SEATTLE (AP) — Instead of the bad guys, it was Seattle’s most prolific self-styled superhero that ended up in handcuffs.

Police officers arrested the 23-year-old man who calls himself Phoenix Jones early Sunday after he was accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray. He was booked in county jail on four counts of assault, with arraignment set for Thursday, police said Monday.

“Our message has been the same from the beginning, if you see something that warrants calling 911, call 911,” said Seattle police spokesman Det. Mark Jamieson. “Just because he’s dressed up in costume, it doesn’t mean he’s in special consideration or above the law. You can’t go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting.”

But Jones, who wears a black mask with yellow stripes and a bulging muscle bodysuit, said he was only trying to stop a street brawl.

In capital letters, Jones wrote on his Facebook page that said he wouldn’t “ever assault or hurt another person if they were not causing harm to another human being.” He also released a video shot during the alleged assault.

The often shaky video shows Jones and his sidekick, known as Ghost, running toward a group of people. Jones said there was a fight in the group. Police said there’s no indication there was a fight.

The footage goes on to show Jones breaking up the group. Then a woman screams at him, hitting him with her high-heel shoes. Jones appears to be holding his pepper spray canister. Moments later a BMW car appears and speeds away on the street, almost hitting an unidentified man. Jones chases after the car to get the license number. A person with Jones is heard calling 911 to report a hit-and-run.

Jones and his followers then approach the rest of the group down the block. A woman screams at them to “stay away.” Another woman runs up to Jones and hits him, screaming at him, “You sprayed (expletive) pepper spray in my eye!”

Two men in the group approach Jones, who then appears to pepper spray them.

Jones has been the most public face of a group of vigilante crime stoppers to show up in Seattle in the last couple of years. His exploits have garnered much media attention, and he’s had a camera crew trailing him in recent months.

Peter Tangen, a volunteer spokesman for Jones, said Monday that police didn’t have any interest in the alleged hit-and-run, but rather have an agenda against the masked crime fighter.

“They’re on a mission to stop Phoenix Jones from what he’s doing, which is legal,” Tangen said.

On the police report, the officer wrote that Jones “has had a history of injecting himself in these incidents. Recently there have been increased reports of citizens being pepper sprayed by (Jones) and his group.”

The report goes on to say that although Jones “has been advised to observe and report incidents to 911, he continues to try to resolve things on his own.”

On his Facebook page, Jones has nearly 4,400 friends, and says that he’s married to a woman with the name PurpleReign.

Police weren’t buying his Phoenix Jones handle, however. He was booked under Benjamin John Francis Fodor.

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Comments (89)
  1. Dana says:

    Wow, a real-life Kick-A$$.

    1. Cyril says:

      They unmasked him! He’s mild mannered Benjamin John Francis Fodor.


      2. michaelc says:

        Since that 2010 movie “Kick zzz” had to be s somewhat ?? marketed to what kids want to see today, and even has “zzz” in the title:
        i guess i have to see it

    2. Selfish Bastr says:

      So he WAS breaking up a fight……A fight that he himself started by peperspraying people,. fail

  2. John L. Lucci says:

    Wow! He’s lucky He wound up arrested if the that mob had their way with him he would have wound up farting pepperspay.

  3. Bob A says:

    Typical Nazi police. You must become a victum or they will arrest you. Time to sue these over the top Nazis. People have a right to make their streets safe when the incompetent police fall down on the job!!!

    1. kasteer says:

      Yes indeed. We, citizens, are sovereign. Police are just out to uphold the law as it applies to the government and most of the time just show up AFTER an incident. They’re not special! WE, citizens, are responsible for our safety and of those around us.

      Jones is commendable!

    2. Phil says:

      I just cant stand how the police keep saying if you see something call 911. I have NEVER called 911 and had an officer available in less that 20 or 30 minutes. SO what they should be saying is if you see a crime in progress give us a call and then pull up a chair grab some popcorn and watch the crime some more until we get around to it.

    3. Jsr says:

      Yeah let’s go ahead and not refer to some stupid overreaching cops as part of an organization that killed 11million people. 12 of which would have been my aunts and uncles. Thanks

      1. Jay says:

        get over it.

  4. Evan says:

    I just find it interesting, “Just because he’s dressed up in costume, it doesn’t mean he’s in special consideration or above the law. You can’t go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting.” The only difference the police have from a normal citizen is their uniform. Yet they go around pepper spraying people with little to no justification quite regularly.

    1. JustJohn says:

      9:30am here, and already I have no doubt that no matter what I do today, where I go, or who I see, this will be the most moronic statement I’ll have the pleasure of laughing at. You really think putting on a uniform is what makes someone a police officer? So all phoenix did wrong is pick the wrong outfit. Brilliant!

      1. ben says:

        We need Phoenix Jones out on the street, where he belongs, fighting crime.

      2. Beez says:

        Doughnuts. You forgot to mention doughnuts.

    2. mikaman3000 says:

      I find it interesting that you failed to mention that they are employed by the city and he is not.

    3. Winged says:

      You forget the rigoruous physical and mental training most police officers undergo in order to get their badge in the first place. The gun use training, the bucketloads of city code, and regulations that they have memorized, along with the boat-load of federal regulations on their own profession (i.e. Miranda rights). then there’s the fact that they carry a gun, which i can tell you is far more persuading than a fruitcake in a costume pointing pepperspray at people.

  5. sean patriot says:

    Hey COPS ! ! ! Not EVERYONE relies on the government to solve their problems, get used to it, youre going to see more of it.

    1. hairy Bikini says:

      That they will!

    2. Jason Budd says:

      But if citizens fight crime, then there will be less demand for police officers. You see the problem here? All government agents, as part of the largest monopoly, hate competition and will quash it.

      1. Phil says:

        Which is their true duty to protect and serve the union and ticket the peasants

    3. Timothy Denton Coyne says:

      The police unions are already filing a class action suit against super heroes

  6. Pete Moss says:

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    1. Phil says:

      MINUTES!!! where do you live sounds awesome. I wish our police responded in minutes. I usually take a nap while waiting for them.

  7. porchhound says:

    This from, of ALL places, the SEAPRATTLE PD who have never been late for a free meal and never on time top stop a crime.

  8. David says:

    It’s tough, being a super-hero these days.

  9. Bawanna says:

    Pigs all ! Maybe if the cops would do their jobs instead of sucking down donuts and overtime we would not need Phoenix Jones. God Bless him and to hell with the pigs.

  10. Dave Coleman says:

    When you need help in seconds, the police are only minutes away.

    1. teaj says:

      what do you pay them to be there when you snap your fingers tho. Name a good enough price you can have the security you need.

      1. bruce brinkmann says:

        there’s the rub. I’ll take the available free help when I need it, if It’s right there for me why wouldn’t I accept, approve and applaud that free help. I’d always chose to be tried by twelve, rather than carried by six…..

  11. Hairy Bikini says:

    Like Public Enemy’s Flavor Flave once said, “911 is a joke”. And like Ice Cube once said “F#%@ the police”. Police are just mad because he is doing the work they should be doing rather then writing tickets to it’s citizens to generate revenue.

    1. MikaMan3000 says:

      When people are listening to crack fiends and wanna-be-gangstas, you gotta know their “insane in the membrane”

      1. bruce brinkmann says:

        Just out of curiosity, ave you seen that old movie with Warren Beatty “BULLWORTH”?

  12. One Eyed Jacks says:

    These fellows Jones and Ghost are a little over the top, but the fact is if law enforcement, the courts and the politicians aren’t doing their jobs properly there will be more vigilantiism. It’s a natural reaction to poor civic management. It’s the law of the jungle.

  13. Chris says:

    I was helping a friend when his car broke down near Kirkland, WA, someone pulled over behind us, and got out in what looked like some kind of armor. It was Phoenix Jones seeing if we needed gas or help calling for help. Really strange, but he was nice enough.

  14. kasteer says:

    “has had a history of injecting himself in these incidents.” So what! That’s not against the law! Police don’t have a monopoly on law enforcement. I fully support Jones and his quest to make the world a better place!

  15. DJH says:

    Ah yes, if you see something that warrants police attention call 911 – be a VICTIM FIRST, then the police will show up to help you pick yourself up off the ground. How idiotic! And then the cops wonder why no one wants to help them, why should we when you’re more concerned with jacking with average citizens than going after the criminals… oh that’s right, the criminals don’t have any money and the average citizen can pay fines!

    I’m not encouraging it at all, but watch and see if vigilantes don’t start becoming more prevalent – and the public will support them so long as they’re not doing more harm than good.

  16. stefandeseve says:

    Let the police know what you think about this.

    1. Ginger Honey Badger Landry says:

      Thank you!

  17. rodpeters says:

    The police are only an employee of the state. Similar to states giving so called licenses to plumbers or electricians. What makes them the authority to determine who can or cannot be licensed to perform these actions? Police are similar. If people were actually allowed to defend themselves against would-be attackers, there would be no need to have a police force the size to which they have grown. And really, I see plenty of over-weight, out of shape, and just plain inept police officers that would offer no support whatsoever in a case of an attack. This guy is stupid and obviously out for attention, but lift the ridiculous restrictions on law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

    1. RyGuy says:

      Amen man. Point, set, match. If only we didn’t live in Bizarro world…..

  18. ben says:

    Phoenix Jones is cleaning up the streets, just leave him be.

  19. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    OK it’s the real Ace and Gary … let’s just have open carry … that is less scary, than Ace and Gary.

    1. kasteer says:

      You don’t already have open carry out in Wa? Sorry to hear that! Sounds like you’re not a fan of open carry…Would you prefer concealed carry so you wouldn’t have to see a gun? It’s true, your streets would be safer if gun laws were eased… it’s proven. You’d know that if you accepted reality.

      1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        What part of my post …’let’s just have open carry’ .. are you unable to understand? Where do I say I don’t want open carry?

      2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        p.s. …….

        You’d know that if you accepted reality.

      3. kasteer says:

        For some reason I cannot reply to your posts Fanny…I say that because you sounded sarcastic (maybe cause you were referencing Ace and Gary). I appologize for reading too much into it. 🙂 There’s a lot of ignorance out there about the 2nd ammendement. I am glad you support open carry!

  20. McGehee says:

    When seconds count, the police are all at Denny’s on their meal break.

  21. Ramon Leigh says:

    As you can see, govt agencies don’t like to be shown incompetent. Notice that police routinely attempt to confiscate cameras of video taken of them “doing
    their duty.” That is totally illegal but they keep doing it.

  22. BigBoa says:

    Right idea, wrong execution. The flash mobs and other chimp-outs WILL NOT END if we wait for law enforcement. However, we need to deal with this in numbers far too large for them to deal with. Thousands of people in every town, eradicating the ghettos. THAT is the solution.

  23. Jason Budd says:

    Police – Citizens that wear a blue costume and have the duty of preventing crime.
    Phoenix Jones – A citizen that wears a black custom and chooses to prevent crime.

    The police should be grateful that Mr. Jones exists. The citizens should be grateful that Mr. Jones exists.

    1. kasteer says:

      I am grateful. I admire his initiative and dedication!

  24. Lindsay says:

    If he wants to fight crime, why not just go out and do it?
    The fact that he chose to wear a super hero costume makes the whole thing a little gay.

  25. Wise up says:

    He will learn too late that crime is not a game when some low life puts a couple of bullets into him.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I find that his suit differentiates him from a normal citizen… If you were out broken down on the side of the road and some dude rolled up dressed like anyone else there’s an element of not knowing him. If Phoenix rolls up in a superhero costume and asks if you need help you can at least further identify him. From his youtube channel it looks like his presence is known and he’s either hated or loved but for sure people know who he is an what he is about based on the way he is dressed.
    I agree with above comments that the government employees hate competition! A google search found that there was some sort of bus jacking incident he was involved in stopping a few weeks ago that the police wouldn’t comment on. Apparently they were very present but lax at doing anything. It’s the same thing here, ticket the people that can pay and let the criminals go until someone complains enough. BS!!!!!! Go Phoenix Go!!!!!!!

    1. Craig Brockman says:

      Really? LOL. WOW! Trust me – persons such as himself pose no competition to law enforcement. He poses a threat to himself both physically and legally.If someone rolls up with a mask on his face to me, the only thing he’ll be looking at is the barrel of my weapon. Police don’t comment on ongoing investigations other than request for field information.

      1. Brian says:

        Yeah Craig… but everyone can’t carry in the country. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. You know damned well that thugs commit crimes and RELY on people being too scared to act to stop them. Jones steps up. Call him what you will… make fun of the suit if you want… but he’s stepping up.

        The more Jones pops up in costume and helps someone, or thwarts a crime, or breaks up a mugging… the more people see the impact ONE person can make by taking a stand. Maybe he encourages other good people (without a costume) to do the same. This is how we improve society… that, and allowing law abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.

  27. Mark Carlton says:

    Don’t those dolts know that no ordinary jail cell can hold Phoenix Jones?

    1. stik.figga says:

      Buster Doe and Ghost should break him out.

      The Rain City Super Hero Crime Fighter Movement can not be stopped!

  28. stik.figga says:

    Free Phoenix Jones!

  29. Peter says:

    Phoenix Jones is symbolic of what every citizen would have felt obligated to do in the past in the same situation. After we assigned that responsibility to organizations that did it for us, a citizen’s obligation was to get the sheriff and stand back. As the Kitty Genovese case brought to our social consciousness, many citizens stood back too far in the beliefs someone else would take care of the problem. Phoenix Jones would have been a welcomed sight to Kitty Genovese.

  30. Historyshowsus says:

    I knew it had to be CA or WA. Aside from NY the states most likely to arrest someone trying STOP a brawl instead of arresting the brawlers.

  31. Berg says:

    That is not cool to post his name on here. Have some dignity.

  32. Brian says:

    The police cannot protect everyone… it’s up to good citizens to protect themselves. The government would have you rely on them for everything… food, housing, insurance, protection, etc. They WANT you to be dependent… and pliable. Of course they want to take Jones off the street… he shatters the notion that government can always be there to save you.

    1. Dan says:

      plus he’s not union and that a tune we can all sing to

  33. Ralph says:

    Is there a way to opt out of the worthless tax-collecting brutes’ services and hire Phoenix Jones instead?

  34. moonfly201 says:

    I watched the Seattle television station video tape on this event – can anybody tell me what new street dancing routine involves someone violently kicking a person while their cowering on the ground? It appears to me the Seattle police department is tired of this guy making them look lazy and decided to send him a message……

  35. Steve says:

    When someone walking in front of you on the sidewalk has a heart attack, what ought someone do? 1) Call 911 2) Roll up their sleeves and begin CPR. Yes, you notify authorities ASAP, but you don’t sit around and wait for them to show up.

    Do I agree with what Jones does? I find it a bit over the top, as far as his practical application. Do I agree with the spirit of his viewpoint? Unequivocally YES. He should take the time to make sure, if he can, that his butt is covered legally with what he does, do to our ridiculously litigious society, but in the end he is certainly embodying a spirit of self reliance that we as a society once held as paramount, and are now very quickly losing…

    Whether you received your training in right versus wrong from parents, family, comic books, organized religion, spirituality, communal living, Star Trek, or what not: I don’t care, nor should it matter. Good morals and a caring for your fellows are passed down by society, not legislated: our government has been hi-jacked by idiots on both sides of the political spectrum that constantly attempt to legislate morality.

    Whatever the motive, it is a pleasure to see someone standing up for an ideal, seemingly rooted in good moral character. When we as a society no longer actively appreciate the freedoms we have, and don’t feel the need to actively protect them in whichever way works for us, our way of life will end…

  36. Inzaazz says:

    How gay. Simply gay.

  37. Mike says:

    Did you really have to put his real name down? Bottom feeders…

  38. Hank Warren says:

    Cops always late to help and arresting real heros, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  39. Dr Mikey says:

    He’s obviously trying to get enough publicity for a reality show about him – until he gets the contract he will keep running around like an idiot with his own camera crew in tow

  40. sheesh says:

    It won’t be long before him and his group are pepper spraying people to get them out of the way. He is a private citizen We can’t pepper spray people outside a club because we are engaged in important work or because they they are mad at us for pepper spraying them in the eye. He should not be doing crowd control with pepper spray, especially in light of the fact that he’s just a guy who dresses up in a costume to get attention.

  41. Dan says:

    They said to call 911 when you see crime. Are those people kidding me? 911 nor the police rarely stop crime. A person holding a gun stops a crime.

  42. Joe Sanity says:

    Incompetent pigs! Cops hate kids! Kids hate cops! Cops kill kids with warning shots!. File a report and eat doughnuts 40+ pant sized Nazis! Se how quick all you get sold out when they corrupt bureaucratic government sells you out for a dollar. Robots!

  43. Carl says:

    said Seattle police spokesman Det. Mark Jamieson. “Just because he’s dressed up in costume, it doesn’t mean he’s in special consideration or above the law. You can’t go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting.”

    So if I see a man stabbing another man, I should call 911 and sit back or do my best to save a life?

    I’m thinking this guy may be embarrassing the police force.

    1. Jason Budd says:

      The irony is that police officers are “dressed up in costume.” It’s called a police uniform.

  44. Cgallicchio says:

    I carry a gun concealed as well as openly , cause a cop is to heavy.

  45. Bob says:

    No surprise here, in Seattle if Superman or Batman were real and showed up, the perps would be considered the heroes and they the criminals.

  46. Paul Fallavollita says:

    I have to know…did he have a jar of bees?

  47. Walker says:

    Free the Masked Crusader!

  48. miahmdparash says:


    It’s a nice article it will help my research.


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