LONGVIEW, Wash. (CBS Seattle/AP) — Police in Longview, Wash., say a shoplifter with a hatchet sliced off most of a store security guard’s ear.

A Longview police spokesman told The Seattle Weekly that a security guard at the local Fred Meyer store, identified as David Morrison, saw the 31-year-old suspect steal some items. After approaching the suspect, Morrison told police that the shoplifter pulled a small hatchet out of his waistband and swung, chopping off nearly the entire ear.

The guard was taken to a Portland hospital for emergency plastic surgery in an attempt to reattach the ear.

“He was in good spirits on the scene in spite of the trauma he had suffered,” Longview Ofc. Chuck Davis told The Oregonian.

The attacker remained at large.

The assault took place just outside the garden center entrance of the Fred Meyer store. A police spokesman told The Longview Daily News that two security officers were trying to contact the man. They suspected him of taking a CD, bike chains and other small items. The man apparently brought the hatchet to the store with him.

It’s not yet known if the guard’s ear was reattached.

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