PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – A naked Portland woman and her boyfriend who took graphic photographs with a dead horse, including one where the woman is fully inside the animal’s carcass, will not face charges for animal cruelty.

Washington County police have decided not to take action against the couple for their role in recent photographs that appeared online of them with a dead horse. Police says there is no evidence of any criminal activity or any indication that the horse was abused or tortured. KOIN-TV reports that the investigation has been suspended.

On Oct. 8, a North Carolina man forwarded the pictures to Washington County police he had found on the Internet of what appeared to be a man and a woman inhumanely killing a horse some time between Sept. 1 and Oct. 8, according to the police report.

The photos are disturbing. One photo has the two holding the horse’s heart. Another shows the couple looking as if they’re about to take a bite out of a severed piece of the horse.

But the two that stand out the most show the naked woman crawling inside the carcass of the dead horse, and another one showing her covered in the horse’s blood, standing over the gutted animal. When asked by police about her decision to take a photo of herself inside the horse’s gutted carcass, she said she was curious what it would be like to be inside an animal’s dead body, referencing “Star Wars” character Han Solo cutting open an animal with a light saber and placing Luke Skywalker in the body to keep him warm.

The woman told police that there was nothing religious about what she had done and didn’t mean to offend anyone. The horse was 32 years old and in poor health, the horse’s owner not having the means to take care of the animal anymore, according to the report. After the man put down the horse with a hunting rifle, the couple gutted the animal for its meat and began taking photos after they were done. The woman told police that she thought the couple had done a good thing in helping the horse’s owner in humanely disposing the horse, according to the report.

Once police tracked down her residence, they talked with a woman who was house-sitting for the 21-year-old while she was in California, telling police that the woman was a “very spiritual, free-minded person who is in touch with animals.” The woman also described her as being a nudist.

Since the photos were released, the woman has had to close her Facebook account due to the high volume of hate mail she has received. Although no charges will be filed against the couple, police remain shocked by the details of the case.

“At some point … in your career you say, ‘Yeah I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff,’” Washington County Police Sgt. Dave Thompson told KOIN. “You see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven’t seen everything.”

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