New restaurants in Ballard and Melrose Market are making a big splash! Jump in, the water’s fine, and the menu is hearty and seasonally delicious!

Chef ​Tamara Murphy’s highly anticipated restaurant Terra Plata has opened, according to Seattle Eater. according to Eater Seattle.

The restaurant, at 1501 Melrose Avenue on Capitol Hill, has a rooftop garden, according to the restaurant’s website. The Mediterranean-inspired menu, according to the website, comes from Murphy’s “love for creative and delicious plates inspired by the seasons and made possible by our local growers and artisan producers.” Head over for dinner or drinks this weekend. The menu is filled with autumn favorites, like pumpkin soup with créme fraiche, or short ribs with polenta and seasonal mushrooms.

According to Seattle Eater, there will be a soft opening of The Fat Hen in Ballard this week. Located at 1418 NW 70th street, the Ballard breakfast and luncheon spot will carry homemade from scratch pasteries, fresh ingredients and comfort food. Try a slice the apple cake or pumpkin spice cake from their fall menu with a warm coffee or tea for a mid-morning snack, or a slice of home baked focaccia for lunch.


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