Remember in the 1980s when hospitals let you bring in your Halloween candy to get x-rayed for metal? It was supposed to help kids and parents know what candy was “good” to eat.

iPhone has a Halloween app that doesn’t really x-ray candy, but you don’t have to let your kids know that!  Touted recently by, the Iphone App store lets you know upfront that this app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does NOT provide true x-ray scanning functionality.

Just hold up a piece of candy to your iPhone camera and snap the shot. Candy X-Ray will tell you if the candy is “good” to eat. Have a laugh. Scam a couple candy bars from your kids!  Just remember, the description says, when in camera mode, tap the left side of the ‘Touch here to scan’ button for good candy, tap the right side for bad candy. The resulting “x-ray” (remember, it’s really not an x-ray) will either show that the candy is clean or that it contains a foreign object. It’s up to you!

The app can be found on the iPhone app store for 99 cents.


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