on to the consumer. Corporate taxes are ultimately paid by the consumer. This government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it was an un/extra-Constitutional spending problem (ever notice the first thing libs want to cut is the military–which is Constitutionally mandated–and not welfare, etc?)

      1. Retired SOF guy says:

        Sorry, failed to add that I agree with a flat tax–no inheritance tax, no capital gains, etc. We pay one tax one time.

    3. Stephen Masek says:

      So how would that be fair? Those who earn more, and earn is the key term, would pay far more. Does the defense department watch our houses depending on how much we earn? No. Do any other federal services vary depending on our income? No. Therefore, the only fair taxes are equal, or head taxes, and use taxes such as fuel taxes to pay for highways.

      1. Wehttam says:

        Why do things always have to be ‘Fair’? It is not the government’s role to make things fair, it is there to keep everyone following the same rules.

    4. Alex Holzer says:

      …and get rid of all the crooked lawyers along the way; which would be ALL the lawyers/

      1. LibelFreeZone says:

        Never use “always” or “never” in a debate. It makes you look stupid.

    5. John Politano says:

      Sir….Sir….move along, you have made your comment and it will be reviewed, thank you now move along. Yes, sounds good, move along….next….next…!!
      I’m sure you understand why your fantastic suggestions will never be implemented. We need term limits first. Career Politicians will never agree with shortening their careers. Why fix a problem when you can spend a career managing a problem. Why ask everyone to pay the same tax rate, you can’t create class warfare with a fair system. Why should public servants get the same benefits as the common folks, they work so much harder. Sarcasm intended.

      1. aaron says:

        How dare you be sarcastic knowing there are hundreds and thousands protesting in cities all across the country claiming rights to occupy the land. How dare we as a people have any logical ideas that aren’t corraled into corners and left to duke it out while they steal and loot behind the scenes. WE don’t need accountability or anything similar to that, we just need you to continue to bleep like sheep and let us sheer, thanks and have a nice day!

    6. stopthe says:

      Taxing companies makes no sense. It only costs jobs. They pass the tax onto whoever buys their products.

      The only idea that makes sense is the FairTax. http://www.fairtax.org

  8. Kth Rhodes says:

    I thought paying too much for their overpriced coffee stimulated the economy. What a crock

    1. jamescharles says:

      The leader/owner of Starbucks needs to start all sorts of funds for the US – the 1st fund is for the reeducation of dummbies on bitter overpriced coffee.

      James Charles

  9. Martin says:

    Just so we’re clear this will hurt the economy, not help it. The economy needs savings and production, not more wasted consumption. The last thing we need to be doing is propping up unproductive jobs. That is sure way to stagnate the economy even further. This entire country has lost its mind.

    1. AlexJonesWasRight says:

      You hit the nail on the head!

      1. Teacookies says:

        I like your ID. He almost always is.

    2. stopthe says:

      Community-based lending is not going to hurt the economy; and unemployed people cant’ save or invest. I don’t follow you.

      This money goes to a charitable organization that helps underwrite loans made by local financial institutions to local businesses, who create 90% of the jobs.

      How is that bad??

  10. paul says:

    I just went to starbucks for the last time this morning .

    1. Kathy says:

      Now that I know where they stand, me too. there is better coffee at the small shops in town.

  11. bubba johnson says:

    Sounds like Schultz wants to get ahead of the curve here before the clown-like “occupiers” come after them as the next big evil corporation. From a biz point-of-view, it makes sense, but from a common sense stance, it’s PR BS. Schultz is full of it. Want to give money to the economy, cut your prices in half so people have more of their money to spend elsewhere in the economy. But the mindless minions won’t catch on.

  12. sunny black says:

    So basically, Starbucks is holding out their biodegradable cup and, not just asking for any spare change — as most decent vagrants would, but specifically for FIVE Dollars.

    Gimmeabreak, the employees are lucky I throw in the spare change I have into their tip jar. Five dollars is asking WAY too much.

  13. nateinseattle says:

    This coming from the man who is personally responsible for sending the Supersonics to OKC. We will never forget Howard. One day you will get yours!

  14. Shemp Howard says:

    How about if I take the $5 and spend it at McDonald’s instead

  15. Thadwick says:

    Starbucks Liberalism

    Can’t figure out if I should be appalled or highly amused…..

    $5 for a Starbucks lap dance —make that $5 “stimulate” something twice!…

  16. Archie says:

    “firms and organizations that can add jobs or stem job losses”…wow…that doesn’t sound very specific. I think we’ve all learned not to trust things like this. How about announcing that you’ll be transparent by showing where the money goes and report how well the program is doing every 3 months. $2.25 for coffee is bad enough. Just take $1.12 out of what I’m already paying you and put that in the bucket.

  17. alkdjhfadlkfs says:

    Kiss my ass starbucks.

    1. WJR says:

      Brief…to the point…well said.

  18. Tim says:

    This is a joke right? We PUMPED nearly a trillion dollars into the economy a couple of years ago – a TRILLION – and we’re still hovering over 9% unemployment. It didn’t budge. All this is, is another feel-good equivalent to ribbon wearing from our liberal side of the aisle. It won’t make a bit of difference other than make people think “Boy, I really did something”. I hope reality sets in soon. These good intentions with no results are bankrupting our country.

  19. snapper says:

    If free money – as was provided by Stim I, Cash for Clunkers, 2 years of unemployment, foreclosure programs – could help it would have already. Why would I give money to Starbucks rather than spend it as I choose?

  20. WJR says:

    I always found the superior attitude of the Starbucks employees…particularly the “Baristas”… rather absurd. Their new plan to funnel money to the obama campaign has sealed my decision to never spend another cent on any of their products.

    1. Pete says:

      Well, they do get people to pay them $5 for something they can make for $0.25 at home or office. and stand in line 15 min waiting for it. If I could get people to do that, I’d have a superior attitude too.

  21. mg says:

    “Schultz said he feels personal responsibility to do something to stimulate the U.S. economy.” And that “something” was to ask other to donate money? LOL

    1. Jim says:

      A leftist to the core, generosity = redistributing other peoples wealth

  22. Reveredn Reginald Bacon says:


    I wonder how many of the recipients of the $ will just be front groups for the democrat vote cheating machine

    Sounds like Schultz is on track to burn himself by being a dupe for the clown Obama jus like Buffet did

    Amazing the cult like hold that guy has on people

    I never go to Starbucks – the coffee is indeed overpriced and not the best – perfect for the ggeny and younger crowd – all image and hype and diigital utopia or whatever

    they are the ones they have been waiting for

  23. Buck O'Fama says:

    How about Starbucks gives me a sawbuck to stimulate my economy. Leave it to a liberal idiot corporation to come up with this numbskull plan.

  24. Jewfromhell says:

    Hey Howie, take a coffee enema!

  25. mg says:

    “Schultz said he feels personal responsibility to do something to stimulate the U.S. economy.” And that “something” was to ask others to donate money? LOL

  26. dsafasdf says:

    Starbucks should pay us $5 to stimulate us to drink their horrible coffee.

  27. SW says:

    In trying to examine the Opportunity Finance Network audited financial statement for the most recent year available, as required to be available for 501(c)3 charitable organization, I find the website filled with “server unavailable” and other errors. It would be interesting to see how many well-paid jobs are filled with the $5 donations before any real charitable work is done. Alas the website is apparently ill suited to this today.

    If Mr. Pinsky “want[s] to match up every person who has $5 to share with every person who can’t spare $5,” perhaps he might forego his likely well paid salary and/or benefits? How many 501(c)3 organizations are there doing charitable work which first pay handsome salaries to their “charitable” leaders? Rather a lot, one learns when reading the audited financials, usually several levels deep into any given website — when they operate to allow it.

    Here’s a math question: How many folks “who can’t spare $5” does it take to equal one chartiable organization CEO? Such an investigation and reporting about thus would be something quite interesting for a news organization, one suspects. how about the CBS local?

    1. SW says:

      The website finally responded with their Consolidated Financial dated 31 December 2010. Here are some interesting “charitable” numbers:

      OFN Salaries, payroll taxes and fringes for 2009 = $2,313,146

      OFN Program support for 2009 = $1,881,501

      OFN Professional services adds another $147,615

      OFN Interest payments on loans apparently is $1,350,995

      It seems that a lot of $5 donations through Starbucks alone will barely make a dent in the OPN costs. Just to offest the salaries and perks, 462,000 drinkers of coffee will have to pony up their $5 before anything else. Gulp.

      Starbucks thinks they have made a marketing coup with their pitch, but it sounds a lot like “feed the fat cats.”

      1. Amy Sterling Casil says:

        That’s not enough to do much, you’re right.

  28. svansong says:

    As with the grocery stores asking for charitable donations, will Starbucks make money from the float of money it collects? And, how do we know the money won’t be loaned to another Solyndra-type fiasco?

  29. Seamuc290 says:

    Why doesn’t the owner/CEO’s, etc donate their salary and bonuses to those organizations instead of passing it on to the customers?
    Typical Cheap limousine liberal…”make them pay and no don’t look to me for a handout”

  30. smartone says:

    That $5 is best spent to a candidate who’s gonna get that WhiteHouse busy doing some actual work. Donate it to a candidate of your choice which is better than some friggin Starbucks.

  31. very smart says:

    Give everyone a free cup of $5 coffee each day and let the STarbuck corporation foot that bill. There. People will then have 5 more dollars they didnt spend and we can then go stimulate where we want with said $5.

  32. Larz Larzen says:

    Dumb idea. The money will just be wasted. Why not throw it to the wind? It’ll do just as well.

  33. Marcus says:

    Why doesn’t Starbucks give me $5 each time I buy coffee under my assurance that I will spend it to help stimulate the economy? What lunatics!

  34. dave says:

    Many of Starbuck’s customers are stupid enough to cough up the cash.

    1. roze says:

      It’s “hip” to be “nice”…

  35. Urban Oasis says:

    Bad idea. A better promotion would be, “Help upgrade our economy.” “Upgrade to a Venti and Starbucks will contribute the difference” to some organization that can help create jobs.

  36. James Miller says:

    Starbucks is so socially conscious I could just puke. Fortunately, I live in Lake Geneva, WI and we have a Starbucks and a Caribou Coffee. Go Caribou!!

  37. Pull my Finger says:


    WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA Howard Schultz, Starbucks Corp.’s CEO !!!

  38. Kelly says:

    I’m so sick of my local grocery store asking for donations while I’m checking out — TWICE during the transaction (First verbally, then on the signature pad). I resent their hounding me, and why shouldn’t I get the credit for a charitable donation, and not the grocery store. Not to mention, who knows where the money goes? Recommended reading: “Unhealthy Charities”, about how a LOT of charities are just self-perpetuating, cushy, permanent jobs for their employees.

  39. Joe D says:

    This idea must have come right from the anti American kenyan marxist racist muslim “obozo”…. The joke of the world. I will and always have bought my coffee somewhere else..

  40. Craig S. says:

    It’s called a “STUPID TAX.” Anyone that give blindly to these idiots is without a doubt, stupid.

  41. Jimmy says:

    Prediction – total fail

  42. Jonas says:

    What are the chances that the red, white, and blue wristbands are made in China?

  43. CalltoClaude says:

    And guess what, I bet 9 out of 10 people put that 5 bucks on their CREDIT CARD. Which means the banks will make money on it, furthering their grip on the common man. This is so stupid I can’t even synthesize it.

  44. Donna says:

    starbucks, STFU. you will NEVER get another $ of mine. I am through with ALL
    businesses that support this administration in any manner – verbal or otherwise.

    1. donfitness says:

      But Donna… How is the planet going to be saved if people like you aren’t willing to get ripped off by the ‘Ethos’ water. And what about the ‘conflict free’ coffee? Will you be able to find that somewhere else?

  45. Craig S. says:

    Store front panhandeling. Can you trust the kid behind the counter not to steal from the kitty? If anyone gives to this cause they are CLUELESS about how the economy works and what it needs to recover. Amen.

  46. Tim says:

    Does your starbucks solicit you for tips? Mine did, until I called to complain. They would put out two tip cups with different words on them each day. The cashier would then ask which word you prefer. One time, the cashier asked me where I was going to leave my tip. I told him in my pocket.

    THey need to stop asking me for money, McDonald’s is right down the street.

    1. Engineer says:

      The Golden Arches are calling me too!!

    2. Cristina says:

      I would say my favorite words start with an “F and ends with a U”

  47. Tim says:

    Starbucks coffee is starting to taste too liberal.

  48. cleve says:

    So…..do I still have to leave a tip in the cup after the donation?

    1. svansong says:

      Good point. Employee tips will likely be reduced as one result of this lame idea.

      1. roze says:

        Americans GIVE enough, the arrogance of a corporation to ask for this is astounding! The CORPORATIONS are the ones who DO NOT GIVE BACK…and even if they do it’s all in the name of slick marketing! Yea, they give you jobs but they make more profit off of you than you do them, which is FINE but to ask this of their customers and employees who will definitely LOSE TIPS is just amazing! See, this is why some people believe that Capitalism is evil! Starbucks has also been under attack for blocking an application by Ethiopia to trademark its coffee, which denied the country £47 million a year.

  49. donfitness says:

    That’s it. I can’t take it any more. I’m done with Starbucks.

  50. Big Jim says:

    As much as their coffee costs, I thought I was already donating something beyond the actual value….

  51. NxtYrInJerusalem says:

    We are now reduced to saving the economy by buying coffee? How about a cookie sale? Or a telethon?

    How about we just vote out this big-eared horror in 2012? If he doesn’t first suspend the Constitution and 2012 elections.

  52. nomercy55 says:


  53. andy says:

    Howard Schultz received total direct compensation from the company of $20,550,000 in 2010. Just sayin…

  54. Rowdy Boots says:

    OH SURE!

    I really don’t mind paying 8 dollars for my 3 dollar cup of coffee!


    you, of all people, should know that.

    good GOD!

  55. Just a thought says:

    Hey Mr Schultz, want to address the nations economic woes? Try giving all your underpaid employees a raise!!!

  56. roze says:

    Opportunity Finance Network works with 180 financial institutions — banks, credit, unions, loan funds and venture capital funds — that give loans in low-income communities that don’t have easy access to credit.

    More Redistribution of Wealth, take from Whitey & give to everyone else.

  57. Robert says:

    Starbucks is acting as a bundler for the Obama re-election campaign.

  58. LindaInNY says:

    HA HA HA
    Who still goes to Starbucks??????????????????

    1. Rob says:

      I agree. Their coffee is overpriced and tastes like it has been run through somebody’s sweaty sock.

  59. Hank Warren says:

    Obamanomics as implemented by Starbucks, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  60. auntb says:

    More money to fund liberal agendas. Send Starbucks a message…don’t drink their coffee.

  61. JEFF GORDON says:

    I have a MUCH better idea for them to stimulate the economy and job growth – have their top executives pay a 90% tax rate on their incomes, like rich people did in the 1950’s when Eisenhower was President.

  62. Fred Buse says:

    Hey starBUCKS. Give me $8 so I can buy a coffee and you can hire another employee.

  63. roze says:

    Starbucks Announces Record First Quarter Fiscal 2005 Results & Raises Full Year EPS Target Range; Net Revenues Increase 24 Percent to a Record $1.6 billion….
    This is just one quarter.
    Why don’t Starbucks just donate to the economy? They can very WELL afford it.
    It would be great for business! Philanthropy sells!

  64. Stephen Masek says:

    The only good thing about Starbucks is the clean restrooms.

  65. JT says:

    This is exactly why I’ve never had a Starbucks coffee.

  66. AlexJonesWasRight says:

    Everyday it feels more like the Twilight Zone. Boiling frogs is an understatement. We are now in a world where stupidity reigns.

  67. Vincent says:

    Schultz is another Lib Dem. His call for CEOs to stop political donations comes at a time when most business people have given up on Obama, and are giving to the GOP. Now he wants to give “loans” (read: cash) to the inner-city as a slush fund without accountability. We tried that with AFDC, it destroyed the inner city, dumb ass. Your old neighborhood in Brooklyn went from safe to a ghetto within ten years of LBJ’s welfare.

  68. Danbury says:

    Would Starbucks settle for digital stimulation for those who won’t give $5?

    The coffee should be stirred with the same finger.

  69. Teacookies says:

    This would be laughable if it weren’t so absurd. I would suggest to Starbucks what they can do with their economic stimulus idea but it would be flagged.

  70. nunya says:

    Enjoy, ENJOY! I love the way its all imploding around the lefties and by association middle america. You so called ‘independants’ and libs take note, you did not listen when we told you he had no experience and couldnt lead well, told you so. Some of us actually learned about the guy and have been preparing for this collapse for a few years.
    So remember, when you are homeless, foodless, jobless and those libbies tell you to apply for entitlements that are no longer there, remember to vote for them again. ROLFMAOCOPTER

  71. Neblo Krakondack says:

    The key to economic growth is savings, not credit. Also, a small governent that doesn’t eat up all available resources. If those are in place, then early-stage investment will happen, and the products that come to market will be met with a populace rich in savings, that can buy them. That’s how you get sustainable growth.

  72. Harry says:

    Starbucks can go pound salt where the sun doesn’t shine! They won’t support the Military, specifically the US Marines overseas, and had the balls to charge emergency workers for water after the September 11 attacks.

  73. herecomestrouble says:

    OMG this story is just chock full of great comebacks … 1) They invented the $5 coffee that American’s charged up so they could have that mermaid cup in their hand. 2) Am I going to have to give up my caramel, latte, machiato, yes whip, non-fat to give someone a job? 3) Aren’t we already paying you a handsome price for coffee? … ROLF!

  74. number cruncher says:

    Let’s see, 11,000 jobs per year. Each job costing around $80,000. At least it is better than the govment’s $250,000 per job pricetag. Would love to see their ‘success’ stories.

  75. 51 Phantom says:

    How about Starbucks ‘donating’ half the cost of their over-priced beverages to whatever crazy scheme that they want supported.

  76. Joe Byers says:

    How about Starbucks donating some of their profits in sales instead. There’s obviously are large markup in their prices when McDonalds offers similar products at half the price! r/ Joe Byers

  77. klr says:

    never been to a starbucks, never going. $1 coffee, any size is where i go. and they can stick the $5 donation


    i say give the money to SEATTLES BEST OR DUNKIN DONUTS!

    hey starbucks why don’t you dontate all the money you get for overcharging $2.10 for a .17 cent plain cup of black coffee to the homeless
    or give up your mansions or stop giving money to MSNBC and give all your MSNBC money to unemployed

    1. DKM says:

      LOL. Looks like somebody needs to Wikipedia “Seattle’s Best Coffee”.

  79. JMWinPR says:

    5 bucks really. The panhandlers here only ask for quarters.
    As for me, you can send me a buck, for 10 I’ll send you a letter explaining my green jobs plan for spending your green.

  80. E.C. Hock says:

    What? Is Starbucks now in the wealth distribution business? Is Starbucks trying to be the church of socialism taking offerings? Or, is Starbucks now a branch of the government? Best they stick to coffee making and leave the customer to decide where to invest their extra cash for charities. Businesses that are run well, have a good work ethic, watch their bottom line, not to mention give out a tested and trusted product, will not need donations. Look what Cain did with reviving Dominoes Pizza! Besides, what’s to stop the “donations” from going into more diverse Starbuck enterprises, or to a political group, or into foolish, experimental projects on the ropes like some of these faltering “out there’ energy companies Obama supported recently? This is like the bumper sticker about doing a little ‘random kindness,’ but it is really not random at all but very intentional. Giving is good, but know exactly where it’s going first. Lord, have mercy!

  81. JKeyes says:

    Starbucks’ I have not had your coffee for years. Change your name to “Liberalbucks”.

  82. Vince says:

    Why doesn’t Starbucks donate THEIR money from the OVERPRICED coffee they sell??

  83. Justen Robertson says:

    This is an incredibly stupid idea. If you want to support small business or give people jobs, instead of giving money to Starbucks to give other people loans somewhere else (and presumably rake in interest on them), here’s an idea: spend the money on a small business you want to support – buy a good or service from them. Or get involved in micro-lending, and collect the interest yourself (or don’t ask for interest!). This is basic economics, people. *facepalm*

  84. SaintLo says:

    Here’s an idea. Stimulate the economy by buying your coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Reward a business that provides a good product at a fair price and spend the change on something else you want. Capitalism works.

    1. crypticguise says:

      Duncan Donuts coffee is the “best”, but McDonalds also has excellent coffee and here in the NJ/Phil area WaWa coffee is great; their employees hard-working and friendly.

      Yeah, let the barristas at Starbucks solicit $ 5.00 from their numbskull customers. Seems like they have plenty of cash.

  85. Justice For All says:

    $23.2 billion and generated nearly 300,000 jobs: That comes to about $90,000 spent to create each job. Very efficient. Not.

  86. JJ1970JJ says:

    $76,000 per job created!?!?!? I recently borrowed $75,000 from family because I could not get a loan from banks and created 6 full time jobs and was profitable on day 4 and project being able to have the loan completely paid off in 6 months. If I could borrow another $75,000 I could open another store in 3 months but these people would never lend to me because I am a hated white male.

  87. Eric says:

    Wow. Just wow. Starbucks does not get it. And I used to be a big fan of Starbucks. If you have a plan that will create real jobs (because it creates value), then let people buy *shares* with their $5, and grow those share prices to $20 because you are succeeding. That will help the economy.

  88. crypticguise says:

    This coudn’t be more STUPID! It is amusing though because Starbuck “customers” already pay a premium for inferior coffee. These Seattle “chuckleheads” are the epitomy of liberal dunces.

  89. DKM says:

    I donate money to a charity I have chosen, so I really hate being asked for donations whenever I make a simple purchase. I don’t want a spoonful of guilt and judgement added to my coffee. Next time I’m waiting for a flight in the airport, I’ll probably think “I’d like a coffee… Oh but they’re going to ask me for money to create jobs. I hate that… Maybe if I just sit here and save my coffee money, I’ll be able to create a job one day.”

  90. Joe says:

    What an awesome idea…. in 27 years, 300,000 jobs. Sounds real successful to me. Thats almost 11,000 a year… and each job cost just over $73K to “create”.

    Libs are idiots

  91. LindaB says:

    Don’t think so, starbucks…you charge way too much for a lousy cup of coffee already. Instead…YOU donate your 400% profit to this cause…ya better watch out…your coffee is not that good.

  92. Anon says:

    Under the pencil neck dork in the Oval Office, I will not be buying an American Union made automobile, purchasing coffee at Starbucks, buying union made clothing, donating to any charity. I will pay my taxes only because I have to, even though the criminals in Washington DC will rob that money and hand it over to their friends. Funny. The Wall Street protesters should be in Washington where the real criminals are.

  93. Anon says:

    I buy Pilon or Bustelo at the supermarket. It’s usually on sale for $2.99 for 10 Oz. If not, IKEA has awesome ground coffee in their food market currently on sale for $2.00 / half pound. Trust me, it is better than any coffee Starbucks is selling for $10 + per pound.

  94. WilliamPenn says:

    Wanna stimulate the economy? Dump Obama and the Communist Party!

  95. Glenn Hansen says:

    Hmmm. Let’s see. Starbucks wants US to contribute an extra $5 to THEM so THEY can hire more people??? I have a better idea on how to stimulate their bottom line: drastically lower the prices on your coffee drinks and watch what happens. They won’t have to be asking for silly contributions like this. And who says they would be creating jobs with the additional funds anyway?

  96. cdean says:

    Wow…you guys are insane. Starbucks is trying to do something, may not be the perfect idea, but at least it is something. Its also voluntary to participate. how in the world can you turn this in to a political issue? does not help your cause, quite the opposite…make others think you are lunatics. Nice work.

    1. zombierocket says:

      Starbucks is NOT trying to do anything but rip off customers for $5 more…

    2. itsobvious2 says:

      starbucks should simply create more store/jobs itself. simple

  97. zombierocket says:

    This is so crass of Starbucks… anyone buying their coffee is ALREADY donating $5… since the coffee is really only worth .25 cents. And how dare they? How about the CEO and top VPs giving up a few million… that will far outweigh $5 donations from people that cannot afford to donate. Just absurd!!!

  98. gobnait says:

    So the poster child for America’s conspicuous overconsumption is going to lead us out of our misery? What’s not to love?

  99. zorki1c says:

    Freaking ridiculous, How about Starbucks donating 50 percent of the price of each cup of coffee it sells? At four or five buck a cup there has to be a certain amount of profit.

  100. itsobvious2 says:

    Why doesn’t Starbucks simply open more stores, thus offereing more US jobs. Also while they are at it, increased the wages of it’s workers?

  101. Jazzy Jeff says:

    Funny how I have this FEELING that Starbucks was somehow assciated with the help of electing this Twirp into office. Now, they can’t see what the “problem” is.

    I like Irish Mikes suggestion!!!

  102. Micro Elvis says:

    Are you kidding me?! You want me to give $5 to this lame-brained plan? Did I read this right? Starbucks has lost my business. This is lunacy.

  103. psadie says:

    I already pay $4.88 for a decaf venti peppermint mocha. Enough already.

  104. Tony says:

    A suggestion for people who go to Starbucks everyday, go out and buy yourself a really nice expresso machine. If you spend $4 a day at Starbucks thats over $1,400 a year your spending. Two years of money ($2,800) spent at Starbucks buys you a commercial quality grinder (which you do need with an expresso machine), a top quality espresso machine, and lots left to buy coffee beans. Thats real stimulus plus your lattes WILL taste much better than what Starbucks sells. If you still want the cafe experience take your home made coffee to Starbucks and buy a scone there and read a book.

  105. Dr. Humpworth J. Brown says:

    Sounds like Howard Schultz is doing something a little stronger than his over priced coffee.

  106. Walt Mitchell says:

    So, basically, they want me to pay $7.50 for a cup of coffee in the morning to try to make Obama look like he knows what he’s doing? No thanks. Welcome back Mrs. Olsen.

  107. Rick G says:

    The simpleton CEO of Starbucks supported Obama. Now, he wants us to help get the country out of the mess Obama has made worse. I guess he is saving his own money to donate to Obama’s re-election campaign.

    I will not be contributing to anything except the defeat of Obama. I will be giving generously to that worthy cause

  108. Tiredoftheliberals says:

    Awww, you get some warm and fuzzies with your warm and frothies now. How sweet.

  109. James Woods says:

    Wow what a new concept.

    Come up with an idea and spend someone elses money to do it.

    Someone should tell Starbucks that government already beat them to the punch.

    When starbucks becomes unionized paying staff $20-30/hr they would earn the right to ask patrons to donate their own money to stimulate jobs.

    I doubt starbucks is paying workers even $10/hr.

    What a joke. Let starbucks give up it’s profits for jobs.

  110. Tom Menino says:

    Sorry, you sad-ass hippies. I gave at the office. Why don’t you take to the streets and get a nice beat-down?

  111. Paul Kersey says:

    Well if the barista was thinking about spitting in your cup of coffee they made, not giving the $5 shakedown will certainly ensure that action. This company does not need to tax its customers given the amount of resources they have. Poor plan and poor execution. Go to the competition.

  112. matinva says:

    They should spread this among those protesting in NY. They’ll probably get hundreds of those dolts to go along.

  113. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken ——- http://911essentials.com

  114. tdg54 says:

    Too funny, and too Starbucks…man those people feel good about themselves, eh?

  115. john says:

    REDUCE TAXES so people have more $$$ to buy stuff so stores have 2 hire more people 2 make stuff and fill shelves – DUH – but we need taxes 2 FUND WARS that ONLY MAKE THE RICH RICH! END THE FED and break the hold of the SATANIC NWO GLOBAL BANKERS on the people of this earth!

  116. squirlgal1 says:

    Setting fire to my Starbucks card right now…

  117. Magneto says:

    Go to McDonalds the same size coffee $1.30 and way better tase.

  118. Paul says:

    And when starbucks collects $2 million, they will give the money to Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law which will allow him to fund one job for a couple of months.

  119. Armed Texan says:

    Here’s an idea that will stimulate the economy! Kick all the smelly hippies outta Starsuck’s and make them get a friggin’ job!

  120. PaulR says:

    I would rather flush $5 down the toilet

    At least then, I know where its going.

  121. bullrider says:

    What idiocy! How about if they work to make their business more successful and by doing so help to solidify and create real jobs in their own company? That is how our economy is SUPPOSED to work – not by collecting shekels from fools who think they can help matters by flushing still more money down the toilet.

  122. Truth Monger says:

    God Bless my Keurig coffee machine………no waiting in long lines to purchase overpriced Starbucks, just so I can wave around one of their cups for all to see.

  123. Mark says:

    Starbucks has a 2 billion dollar cash reserve and nearly an 18% profit margin. How about they pony up and like drop a point on their own profit margin and cut there reserves to 2007 levels at 500 million? Thats right folks, Starbucks has increased it’s cash reserves 1.5 billion dollars during the worst economy in our generation.

    Not to mention the profit they will make on the interest of the loans…

    This is such a scam

  124. Jimmy Stewart says:

    I’m heading to McCafe where they won’t ask me this question. It’s not an appropriate place to start soliticing for money.

  125. JOe Dutra says:

    People, buy the cheapest coffee your taste buds will tolerate.

  126. moonmac says:

    It’s bad enough they charge $5 for weakly flavored milk(chai latte)

  127. Barry Soetero says:

    I’d gladly give an extra $5 if it went towards getting Obama out of office. There’s some Hope and Change you can believe in!!!!

  128. Susan Reed says:

    I can’t afford to go out for coffee, much less a donation to the “economy>’ What a joke.

  129. Dion says:

    What a racket

    Stimulate this Barista!!!! 8—-o

  130. Dion says:


    Dear Coustomer
    Bend over and insert in rear

  131. Rae Merrill says:

    I can get a whole jar of coffee that lasts me about 2 months for about $3 and its the real McCoy, none of that Starbucks concoction that gives you a headache.


  132. Ellie Enlightened says:

    Done with Starbucks.

  133. Smashicus says:

    Sounds like a scam to me. How many of these nonprofits have “administrative costs” that suck up half the money they take in. Does anyone think that everyone working for the nonprofit agency are all volunteers? There’s always some high salaried people running the operation. Who’s is the money going to? Community groups, like the one Obama was an organizer for? If Starbuck’s CEO Schultz wants to help the economy he can start by taking a salary cut along with his executives and give the money to their employees in the form of raises, of course without raising the price of their already overpriced goods. When his corporation donates these proceeds do they get a big tax cut? Will they put that money into their own pockets with total disregard to their employees? I bet they will.

  134. Precious says:

    You have to f-ing kidding me. I can’t wait to be asked if I want to “donate”. Come to think of it, that will never happen because I DON’T GO TO STARBUCKS!!! (for obvious reasons).

  135. Mike says:

    Your $5 donation will go towards administrative costs just like it does with the government. In other words, you’ll be buying lunch (or coffee) for a bunch of administrators to sit around and think about how to use the money. I’m guessing your $5 will go to the next Solyndra.

  136. Daniem Treadwall says:

    Probably a quixotic effort but at least it’s their own customers/victims. I think 99% marketing and 1% charity, in the best case. Can one of you Hannity superfans explain in more depth how this is supposedly “pro-Obama?” The prez seems to prefer when the funds are shoveled to his doorstep, so that he can personally supervise the dispensing of a few bil for weekly allowance/walking-around money to teacher’s unions and solar panel wildcatters

  137. doesntmatter says:

    How very socialist of them.

  138. steveres says:

    How about asking $5 for cancer research? or to feed the homeless? or pay someone’s heating bill in Jaunary? Typical democrat. It’s all about politics and never about real help.

  139. NowSwimBack says:

    Why doesn’t that billionaire Jew Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO who charges $4.00 for coffee, make some donations himself? It seems like the rich Jews are always demanding that the goyim middle class pay more to fix the mess they got us into so that they don’t have to lose a dime of their riches.

    That’s quite insolent.

  140. Uncle_Meat says:

    Boycott Starbucks. Anyone dumb enough to fall for this deserves acid in their coffee…

  141. ART BARNETT says:



  142. Chicago Nick says:

    How freakin’ stupid is this? Only a liberal would plunk down 10 bucks for a couple cups of coffee and then plunk another 5 down for a ‘jobs creating agency”….IDIOTS… Where do idiots like THIS get the money to throw around like this?

    WHY would I give Starbucks money to give someone else to supposedly create jobs? I wouldn’t, and anyone who WOULD is misguided to say the very least

  143. Bob Bigelow says:

    Unfortunately I’m covered up with work so could only browse a few posts so this may already have been said.
    Anyone who is a Starbucks customer, in my humble opinion is a poor, pathetic low self-esteemer. kinda like the weak miinded that that ran out to buy a Hummer
    a couple years ago and bottled water connoisseurs.
    Let the turd that runs the gouge emporium – Starbucks – 4 bucks for a 25 cent product. throw of his cash into this project of his. What a MF.

  144. sleepingtolive says:

    So let me get this straight. Everyone complains about the government forcing citizens to pay for programs like this. Now a PRIVATE company ASKS people to DONATE money in order to provide loans in order to promote jobs and everyone acts like they are forcing people to do this. You don’t have to give $5 and you don’t have to shop at Starbucks. This is what you wanted right, letting the private sector try to come up with solutions instead of the government forcing you to pay for their solutions. You may think it won’t work, and that’s fine, don’t give any money. But don’t go bat crazy on a company trying to find a private sector solution to the jobs problem because that is what you keep screaming we need. It may be a miserable failure. Just because something is a private sector solution doesn’t mean it will automatically work, but at least they are giving an alternative and are giving you a choice to participate. That is better than a government alternative that you are forced to give money to.

    This is why everyone calls you crazy and doesn’t pay attention to you, because you don’t make any sense.

  145. Van says:

    Can you knee-jerk “conservatives” give yourself some time to think before you make foolish posts because you’re making the rest of us true conservatives look bad. What Starbucks is doing is no different than McDonalds having a box to offer donations for their Ronald McDonald Charity Houses. We should be content when private organizations or individuals attempting to do something constructive (rather than asking for more taxation) I’m not a coffee drinker, but I see no reason to start ripping on Starbucks for starting a voluntary donation program.

    1. flicka47 says:

      Hello, Hello!?!

      Did you not read that Starbucks will be making LOANS with people’s donations? You know, loans that pay interest….

      I don’t think McDonald’s charges the folks who receive the benefit from the monies brought in by the donation interest to use Ronald McDonald House…funny thing about that… McD isn’t making any money off that!

  146. Michele Lloyd says:

    Starbucks is one the EVIL corporations that is not paying ITS FAIR SHARE OF TAXES! And, it caters to a snobby customer base (I want a triple venti half decaf/half redeye with a double shot of organic butterscotch extract, topped with frothy skim milk with sprinkles, served at exactly 184 degrees) that the downtrodden populace cannot afford. Let us march on Starbucks! They are a publically traded company. They exploit foreign laborers like Juan Valdez and his mule. People, peasants, illegal aliens, yes, even the weirdos in San Francisco, throw down your Starbucks recycled cups, grab a Thermos, fill it with homebrew and show your discontent with Starbucks! EVIL COFFEE NO MORE, EVIL COFFEE NO MORE, EVIL COFFEE NO MORE…

  147. michael says:


  148. Jim Steele says:

    This sounds like a hoax. If it’s not, then Starbucks has just made one of the worst PR decisions in recent corporate history. If true, I will stop going to Starbucks altogether – I only go about once a week at this point anyway. I don’t need to be panhandled when I’m buying coffee. Moreover, someone made a great point: who gets the money when these loans are paid back? If Starbucks gives me a $10 voucher that’s good a year from now, for a $5 “donation” (i.e., investment) today, then perhaps I’m interested.

  149. Curly Bill says:

    I have only one thing to say to Starbucks . . . bye!

  150. Guy Macher says:

    How about taking that five bucks and buying donuts at Krispy Kreme?

  151. cuthbert says:

    Stimulate who” economy? Barbara Sreisand’s?

  152. Kala says:

    Since Starbucks has decided to be “political” I never go there anymore nor doI buy their coffee at the grocery store. The only paper they carry is the New York Times. They are so phony.

  153. BJ from MINNESOTA says:

    LEARN YOUR SYMBOLISM, doesn’t their logo look kinda funny, everyone should understand and learn the symbolism that is being blasted in their face all day long, start with learning freemason symbols and the rest should follow, you will feel stupid after you understand the meaning of all the signs and logos we look at all day long, and the corrupt secret society hierarchy that is behind them.

  154. BJ from MINNESOTA says:

    LEARN THE SYMBOLISM, learn what these corporate logos occult meaning is, that should give a wake up call of reality.

  155. blomme2 says:

    I only have an extra $4.98 guess they don’t need my money. Love it when liberals ask give what you can as long as it meets our minimum required donation. Why just recently a panhandler wanted a donation, I reached out with $2 but he put up his nose to it and said, “Our minimum donation is $5… “

  156. Mark Farina says:

    Instead to have people paying for why not from the criminal federal bank? Just ask them what happened to the 27 trillions stolen from the american people?

  157. walter12 says:

    It is all very simple. You leftists in Seattle must help the nation get rid of this monster Obama and there will be alot of jobs throughout the country.

  158. John says:

    Hey Howard—What medications were you taking when you came up with this idea?

  159. Jenny says:

    I’ll pay an extra $5 for a cup of coffee, RIGHT AFTER, the CEO of Starbucks gives up all but $250K of his money. No I lied. I wouldn’t even be in Starbucks in the first place because I make my own coffee. Sorry, he’ll have to get the $5 from some poor stupid slob. Then after they collect the money, Starbucks will get a HHHUUUUGGGEEEE write off on their taxes for donating YOUR MONEY. There’s nothing I despise more than the sales clerk who asks if you’d like to donate your change. I always say no. I’ll donate my own and take my own write off. Thanks anyway.

  160. Kaydon says:

    This is nothing but a PR stunt. We might be a country of stupid people who are easily conned, but come on, Starbucks. We’re not as stupid as you apparently think. I’ll be boycotting Starbuck’s. Most of the hundreds of billions we’ve been saddled with as a result of QE2 went to bail our foreign banks. We bailed out our own big banks and continue to do so in one way or another. None of our money has gone to small business. Hey, Starbucks, why not go down to K Street and lobby on behalf of small business, using your own money, if you care so much about the little guy.

  161. Kathy says:

    Great comments, all! and coming from the liberal part of the country, cool…

    1. gil says:

      I think Drudge had a link and the comments are from all over.

  162. artemis133 says:

    Here’s an idea to stimulate the economy: BRING BACK JOBS FROM CHINA, INDIA, AND MEXICO!! And everywhere in between.

    $5.00 extra to Starbucks? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  163. STEVE says:

    If Starbucks wants to start collecting $5.00 donations from customers to stimulate U.S. job growth. WHY NOT FIRST START BY SELLING U.S. MADE PRODUCTS. Feel free to look at the bottom of the Merchandise. MADE IN CHINA.

  164. Toasten says:

    I think you can give Starbucks credit for taking this step. You can only hope that is works and goes somewhere. There are so many people in this country that could sure use some good news and improving the job market would be real good news.

  165. Loans Finance says:

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  166. TOEFL Frankfurt says:

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