WICHITA, Kan. (AP/CBS Seattle) — The Boeing Co., for decades the brand that helped support Wichita’s claim as the aviation capital of the world, announced Wednesday it will shut down facilities in the city by the end of 2013 and send work to plants in three other states as it deals with defense spending cutbacks.

The Associated Press reports that the closure will cost 2,160 workers their jobs and end the firm’s presence in an area where it has been a major employer for generations, but Boeing tells CBS Seattle that the number is incorrect.

“We don’t know how many layoffs we will have right now,” Boeing spokesman Forrest Gossett told CBS Seattle, adding that employees at the Wichita plant will be offered jobs to the relocated sites at Oklahoma City or San Antonio.

The decision was not a surprise because Boeing said in November it was looking at closing the Wichita plant. But it still drew an angry response from Kansas lawmakers who helped Boeing land a lucrative Air Force refueling tanker project in February and had expected thousands of jobs to come to Wichita with it. Instead, the tanker work will go to Boeing’s facilities near Seattle.

“Boeing’s announcement is that things have changed,” U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran said. “Well, the only thing that really has changed in my mind in the last year is Boeing now has the contract. When they made the commitments, they didn’t.”

Mark Bass, a Boeing vice president, said the market for defense work has changed dramatically in the past 18 months and the Wichita facility wasn’t competitive because of its size and high labor costs. The site includes 97 buildings with 2 million square feet.

Bass declined to say how much the company expected to save by moving the work elsewhere.

Wichita had hoped the number of jobs at the facility would grow after Boeing won the contract worth at least $35 billion to build 179 Air Force refueling tankers. Modification work on the planes was expected to generate 7,500 direct and indirect jobs with an overall economic impact of nearly $390 million.

Boeing said 24 Kansas-based suppliers for the refueling tanker project will still provide parts as planned.

The first layoffs in Wichita are expected in the second half of 2012. While the Seattle area will build the tankers and handle their modifications, engineering work will move to Oklahoma City and future aircraft maintenance, modification and support will go to San Antonio, Texas.

The three states combined could pick up as many as 1,400 jobs, with Oklahoma City gaining 800 and San Antonio getting 300 to 400. The Seattle area will add 200 tanker construction jobs but about 100 support positions from there will move to Oklahoma City in the shuffle, Bass said. Wichita workers will be allowed to apply for jobs in the other locations.

Boeing said it will continue to have a significant impact on the Kansas economy and its aerospace industry. The Chicago-based company spent more than $3.2 billion with 475 Kansas suppliers last year. Kansas is the fourth largest state in its supplier network.

But that wasn’t enough for lawmakers like U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who said Boeing had promised as recently as February to remain in Wichita if it received the tanker contract. Roberts and others urged the company to reconsider.

Moran called Boeing’s move “a blow to our mental health as well as our pocketbooks.” Kansas officials are still willing to do what it takes to keep the Boeing plant open, but “it’s difficult to negotiate with someone who hasn’t kept their word,” he said.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback promised Kansas will pursue opportunities in commercial aircraft manufacturing. Aircraft makers like Cessna Aircraft Co., Hawker Beechcraft and Bombardier still have plants in Wichita, which Brownback said remains “the best place in the world to build airplanes.”

Kansas Democratic Party chair Joan Wagnon said the decision shows that throwing money at wealthy corporations doesn’t guarantee loyalty or longevity.

“Despite all the economic incentives and tax breaks, of which there were many, and despite the loyalty of Boeing’s workers and its long history in Kansas, Boeing turned its back on a community and a state that supported the corporation generously through tough times,” Wagnon said.

But the news was welcomed elsewhere.

“The decision of the Boeing Company to move tanker work to Washington is bitter-sweet,” said Everett Mayor Ray Stephenson, noting Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer’s support for an American-made tanker. “I was grateful for his support and am saddened for the workers and families in Wichita. That said, Everett stands ready to support additional aerospace work in the Puget Sound region.”

Brewer, who once worked for Boeing, said the disappointment in Boeing’s decision to abandon its 80-year relationship with Wichita and Kansas “will not diminish anytime soon.” The city, county and state have invested too many taxpayer dollars in Boeing to take the announcement lightly, he said.

Boeing has had a facility in Wichita since it bought the Stearman Aircraft Co. in 1929.

Employment at the plant peaked during World War II, when its 40,000 workers included President Barack Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham, who worked the night shift as a supervisor on the B-29 bomber assembly line.

The company remained Wichita’s largest employer for decades after the war.

It still had about 15,000 workers in the city in 2005, when it spun off its commercial aircraft operations in Kansas and Oklahoma. After the divestiture, Boeing kept 4,500 workers for its defense work in Wichita but layoffs have since slashed that number.

Spirit AeroSystems, which took over Boeing’s commercial aircraft operations, still makes parts for Boeing in Wichita.

Jeremy Hill, director of Wichita State University’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research, said most Boeing workers are likely to stay in the area and find other jobs. But the company’s departure is a psychological blow.

“It was something that was very important to people here, something they recognized, something they would tell other people when they came and visited,” Hill said. “Boeing has that name that’s household and recognized, and it had a value to people when they promote the area.”

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  1. Steve In Tulsa says:

    The amazing thing is after the way the NLRB treated them that Boeing doesn’t leave teh country altogether

    1. Rigoman33 says:

      I think Boeing should have cancelled work in the states that are pushing for these cutbacks. I’m thinking the Boeing plants in Washington should be shuddered as well as bases in NY and any in the Illinois. The Dems want to lead by example in this cutting process, they should start with cutting military facilities in their own states.

  2. Chris of Wichita says:

    I’m here in Everett, along with about 200 others, from Wichita to help out with the -8 production. This closure has been in the works since MD bought out Boeing.

    I’d also like to thank the absolute worthless I. A. M. for help in keeping the Wichita facility open!!

    If you’re dealing with Boeing make sure you get it in writing!! Let this be a lesson to all.

    1. Ste says:

      It definitely sucks to see any place close up. The only thing that is kinda “nice” is the workers actually have plenty of notice so they can make preps now.
      In theses times, this stuff happens all the time


      1. Rick O'Shea says:

        The dems playbook. Take from the productive and give to those sitting on their ass.

    2. Tadpole says:

      In writing WITH enormous liquidated damages clauses for not keeping their word.

      1. Legal Expert says:

        You cannot have an “enormous liquidated damages clause”. Generally, liquidated damages clauses must be reasonable at the time the contract is entered. They cannot amount to a penalty clause.

    3. j says:

      Boeing bought out MD

      1. Chris of Wichita says:

        Sorry!! Other way around!!

      2. Robert says:

        Boeing did in fact buy out MD. Why do you think it’s still called ‘Boeing’? Try to buy MD stock. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. But you can buy the best. Buy Boeing.

      3. greyhound says:

        evidently you do not work at Mcboeing.

    4. robinhunter says:

      I suspect that the IAM has been effective in Wichita and that’s why Boeing is pulling out of there. It’s the largest savings for Boeing and the company knows from experience that workers at the Wichita plant do stand up for themselves. Want to blame someone, start at the top of Boeing and work your way down.

      You are right about getting it written down. It’s just one more example of Boeing not caring in the less for its workers.

      1. jgalt says:

        Exactly – the union has been effective, therefore it is no longer viable to maintain an operation there. You can thank the union for this closure.

      2. Ruthie 3 says:

        “Kansas Democratic Party chair Joan Wagnon said the decision shows that throwing money at wealthy corporations doesn’t guarantee loyalty or longevity.” From article above

        Perhaps if we had the Solyndra $ back (thank you, obummer), the Volt $ back, the defense cutbacks would be less and ergo, Boeing wouldn’t have to have cut back as much. Maybe if we had more jobs — pipeline from Canada–the tax base would grow…oh, right, thank you obummer, we don’t have the pipeline!

      3. Ruthie3 says:

        Oh yeah, forgot to add: Read somewhere that Volt will now be mfg. in CHINA! Because they have the REE’s needed for the battery. Our EPA won’t let us mine those REE’s in USA. Thank you, obummer AND EPA.

    5. anne mcgregor says:

      I was especially ashamed of Rep. Tiahrt and Sen. Roberts, and Sen. then Rep. Moran who all demanded that the USAF renege on a deal with Airbus to save these Kansas jobs. So now where do these jobs go? Out west and outsourced. Now how are we ever going to get any foreign aircraft company like Airbus to ever waste the millions of dollars it takes to bid. We also needed these refuelers over ten years ago. These airplanes are about 50 years old.
      Kansas’ congresspeople need to apologize to the nation, to Airbus, and particularly to Kansans and then resign for their role in this debacle that only creates more danger for our Air Force as all jets refuel next to these old planes.

    6. LBR says:

      Ask Boeing about the Super Plant that they are designing right NOW to be built in China…. Why do you think they rolled over and gave in to the unions. Read all about US Steel back in the early 80s and how all those jobs just went up in smoke.

      1. John Galt says:

        and how the union set fire to those jobs, which is WHY they went up in smoke

  3. blorjr says:

    obama economy at work.

    1. Smitty77 says:

      Just how is this Obama’a fault? The only way he could save these jobs is to keep on invading countries aro nd the world and that seems to be very costly. Do you Obama haters have any suggestions to help the situation. I doubt if the GOP prayers will do much no matter who wins!

      1. Condor says:

        If nothing else, if we had revenue coming into the Government we could support the cost of DOD. It is a proven fact that reducing taxes and regulations increases income to the Government. But Zero does not see tax policy as an instrument for funding Government activities. To Zero taxes are a weapon of social justice.

      2. Rick says:

        Obama and the Democrats strategy was to prevent the supercommittee from agreeing to $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions thereby forcing $500 billion in defense budget cuts. The supercommittee failure was definitely the strategy of the Democrats aimed at reducing the size of our military. You will be hearing about a 10 – 15% reduction in military personnel as well. All of this adds up to a big hit on employment in the US. This President has been a complete disaster.

      3. Jim in Houston says:

        Spot on!!

      4. Jim in Houston says:

        I tried to reply with “Spot on!”, but it went to a stand alone comment for some reason.

      5. Chris Allen says:

        Please explain why the Obama Administration has rejected the Hawker Beechcraft proposal to build an air force trainer. That was a Billion dollar contract. It is the vindictive Democrats attempt to punish right to work states and reward their Union Thug Supporters.

      6. I P Standing says:

        Of course mr globalism,,,they can hire three communist chinese for every evil american worker,,person of walmart

      7. Smitty is a moron says:

        How about not cut the space program? That would provide jobs for these workers. And you don’t need to invade counties just because you have the equipment. I’d rather be building “surplus” military equipment than overpaying government employees and expanding payments to the nonproductive class – Obama’s number one priorities.

        And your comment about GOP prayers just shows you are an anti-religious bigot. Tell me, Obama claims to pray. Do you make fun of him too? Or do you think he is lying about his belief in God?

      8. JungleCogs says:

        You act like “Obama Haters” are bad words. What else would you say about a president who has brought this much destruction to the country he hates?

      9. Scott Martin says:

        So you admit to the wound, AND rubbing salt in it? Good one.

        Are you stating that Obama is getting rid of jobs because he is black? Perhaps you are a racist making the point for us…

        How bout that?

      10. hillcoguy says:

        Keep it up! I LUVVIT!
        Your pure racism on the rampage!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

      11. retired military says:

        Only a liberal bigot brings up race in a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with race. I would prefer Collin Powell to Obama and am still hoping that Condi Rice will run in the future. Race has nothing to do with incompetence and if there is one thing that Obama does well it is incompetence.

      12. Richard_Iowa says:

        I’m a honkey and a cracker, or is that honkey or a cracker? Anyway, I was a strong supporter for Cain when he was running in the presidential primary. I would love to see Coni Rice run for office and at one time I was a supporter of Collin Powell when he was considering running for office. I also very much admire Justice Thomas. So, where am I missing it that I am a racial bigot? Maybe it is because I think that Eric Holder is bad for this country.

      13. Bob Lippert says:

        what in the world does your comment have to do with the theme of the article—did you even read the article—

      14. Richard_Iowa says:

        First of all I do not use vulgarity, so I wonder how you have devined all of this information. And, you leave no room for people to disagree with Obama without being haters and using profanity. While I do not hate Obama, he is a complete disaster. He is completely over his head, has no clue how to administer, and his policies are simply not working. About the only thing that he can do to justify the state of America that he has brought us to is to start campaigning that the Republicans are extremists and that this is all Bush’s fault. BTW – Obama moved into a historic column yesterday when the government released that data showing that the national debt is now 103% of our GDP. No other president has done that.

      15. Scott Martin says:

        Smitty – spoken like a true Ron Paulian…but this IS Obamas fault as you see the jobs are going away from a conservative state and half of them to a union state.

        You are TRULY naive if you don’t think his fingers touched on this deal. Multi-state shifts in employment, especially with defense contracts touch the white house.

        He could have helped what now is a Billion $ loss for Wichita.

      16. John Galt says:

        NO sorry, no solutions at this point. We Obama haters just hope that he dies and takes all of his commie friends with him. Won’t fix anything as it is already broken beyond all repair, but it would make us feel better, and ask any liberal – feelings are more important than anything.

    2. Fred says:

      I love BIG GOVERNMENT for defense of our country.
      I love BIG GOVERNMENT for enforcement of our laws.
      I have no use for BIG GOVERNMENT otherwise.
      This sounds like an improper shift of priorities to me.
      I know who is to blame.

      1. oklahomabound says:

        – I love SMALL GOVERNMENT for defense since it is the number one Enumerated power in the Constitution for Government to protect the country and small limited government could provide that protection when it doesn’t have to be grown to regulate and tax the cr@p out of productive people in order to provide unConstitutional social programs for welfare leftist and illegals..
        – I do NOT need any government for police protection as it should be privitized rather than growing the Lefts Big Government. Also the police are minutes away when seconds count. And this coming from a former police officer who is a supporter of law enforcement. Quite frankly if all leftist were put behind bars we would hardly have any crime left to fight.
        – I have no use for Big GOVERNMENT otherwise…..looks like you got one right.

  4. David Axelrod says:

    Yea…that Obama is focused like a laser on creating jobs, when he’s not golfing or on vacation.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Oh, but he is creating 180,000 new jobs for teens. Of course they will all be unpaid.

    2. Micha Elyi says:

      And like a laser, Obama has burned a hole right through job creation.

  5. Midge Martien says:

    “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
    – Albert Einstein

    ——- http://911essentials.com

    1. Scott Martin says:

      “New” thinking and politicians…good luck with all that.

    2. fizzycist says:

      Dilemma….first Einstein’s genius of course….but , second, and perhaps more important…Einstein really cared about the fate of Humanity….I would put very few in this category….certainly not Washington…

      1. Archy Jones says:

        Albert was an oiutspoken advocate of socialism. Do some checking.

    3. The Clintidote says:

      “… especially with a statist moron in the White House.”

  6. sb36695 says:

    How’s that hope & change working for you?

  7. Eric P Turner says:

    i bet you wont vote obama this time around will ya!

    1. JungleCogs says:

      Yeah, they will; still drunk on Kool-Aid.

      1. Jackie says:

        Dear Chuck,I love your web site. I note that there is a list of all atlecris up to 2007 then atlecris month by month after that. Do you have a ocmplete list of 2007-2009?Blessings in Christ,Rowland

    2. BILL MCNEAL says:


  8. Chris says:

    To Steve in Tulsa – Boeing has already left the country; look at how much work they ship overseas on pursuit of foreign orders, then wave the flag when they need political interference to get another Government contract; the politicians, IAM and Boeing deserve each other.

    1. oklahomabound says:

      Sounds like a good business decision on Boeings part, why stay in a country that has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, has more suffacating regulations than any country in the world and has more government support for extrotionist unions than any other country in the world. If I owned/ran a large company I would move out of the US until all corporate taxes were elminated, regulations were limited and reasonable and even then I would only come back and set-up shop in Right To Work States.

      1. Bill says:

        That’s fine if they want to move out of the country. Don’t claim to be an American company and then complain if the US Government gives it’s contracts to Airbus.

  9. Pat says:

    Hope and change in action – go ahead vote for Obama again suckers.

  10. Tina Ferrer says:

    I’d rather stick needles in my eyes Pat……

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      I’d rather stick the in O’Blamer’s – well you know.

    2. Jim in Houston says:

      I’d rather stick them in O’Blamer’s – well you know.

  11. freecheese says:

    dem guyz down at da union hall aint gonna like dis

  12. dbski4it says:

    With the Washington unions it will only be 20 – 30 years before planes are assembled in China. Nobody will blame Boeing.

    1. Arizona Redneck says:

      The Chinese are already building a 737 equivalent aircraft and Obama’s buddy Jeff Immelt who is the head of General Electric and Obama’s Jobs Council has all the contracts to supply GE state of the art avionics. Isn’t it nice to have a Democrat weasel in the White House so he work with GE to send Wichita jobs to China so the Chinese will lend Obama more money to spend us into oblivion.

  13. Matt Phinish says:

    After the Kansas members of Congress and the City of Wichita worked hard to convince the government to give a critical national defense contract to Boeing instead of risking American military lives on a foreign country, Boeing does this.

    When are American cities going to wake up and work together when corporations make their demands? They get huge tax breaks, free land, etc. and then leave anyway. Corporations have no loyalty, no respect, no honor. Cities need to agree to not kowtow to them.

    1. Condor says:

      Corporate managers have an ethical responsibility to give a return on investment to their shareholders. American companies are not work welfare organizations to provide jobs. Perhaps if we did not have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, onerous regulation and Government meddling, then companies would be able to employ Americans and still earn a profit.

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        Well said!

    2. freecheese says:

      matt: not once did you mention the union’s iron-fisted grip on this industry. By the tone of your note, you are a greedy union member. You gave yourself away.

      1. Matt Phinish says:

        Nope, not a union member. Not a union fan. Don’t like ’em. I’m just grousing about the way corporations use extortion to get what they want. Just like those whiny major league ball teams – “Build us a new stadium or we’lll leave town”

    3. Dave-o says:

      Waah. Sorry, don’t feel bad at all for all you soon-to-be-unemployed unionistas.

      Vote stupid, get Stupid.

      Ain’t HOPE and CHANGE great?

    4. Blake S. Davis says:


    5. CM says:

      Those tanker jobs should have gone to Mobile, AL and EADS. Boeing is an “American'” company about as much as Toyota is. So all the KS and WA politicians played dirty politics…and “won” the tanker contract. Well…reap what you sow.

    6. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Why would you expect any cities to work together? Don’t you realize that the cities are competing against each other? Why would Seattle help Wichita? Seattle is more likely to try to stab Wichita in the back to get more jobs than help them. In the future if a state had any brain cells they would stop doing tax breaks for companies instead they would simply buy up controlling interest in a company that had lots of jobs, then install a management team that would move all the operations to their state and be done with it… would be much more likely to actually work out in the long term.

  14. Tadpole says:

    Boeing, like any other company in America is free to move their business anywhere they like and I’m fine with that.

    What I struggle with is that several Kansas legislators worked like mad to get Boeing that tanker contract so there would be Kansas jobs – and Boeing just says thanks and see ya. I hope Boeing doesn’t ever expect any help in the near future.

    Also, the line that Wichita wages make doing the work here uncompetitive. To which I say “bullsnot”.

    One more thing – I could have sworn he said they were studying this for 18 months at the beginning of the news conference, then suddenly it changed to from Summer 2011 to December 30, 2011. Hmmmm… color me skeptical.

    1. Lina Inverse says:

      I’m sure the issue is that Right to Work states like Kansas are now incredibly toxic; realistically does Boeing have any choice but to move the work to a union controlled state like Washington?

      1. Leo says:

        Mitzi I can answer this usacbee my family lives down there! You are outside of my color planting schedule by about a month. The trick is, Las Vegas gets so hot in the summer, but you can grow almost all winter long. My book is really for a spring-summer-fall planting schedule. The dates I offer might work for you and others who live in warmer climates, but really have a spring-summer and a fall-winter season. I am very aware of your needs, and it’s on my list of things to research and write about. But honestly, I can’t speak from experience, only from my research. I encourage you to contact your local extension service (www.extension.org) for a recommended planting schedule.

  15. CR says:

    More jobs coming to Texas……… they must be doing something right

    1. Condor says:

      Right to work State.

      1. buzz says:

        So’s Kansas

      2. Olivia says:

        ArmaninNa mez ognec haskanal bolor nrtybuunner@ internetum ashxatelis. Internetum haytni darnalu ev bisnes anelu hamar vochmiayn petqe imanal sayt stexcelu hmtutyunner@, ayl nayev ayn jisht matucel@, vorin menq qayl ar qayl tirapetel ev der tirapeteluenq das@ntacneri @ntacqum. Menq arajin ashkertnernenq, bayc mer kap@ erbeqel chenq korcni @nker Armani het qani vor na misht patraste patasxanel ir bolor ashakertnerin huzox harcerin. Bolorin xorhurdem talis grancvel ev masnakcel das@ntacnerin manavanq vor ayn dzez trvume anvjar, chapazanc harmaravet dzer isk tanic webinarneri mijocov ev amenakarevor@ kapvumenq mimianc ev uraxanum mer das@nkerneri araj@ntacnerov ev hajoxutyunnerov` @nker Armani glxavorutyamb. Es husovem vor ays dproc@ kunena erkar ev kanach janapar qani vor ayn uni azniv npatakner. MAXTUMEM AMENALAVN U BARIN.Dzer dproci arajin ashakertneric` Bagrat ^_^

    2. Why people move to Texas says:

      The musicians are better and the women dance better there.

  16. James Madison says:

    Hope and Change.

  17. When unions win you lose says:

    Within 10 years there will be at least one major airplane manufacturer in east Asia – China or Korea, probably. Airbus will be a relic, Boeing will be losing market share.

  18. Howard Hughes says:

    This is right on track with what Boeing said with their vision 2016 they adopted after the merger with McDonnell Douglas. They sad fact is we watched this movie before when Douglas merged with McDonnell. The McDonnell executive team decimated Douglas just like their doing Boeing. The only thing left of the DC commercial plant is a neon sign in Long Beach. Boeing did not even leave that much in Wichita.

  19. Mojoron says:

    Everyone want the government to spend less. This is the result of decreasing spending on military projects. To blame Obama is short sided. To blame anyone is short sided. If you want the government to spend less, then you better be prepared for more closures of military projects…period.

    1. Condor says:

      Short sighted. Short sided sounds like a cut of beef.

      I want the Government to spend what is necessary for defense, and cut research on Chinese prostitution, AIDS eduction in Africa, and tattoo eradication in California.

      1. Ward Smith says:

        “AIDS eduction”

        I did not know we were educing AIDS to its full potential — in Africa of all places…

    2. oklahomabound says:

      BS Mojoron (you should drop the “oj” from your name). The Constitution has Enumerated Powers that tell the Federal Government what their powers are and the number one power is defense of the country. Unfortunately commie leftist progressives run the ill-named democratic party, and there are even some in the republican party, and those people have brought us illegal unConstitutional social programs that have grown government and taxed producers (private citizens and businesses alike) in order to fund these massive unConstitutional programs. Those illegal social programs budgets make the Constitutional military budget look like a tiny tick on an elephants @ss. If we got rid of the unConstitutional social programs we would still be able to fund our military fully and all get huge tax breaks in the process. It would also help illegals self deport since without the freebies dangled by the left to attract them here for their votes they would leave. Oh and as a conservative I do support harsh punishments for companies who hire illegals, the claims the left makes that we want cheap labor for our “company buddies” is completely false on the citizen level, although true for some of our Reps in WA DC.

  20. Richard says:

    What did you think, the union was going to let the jobs in Kansas stay there? When Boeing settled the dispute over the South Carolina plant, you don’t think shipping more jobs from a right to work state back to a union state weren’t part of the deal?
    This was a union payoff….notice a good portion of the jobs going to the Puget Sound facility. Instead of staying Kansas, or going to South Carolina.

    1. Scott Martin says:

      Someone that knows the score.

    2. oklahomabound says:

      You nailed it Richard!

  21. Roy says:

    So what n ow you conservatives what to yell that government spending DOES create jobs and we should have more government spending?

  22. Gary-bg says:

    Wondering if these jobs will resurrect themselves in the ambiguous saved or created pile after this Administration reports on them come October 2012.After all it’s only 2,100 jobs and if not for the sterling vision of the democratic administration it would have easily been 5,000 so that is 2,900 jobs saved right. Beside once they start collecting unemployment the local economy will be booming according to Nancy Pelosi.

  23. brodave says:

    Can anyone spell u-n-i-o-n?

    Boeing is moving its operations to the right-to-work State of Texas.

    Vote a straight GOP ticket in Nov 2012. We can fine-tune later.

    1. USMC-NFO says:

      Kansas is a right to work state dummy.

      1. Scott Martin says:

        WA is not a right to work state, Puget is also union.

        Texas is always a good idea…it also provides cover for BHO’s fingerprint.

  24. former BMAC says:

    I was always amazed at those pro-union mechanics in Wichita, they were gun toting conservatives but still voted for the dhims every time. Somwehow they were convinced that mama IAM would take care of them and Mama IAM told them to vote democrat. I wonder if they have torn up their union cards yet.

    1. Chris of Wichita says:

      I left the union in 79 and haven’t looked back! The IAM at Boeing Wichita has always been a load of socialist freeloaders! Just as they are here in Everett! GIMMIE! GIMMIE! GIMMIE! You know who you are and you know who I am! Kiss My A$$ I. A. M.!!

    2. Scott Martin says:

      I have a gun-toting, union aviation mechanic next door and have worked the aviation industry (private) for ten years.

      They are nice people, but are voting for their own demise by voting Democratic and anti-business.

      But they believe the union will protect ’em. You see, the loyalty is gained in the ONE time the union helped instead of everyday that the COMPANY helped.

      The union yells “Breathe!” and claims credit for saving your life…

  25. Jasonn says:

    If you like this story about Boeing being hosed then you should also know about Hawker-Beechcraft suing the US Government after THEY got hosed on a contract that was instead awarded to a company in BRAZIL! Yep, the Obama administration is creating jobs alright… in BRAZIL! Here’s the news story:


  26. USMC-NFO says:

    Time to punish the right to work states. Payback is a female doggy!

    1. Chris of Wichita says:

      Typical mindless Jar Head comment!

      Go Navy!!

      1. USMC-NFO says:

        The Navy is ok but the more government/defense infrastructure closed in red states is for the better as far as I’m concerned. They voted in the teabaggers after all. No one wants to live in flyover country anyhow.

        Boeing is practicing free-market economics like Mitt did at Bain Capitol. It’s a free market so stop whining and move to China to work on the C919. If you’re out of a job “Blame yourself”.

      2. Htos1 says:

        We are the “blue”(American) states!The “red” states are lefties,dhimms,and democrats-NEXT!
        (Dims show EVERYTHING in a mirror-180 degrees out of reality)

      3. USMC-NFO says:

        HTOS1, You must have me confused for a socialist. I’m a supporter of the free market. Like I said, if people can’t find work in Kansas, blame yourself. Go to China and work on the C919.

  27. Smash Crasher says:

    Have to start somewhere. Next — the US Postal Service. Then the public sector unions. The American public has been raped by huge government spending for the past 30 years. Sad that people will lose their jobs but the taxpayers were really paying their salaries.

  28. Jake says:

    It’s here. There are now more takers than makers in the Dem game plan. Those left in the private sector should just give up the ghost, including these aircraft builders. Maybe Obamby can create another “Airbus” state-controlled industry in heavily Union states.
    Personally I don’t give a damned anymore. There are so many handouts to the Public Sector, government workers, and the vast, vast, vast dependent professional moocher class that we have arrived on the other side of the slippery slope. Hey folk’s, where are the complaints about corporate welfare? I’m not hearing them. Did these plant workers not vote right?
    These workers won’t be able to pay their usual quota of taxes. What then? Quicker collapse.
    Buy more Ammo while you can afford it.

    1. Scott Martin says:

      Tipping point…

    2. Auth says:

      Here is another math trick This will work only with 7 digit Phone No. 1. Grab a aulcclator. (You wont be able to do this in your head)2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code)3. Mutiply by 804. Add 15. Mutiply by 2506. Add the last four numbers of your phone number7. Add the last four numbers of your phone number again8. Subtract 2509. Divide number by 2 Do you recognize the answer? IS’NT IT YOUR PHONE NO:?

  29. SunnySideDown says:

    Rigoman33 –

    (Reuters) – The Obama administration will unveil a “more realistic” vision for the military on Thursday, with plans to cut tens of thousands of ground troops and invest more in air and sea power at a time of fiscal restraint, officials familiar with the plans said on Wednesday.

  30. hillcoguy says:

    So the admin forces the closure of a defense plant and thats OK, 0’bammy will hire three more bureaucrats, while he thinks congress is in recess, to fill the jobs void………good thinking 0’bammy!

  31. Ima Dem-@ss says:

    Since the dems are so fast to share guidance systems and other military technology with China, let’s build our weapons in China. It will cost a 1/3rd of producing it here. Dem’s should love this idea. All we have to do is have the Chineese sign a confidential agreement and that will fix everything. If we can trust Iran to not build a nuke, we can surely trust our biggestest trading partner, right?

  32. radioone says:

    That $500 billion may get reduced from the military, but you can rest assured it WILL get spent by the government. Rather than having someone making $60k or $70k for a military contractor, the Feds can hire more bureaucrats to oversee the $15k in unemployment benefits a former employee will be receiving. It’s part of that “fundamentally transforming America” we were promised.

  33. ramicio says:

    It’s surprising a company directly involved in the war machine needs to lay off people. They should be making bank.

    1. hillcoguy says:

      The “war machine” covers YOUR cowardly butt and is more or less controlled by the admin………I love it when you ignorants post.

  34. pepnm says:

    Did Boeing get permission to close from our Dictator(Obama)?

  35. reitred military says:

    I see they are keeping the plant in TX open. Hmm a plant staying open in the a right to work state. Oh the poor unions. Boo Hoo Boo HOo. Maybe they shouldnt wholeheartedly support dems in elections. of course thye count on the dems to give them money via regulations and then kick it back to them via campaign contrubutions.

    I am suprised the NLRB isnt suing them again to try to save more union jobs.

  36. teg daken says:

    way to go ho blamer, you’re a genious

  37. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    This is because they have finished transferring all those jobs to foreign countries.

    The transferring of jobs overseas caused a 3 year delay in the delivery time for their latest Boeing Dreamliner and resulted in huge cost overruns.

    But Boeing is determined to bust the Aircraft Employees Union.

  38. I P Standing says:

    No worry ,,as soon as we have a republican president they will all be hired back and the floodgates of manufacturing and employment will spread wide.

  39. Randall Stephens says:

    Thanks Jet Blue,
    . . . and let’s not forget Obama shifted American money to invest in a Finnish electric car plant that will sell extremely upscale cars. Why not invest in Tesla at least?

    And aircraft? Don’t get me started. I used to supply Mi-17 parts to the U.S. Government ops in Afghanistan (shhh) since the USA has become one of Russia’s biggest buyers of Russian hardware. No more, the big contractors are doing it all now and jacking up the prices 1000 percent.

  40. Lagisha Jackson says:

    Obama is actually a closet conservative,,,big govt will be reduced soon,,many thousands will be put out of the military in force reductions plus at least a hundred thousand postal ,,nasa workers,,we gop types have the libs on the run.

  41. mac says:

    So good to see all the misguided “patriots” blaming this on Obama. Go back and read the article again and pay attention to the part that says the defense budget cuts kicked in because the so called super committee could not reach an agreement on the budget. For those of you not up to speed on how our government functions, this committee consistend entirely of members of Congress, a branch of the government that Obama is no longer a part of.. The president is the executive branch and as such has nothing to do with this situation. But if it makes you feel better to show your ignorance by blaming this on Obama, have at it.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      I guess you conveniently forget O’Blamer completely ignored the process and set it up for failure by appointing the dumbest of the dumb liberals to be on the committee.

      1. Truth says:

        You idiot, CONGRESS appointed the members of the “Super Committee”. It was a CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE.

        No wonder that dunce Perry could get elected as Governor of Texas….

  42. Richard_Iowa says:

    As much as I hate to see that people are loosing their jobs, it ultimately comes back to union benefits and salaries. I do not make the what a union gardner,toll both attendent, and stage hand make, and I have a PhD with 30+ years experience. Plus, I pay a big chunk of my healthcare benefits. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    1. Truth says:

      Sorry for the loss of jobs, but we can’t afford the spending and we don’t need the armament. Hopefully the Republican Congress will reduce the defense budget by a like amount_HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!!! Not likely.

  43. NeoConVet says:

    – Well I am sure the NLRB will prevent this…. OH they just tell a company where they can create new jobs.!
    – Well then I am sure the Obama WH will step in and give a teleprompter speech about his jobs creation plans, that should help the doomed employees…..OH Obama’s retoric is just that!
    – Well I am sure the $2500 tax credit will change Boeing mind…. NO?
    – Well then I am sure Obama will borrow more money from the Chinese to fund unemployment for another 5 years to “keep the economy growing??
    Ahh then Hope is a plan?

  44. oklahomabound says:

    I hope that the jobs that are sent to Oklahoma from Kansas are either filled with Oklahomians, or if we do not have enough qualified people to fill those specific jobs, then I hope those Jayhawks come here to fill the jobs. We had a bunch of Boeing jobs scheduled to come here from California a while back and my biggest fear is that along with those jobs comes a bunch of commie Californian’s transfering here with those jobs. Oklahoma has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US, despite Obama things are actually going well here, we don’t need a change of demographics with an influx of anti-business, high-tax, and social welfare program growing leftist A-holes here. We don’t need jobs nearly that bad as to sell our souls to the anti-American left so STAY OUT! Conservatives from Kansas welcome.

  45. Richard_Iowa says:

    “Bob Lippert wrote

    what in the world does your comment have to do with the theme of the article—did you even read the article—”

    My reply was posted in response to a discussion by those who charged that those who had issues with Obama and his handling the economy were racists. Unfortunately, my reply was not posted along with these comments but as a stand alone comment. Thus, it does appear to come out of nowhere.

  46. ontie1 says:

    The realistic cost of doing biz as opposed to the fairy tale of a workers paradise. It would be really wise to have the unions and the NLRB just back off and stop pointing the gun at a golden goose of freemarket and capitalism and get back to taking sound business principal courses to wake the hell up.

  47. Rod Rangle says:

    but but but Obama’s Labor Department says private hiring is booming……

    What hasn’t Obama lied about?

  48. dave b says:

    Where is Oblama now??? I guess he is helping job creation by creating holes on the the golf courses of Hawaii. Boeing should close all their plants and move them out of this country given the way this muslim jihadist POTUS treated the company.

  49. Crawdadfish says:

    If you haven’t noticed Boeing is also shifting a lot of it’s business from the Union facilities to non-union. That’s what happens when you strangle the people you work for…………..

  50. MadCharles says:

    Had enough yet ?

  51. Annoying Troll says:

    Getting rid of union workers is the highest public service Boeing can perform for America. Lazy, entitlement-minded terrorists do not deserve jobs.

  52. Htos1 says:

    This is a weapon of social justice against middle-class,taxpaying citizens,NEXT!

  53. papijump online says:

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