Made In Washington continues on the AM 1090 Eco-minute:
When it comes time for holiday shopping – its good for the enviroment to do it locally. It takes gas to truck stuff in from other states or countries. Shopping locally stimulates our economy and creates jobs. And if you’re shopping for food gifts, stuff grown and made in Washington is fresher and more nutritious than products that are shipped here.

And now for the list that am 1090 listeners are making of Made in Washington items on our AM 1090 facebook page:
Heather Blakeslee Chaney says Shop the Washington State Gifts page at Chukar Cherries.
Tatsu Komada suggests Theo Chocolates in Fremont.
Don’t forget that crazy good Almond Roca made by Brown and Haley in Tacoma.Amber Bachmann says The Olympia Farmer’s Market has a great selection of locally made and grown goodies.

  1. Matthew says:

    A great place to find gifts from Washington State is the Pacific Northwest Shop in Tacoma. We’ve been going there for years.

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