By Peter V. Milo

REDMOND, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — Microsoft has been granted a patent for its “avoid ghetto” feature for GPS devices.

A GPS device is used to find shortcuts and avoid traffic, but Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.”

Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route.

The patent, written in a combination of tech-speak and legalese, was awarded to Microsoft earlier this week. It also described other uses for the new GPS technology.

One section of the patent mentioned that advertisers can use the technology to navigate a user through a newly set up ad campaign.

Microsoft declined to comment to CBS Seattle.

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  1. Frank Lee says:

    I’ll take two.

    1. Tonto says:

      I can hear the female computer voice now: “Unable to provide directions to D.C., Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. Please make a u-turn… NOW.”

      1. James Buchanan says:


      2. George Gi says:

        and Baltimore 🙂

      3. JWS says:

        Hahaha! That’s awesome!

      4. Stephen Bozich says:

        and New Orleans, Los Angeles, and all of Ohio.

      5. Gerry says:

        Hilarious! And the comments to your comment already added another group of cities to your list! I understand that Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore actually has to hire security guards to escort students and faculty to public transportation off-campus. This app can be very useful and may save the lives of some non-Homeys.

      6. ronmadden says:

        0ccupy camps, Oakland

      7. Kingfish says:

        Good one Tonto, you are right on, and they can have another one to steer the monkeys to the ghetto sections.

      8. maxine says:

        very good!!!

      9. Mary says:

        Have to admit I desperately wanted this feature when driving (via my GPS’s instructions) into Baltimore to get to Johns Hopkins this past Sept. We were joking that they must helicoptor the students in wearing blindfolds.

      10. Joe says:

        Mary, I concur. Per the GPS instructions, drove south on Hwy 1 past Johns Hopkins to the highway. Most of the businesses were boarded up along the route and plenty of peeps offering up little baggies as I drove by. It was a Saturday afternoon so fortunately there weren’t TOO many hangin’ on the corners. That was a long 30 minute drive with virtually no traffic.

      11. Juan Valdez says:

        And New Haven, CT; and Durham, NC; and Toledo, OH; Compton, CA.

      12. Logan Grant says:

        tonto thats funny as hell

      13. G says:

        …and USC.

      14. ex-infantry says:

        It’s funny how D.C., Chicago, Detroit, etc….the places with the strictest gun control laws…are the ones where you worry the most about being shot.

      15. reporter says:

        And U of Chicago just south of Chicago…the University has their own army of police to protect the white and asian students from the negroids in Hyde Park but there are still at least three or four robberies on campus every week.

      16. Dude says:

        I needs to be more realistic … It s hould saysomething like … _ IGGER ALERT !

      17. cam smith says:

        or Prince George’s County Maryland

      18. amenkhosmos says:

        i surmise by the first couple of comments I’ve read that people are drawing racial rather than socioeconomical conclusions about the people who live in the “ghetto.” the ghetto is home to a wide range of ethnicities, so keep that in mind when you judge. Also, the reference to monkeys going to the ghetto; one has to find a different representative of of hue-mans than monkeys. After all, monkeys have straight hair/fur, thin lips, & colored eyes. Now whom does that bring to mind.

      19. rawdog1 says:

        Why is you only see blacks in those areas then Einstein?

      20. Obungo says:

        Perhaps ape is a better description than monkey, our bad.


        You CAN’T AVOID the oncoming

      22. Earl K. says:

        Don’t forget Cleveland!!

      23. Chad says:

        *No mention of New York City*
        Son, I am disappoint.

      24. Dan says:

        The ignorance of this thread is shocking. Many of our cities have problems, but I wouldn’t trade living in Baltimore (near Johns Hopkins, by the way) for any of your bland, Walmart lives in a million years. I feel perfectly safe in my city, I’ve never had any problems or dangers and would recommend living here to anyone.

      25. Mark M. says:

        You live in Baltimore and you recommend living there? Did you move there from Detroit? Or did your crack head mom drop you on your head too many times back when your favorite hobby was eating lead paint chips?

      26. Adam says:

        Funny…could do without the racial commentary, though…

        To Dan in Baltimore…

        I also live in Baltimore, and all I can say is, if you feel perfectly safe, you aren’t paying attention.

      27. blackHat says:

        @Dan: What do you expect? The gaggle of seething Drudge trolls descended upon this article like fresh carrion. “Huh huh huh…we can make thinly-veiled jokes about black people. Huh huh huh.”

      28. rawdog1 says:

        F^%k you, Blaks deserve to be made fun of.
        “You people” don’t seem to get the fact that it’s your culture that is so disgusting to ALL other races. Even African blacks don’t respect “you people”. That’s truth to entitlement. It isn’t your color, it’s your culture.

      29. Wang says:

        ‘…The gaggle of seething Drudge trolls descended upon this article like fresh carrion. “Huh huh huh…we can make thinly-veiled jokes about black people. Huh huh huh.”…”

        There is nothing amusing about blacks. They are curse, scourge, and pestilence. Nothing is improved by the addition of blacks and everything is improved by their absence.

      30. Paul says:

        Mary, joe, and Gerry you are talking about Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Johns Hopkins University, is actually in a rather nice neighborhood, granted there are some neighborhoods somewhat close to JHU, that may be a bit sketchy. However all in all the area is fairly safe.

      31. wugrad says:

        East St. Louis will definitely be in there. In fact, large portions of St. Louis should also be included. Rock on.

    2. smart traveler says:

      I’d buy it for sure. I don’t want to get beaten, robbed, raped, or killed. I don’t even like driving through the ghetto with my windows up and car doors locked. It’s just too dangerous.

      1. Scott says:

        Never heard of someone getting raped while driving through a neighborhood. You must be special!

      2. gc says:

        scott you have obviously not done much urban driving. standard not to stop at red lights to close to the car in front so you can pull out and evade intruders. a locked vehicle is no protection from criminals.

      3. Sharon says:

        I doubt that anyone would want you

    3. supersniffy says:

      Hey Johnny, ever notice how the only ones playing the race card are Black? Now who’s the racist?

      1. Kaba says:

        You mean like the folks posting here? Really?

    4. jdaniel says:

      …even while it rolls down the street

    5. Roger Kling says:

      Dats wacist!

    6. Ken says:

      wait a sec — why on earth is this patentable?

      1. Alex Bowers says:

        because it is microsofts ‘algorithm’ that is patented, not so much the technology, since the technology used (gps and crime data etc) already exists.

    7. Wang says:

      And she set the record for number of jumping jacks. Or something similar.

  2. Sergey B says:

    What if one wants “only” ghettos?

    1. concerned says:

      that is “find crack” app

      1. Bill E Bob says:

        That’s funny

      2. Mike says:


    2. the Dude says:

      Like Chris Rock says – look for Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in any city.

      1. Howie Phelterbusch says:

        not true. the Martin Luther King JR blvd in Deland Florida is rural with few people living on it. no black ghetto near it.

      2. george says:

        Not necessarily. In many communities, the street renamed after MLK Jr. was the street that was accessed by the most freeway offramps. Hence, more large green signs spelling out the name. The whole idea was to rub the name in everyone’s faces to the fullest extent possible. Something similar was done in San Francisco when Army Street was renamed Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Army Street, you see, was accessed by TWO different freeways, including the one that carries people between downtown S.F. and the airport.

      3. watchoutyall says:

        For your safety, it is generally a good idea to avoid any street named “MLK.”

      4. Jennifer Granholm says:

        Hey, this is how I find the “Popeye Chicken” locations.

      5. JandJ says:

        I lived in Vegas once, and even though it was faster into the city on “MLK” most people from the northern suburbs drove around that area into the city unless it was day time and urgent with your windows up and doors locked hoping for no red lights

    3. Htos1 says:

      Have you even used a keyboard?Invert selection.Make sure you visit legalzoom first!

    4. Doreen Gaydoon says:

      LMAO! That is the “Find Crack” app which the user can toggle to

    5. Luis says:

      Then get the app “crack finder” or “ho finder”

  3. christine keyes says:

    GREAT IDEA! and being safe is NEVER bad.

  4. Ryan says:

    I thought of this about 2 years ago damnit.

    1. jdaniel says:

      I sort of did too. My Idea was for the GPS to avoid any streets named “MLK”, or “Martin Luther King” Blvd. And honestly… I really loved the man. But racist or not, there is no denying the linkage.

      1. Slight says:

        Being an Atlanta resident myself, I feel your pain. I avoid most streets with any name in them. Just seems to work out that way.

      2. Ricardo Reyes says:

        don’t forget Malcolm X. And as Dave Chappelle said, if you find yourself on the corner of MLK and Malcolm X, you should run for you life!

      3. Jerry BB. says:

        @ Ricardo Reyes

        “as Dave Chappelle said, if you find yourself on the corner of MLK and Malcolm X, you should run for you life!”

        That being said, that Chappelle line is funny as hell !!!
        Funny and sad at the same time…

  5. Predator says:

    Microsoft and other GPS services may have a potential class action lawsuit on their hands if they only targeted white ghettos? What’s in your criteria?

    1. WCM says:

      “the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route”

      Seems completely agnostic to race as specific criteria, depending on what they mean by “crime statistics” and what is contained in the data they use there. Although it may avoid “white” ghettos if it snowed since it includes weather data.

      1. Mike says:

        It may be technically indifferent to race, but realistically nearly all of the high crime areas will be black or Hispanic. More significantly, most majority black or Hispanic neighborhoods are high crime areas. Very rare are the white neighborhoods where a person is at risk of being attacked by a stranger who isn’t a police officer.

      2. George Johnson says:

        Doesn’t matter. I always had a good, but sad laugh, when black folks called their computer “racist” for what ever reason.

        And yep, the companies finally gave in and made them “non-racist”.

    2. TheRealKingMax says:

      They use the same targeting criteria as is programmedby the military in their Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles.

      1. GozieBoy says:

        Good. I don’t want to accidentally run into any Al Qaida ghettos!

      2. disiullusioned says:

        What that means is two things then, TheRealKingMax:

        1) Microsoft again stole another idea from yet another innovation and patented for themselves for profits.

        2) When they turn the military against the amerikans, it will target only the taxpayers. All that will be left are the voters for the demonrats (liberals).

    3. eladsinned` says:

      “white ghettos”? You’re adorable!

      1. wallythedog says:

        They are called Trailer Parks.

      2. rawdog1 says:

        Funny though how the trailer parks are filled with trailers that are owned by the inhabitants and thus much cleaner and generally a better place to be than say, MLKblvd.

  6. nugy says:

    wow where is jesse and al on this?they could get some 15 mins on this.and does it have a feature to avoid the white house too.

    1. doyle says:

      It does say “avoid high crime areas”.

    2. hawkdriver1961 says:

      Are you kidding? They would be the first to get this feature! Jessie, I am sure, is tired of his Escalade being stripped down…

  7. Johan says:

    I can hear the female computer voice now: “Unable to provide directions to D.C., Chicago, Detroit, or Philadelphia. Please make a u-turn… NOW.”

    1. Tervon Thomas says:


    2. John Fuller says:

      I’ve never seen a “white ghetto”.

      1. Justin N says:

        They’re called suburbs.

  8. CK says:

    I thought of something similar many years, though not related to GPS. This is a software innovation and should not be patentable. Ridiculous.

    1. Ken says:

      I know right? I’m sitting here thinking about how this would be done, and it’s be basically the same as “coloring” an area for a park, or a toll road, or whatever typical property we use to classify a road, and whatever data structure you are using just has a flag that says “is_ghetto = 1”.

      The only part that is innovative is the part where you name the variable “is_ghetto”! So are proper nouns patentable? Give me a break! US patent office is a joke. I’ll call my feature “avoid economically challenged area”. Jerks.

    2. DDD says:

      rofl yup because when I’m out and about that’s exactly who I’m scared off.

  9. Kev says:

    Only if we can can have one that warns: “Avoid Wall Street Bankers.” would be better.

    1. doyle says:

      Posted from an IPhone/IPad while the poster was sipping a Starbucks, wearing Doc Martins, Levis, an LL Bean coat, and a Hollister shirt.

      Can you say hypocrite? Sure, I knew you could.

      1. Bob G. says:

        Nice Doyle. Now let’s mug that dude..

    2. Fu Manchu says:

      Hahahaha…. Because, you see, Kevin is sensitive, you see, and he wanted to find a way to say that white people are bad, you see, so he, like, talked about an “avoid bankers” feature, see?

      Wasn’t that ADORABLE! I just want to give him a big hug! So sweet!

      1. TheRealKingMax says:


        Kev would be far happier if someone would visit his tent, leave a big steaming pile on his chest, and rub it in with rubber gloves.

        That’s just the type of guy he is!

      2. Chris says:

        Wow! Burn!!!

    3. KevSux says:

      Avoid nice ,clean, safe, asthetically pleasing areas? Does that make any sense?

      1. Chris says:

        Of course it does. Wandering into a nice neighborhood and seeing that people have stuff you don’t have might spark another OWS rally.

    4. Rich says:

      1 – Kevin saw Obama take a trillion dollars (or ten million $100k jobs) and make it dissapear in the largest money crime in human history.
      2 – Kevin received his download from party headquarters
      3 – Kevin moved to an OWS camp
      4 – Kevin pulled his head from his butt so he could poop on a police car.

    5. confused by doofus says:

      Why would you want to avoid them? I seriously doubt they will attack you. Don’t you have a bank account or a 401k?

  10. Kendra Sigurdson says:

    This is not what patent laws were written for when the laws were written. This is wrong. It has nothing to do with the subject. Its not a patentable technology

    1. doyle says:

      Sorry, but it is intellectual property and therefore patentable.

    2. Il Bui says:

      Kendra you ARE correct. However, obvious algorithms are patented all the time. Ever hear of the one click purchase patent?

      1. John Moser says:

        One click was partially rejected and should have been entirely thrown out. The statement link above made no mention of algorithms. It read to me like a patent of a concept.

    3. Cake says:

      You’re absolutely right! We should be able to patent anything, no matter how stupid!
      Excuse me while I go patent breathing. I might as well file one for walking a straight line too.

      IP laws themselves are terrible. They’re supposed to protect ideas, but they’re built in a way to earn revenue from large corporations. They serve no use to the small business owners that actually need it. For every one success story, there’s a hundred horror stories of epic proportions.

    4. John Moser says:

      It’s obvious that you are an idiot. You can’t patent(well you can but only because morons like yourself work there) a simple concept. They can patent their code or hardware but not an idea. If they can do that, I can patent the fusion reactor tomorrow. I can’t build one but so what?

    5. Mark M. says:

      This comment appears to be a locus of ignorance given all the wrongheaded comments that it attracts. The code is copyrighted by the fact that it is a fixed expression of an idea. Only inventions or processes are Patentable. Patents are for Novel (aka New), Non-obvious and useful inventions. But while it is probably novel, and certainly useful, I don’t see how it’s non-obvious. People have been talking about marking bad areas on travel maps for decades. But it always seems like lawsuits and/or a desire to not antagonize certain ethnic groups have always suppressed this obviously useful information.

    6. Ken says:

      You don’t understand GozieBoy: The exact same map-characterization feature has already been done — “avoid toll roads”. This is obviously not patentable using any honest interpretation of patent law.

      And going even beyond that, Google has already patented the pathfinding concept whereby you associate cost to a route using variables — this is just another way of associating cost, presumably the cost of “loss of safety.” Anyway I think all software patents are BS.

  11. E. Bonix says:

    I understand the new feature is to be advertiser supported by Delta Airlines:

    1. Hussein says:


      LOL funny!

    2. too funny says:

      American Airlines should do one. They can market it to their Black Atlas customers –

    3. A. Olsen says:

      The future of Obama’s America.

      Keep voting democrats

      1. suzie k says:

        Yes, since our president is black he wants everyone to speak ebonics. Stay classy Republicans.

      2. Ken says:

        sure because democrats and republicans are parties that actually represent their constituents and not corporate lobbies. Stay stupid voters?

      3. Rm says:

        Susie k,
        Since when did Obama become black?
        He is really a half breed!

  12. Thinknot Lestyebejudged says:

    I think avoiding an area based only on crime statistics is just as racist as voting for someone based only on the color of their skin. Wait…that doesn’t make any sense. (Must reference my university education here, Lord knows individual, critical thinking is a form of intolerance).

    1. doyle says:

      Thinknot, this is the Thought Police. We have your head surrounded. Come out with your Liberal Indoctrination Center papers (read: university degree) up.

      You are being charged with Thoughts of an Individual Nature.
      That’s a very serious crime in the U.S.S.A. under Dear Leader Maobama.

      You have the right to remain indoctrinated, if you give up this right anything you think can and will be used against you in a court of Thought Law. You have the right to a Liberal Attorney. If you can afford an attorney on your own, your property will be seized and redistributed for the common good. Since you can afford an attorney on your own, you are hereby found automatically guilty of being a 1%er and shall be forthwith sentenced to a lifetime of servitude to the State (may she ever be praised). If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you, pad for by the 1%er already serving hard time. Do you understand these rights as I have thought them at you?

      1. Zack says:

        Thanks for wasting my time with trying to be funny.

      2. george says:

        Thanks for making me chuckle. Hardly a waste of time.

  13. Richard Pryor says:

    It would be a source of neighborhood pride to be living in one of these zones. “We bad.. we bad”

  14. bogroll says:

    I doubt it. My guess is there will be quite a few trailer parks that are considered ghetto too.

    1. Sammie says:

      Nah, trailer parks pretty much drink beer and cook meth, and inbreed. They dont have the gang of trailer park crips that shoot people, and its not unsafe to drive past one.

      1. rawdog1 says:

        Funny!…F^%ked up but funny.

  15. dennis says:

    exactly what i was thinking

  16. eshowoman says:

    Will this app allow me to avoid the neighborhoods filled with ignorant white confederate flag waving, cross burning, racist, inbred, meth labs also?

    1. Chalkie White says:

      You’d have to buy the Black Version, which wouldn’t warn you about Oaklin, South Central, Miami, etc.

    2. Uncle Jesse says:

      Yeah, those would be the areas with the low crime statistics

    3. Willie Doit says:

      Don’t axe me

    4. Tyrone Cotrell White says:

      Now I be bying me some meth you moran! Dont EVER tell a brutha not to go where da dope is!

    5. TheRealKingMax says:

      Why? don’t you love yo momma no mo?

    6. Clark Griswald says:

      What do i look like … Christopher Columbo?

    7. ronb says:

      Why? You get lost on the way home?

    8. Noamsayn? says:

      Only if you’re a nappy-headed ho.

    9. One Nation, under God says:

      Wow. I decided to read these comments hoping for a good laugh, instead, I get nothing but the same anonymous rhetoric that continues to prevent this country from evolving. All collections of people all over the world have those who for whatever reason, feel like society has left them behind. Whether that is true or not, instinctually, you will do what “you feel” is necessary for your survival. I am a Black man born and raised in Washington, DC, and yes there are neighborhoods I would not dare enter. I now live in Texas and there are some roads in Henderson County that many of you wouldn’t dare turn down once the pavement ends so save it. The difference between poor Blacks and Poor whites comes down to location. You’ll never see a ghetto in the country and you’ll never see trailer parks in the city. Black people aren’t even enough of the US population to be as bad as you would like for us to be. My Grandfather is buried in Arlington National Cemetary, my father is an educator with 35+ years experience, and I too am an educator who has worked hard to raise MY family to the best of MY ABILITY…… the best of your ability unfortunately, isn’t the same for everyone.

      If you’re going to hate, hate the person for their actions and not for their Race or Nationality….. Because just like the Race card, the Hate card is just as old nd OVERPLAYED. EVOLVE.

      1. Bill Hudson says:

        Right On,
        Brother from a different Mother!

      2. Roger Sterling says:

        You said ‘Black people aren’t even enough of the US population to be as bad as you would like for us to be’. Really? Then how come Blacks do much more crime and violence than other races? It seems like everywhere you look, Blacks are chimping out.

        Evolve? Tell your own people to evolve, will ya?

      3. Pam says:

        Just and FYI, more serial killers are white. White people committed the greatest crimes in history, the Jewish people and blacks, crimes committed against these people by whites

      4. Mark M. says:

        What crime was that? Figuring out how to keep the world from starving? The invention of pesticides? Figuring out to turn the black goo bubbling up from the ground into something that produced plastics, heat and locomotion? How to escape subsistence level farming? You’re obviously a racist idiot.

      5. Renato da Silva says:

        When your entire culture is based on being thugs, don’t be surprised when decent society leaves you behind. You did this to yourself.

      6. davec says:

        …another “its all about me” post..

        sign… I wasted 5 seconds scanning thru it.

      7. Wang says:

        Facts hurt, don’t they? 52% of murders, 67% of armed robberies, 89% of interracial crimes, 45% of aggravated rapes. What the hell is wrong with you people? And you have the temerity to suggest other people ‘evolve’?

      8. ljandrews78 says:

        this entire thread is sad

    10. Al says:

      Unfortunately, I see the day coming when you won’t be able to freely express any racist opinions. Speak freely while you still can. . . . Oh, wait — you’re more or less speaking anonymously on the Internet, aren’t you?

    11. bthorn50 says:

      If they have high crime statistics, then the application will re-route you.

    12. Guest says:

      Dr. Thomas Sowell, in his book “White Liberals and Black Rednecks”, details how the black folks we laugh about were created by the white rednecks prior to 1861. These redneck whites were called rednecks and crackers hundreds of years ago when they were still in Europe and Ireland. They were dumb, preoccupied with sex, mean, evil, and lazy. They instilled these influences into the slaves they ruled…thereby creating black rednecks.
      The black man from the north who had never lived under these influences was educated, hard-working, and prosperous. After the civil war many of the blacks from the south, wanting what the blacks of the north had, moved to the north – bringing their redneck ways with them. Soon all blacks had a bad name.

      1. Wang says:

        It may give Sowell comfort to imagine whites entirely responsible for black pathology, but the truth is blacks are consistent in their pattern of criminality and fecklessness. Name a destination of the Black African Diaspora and you’ll find black problems. Trinidad y Tabago. Brazil. Colombia. Not many ‘rednecks’ there I assume. Perhaps the blacks were damaged by contact with the Portuguese or Spanish version of ‘crackers’, Los Cuellos Rojos.

        Meanwhile the ‘rednecks and crackers’ of ‘Europe and Ireland’, despite their benighted state, built the modern world. My God, that must hurt. To be black and to matter for so little. Not unlike the Muslims, and we know what that led to.

        Excuse me while go download (paid for) some Tegan and Sara songs to make myself feel better. Black people! Christ!

        BTW, ‘preoccupied with sex, mean, evil, and lazy’, are you saying that’s bad? Oh, but I am in trouble.

  17. Rainbow Coalition says:

    Perhaps to become REALLY politically incorrect, the app could color the areas according to who lives there:

    East LA = BROWN
    South Central, Detroit, Philly, NYC, Newark = BLACK
    Chinatown, Koreatown, N Hollywood = YELLOW

    1. Ken says:

      detroit = no_fill ?

  18. Mitt Ramknee says:

    Guess that I won’t be droppin’ the kids off at Harlem anymore.

  19. Lubs dem Whites says:

    I am waiting for the 2.0 version which warns of a “Flash Mob” and comes with a Tazer installed.

    1. doyle says:

      Version 2.0’s Taser was disabled. It was found to be cruel and unusual punishment. However, it does play Justin Bieber’s greatest hits, known to be able to render people mentally incapable.

  20. Randall says:

    So useful because crime never happens to people outside of undesirable ethnic areas. Port to Windows phones so folks can have it outside of their cars too please. I want EVERYONE to stay ultra, uber, mega, super safe. I’ll patent the “areas that think you’re out to get them, so they’ll be staring at you all the time” and be even richer, because after race, class and appearance casts a wider net.

    1. Annoying Troll says:

      A racist like you certainly would like to avoid the meth lab trailer parks inhabited by white trash, wouldn’t you? Well, after you steal one of these GPS devices… you can.

      You’re welcome.

      1. Zack says:

        That you would name yourself “annoying troll” does not make you any funnier or seem any wittier or more intelligent than you think you are.

      2. fjfhg says:

        zack stop blowing hobos you’re getting stretch marks on your uber lips

      3. patriotgirl1 says:


      4. Renato da Silva says:

        Can we program it to avoid child rapists like Zach?

    2. TheTruthRuth says:

      Hmmmm, was Madhoff in an undesirable ethnic area when he committed his crimes?

      1. Phil Mckracken says:

        Madoff was in a money-grubbing jewish area, fo sho

      2. RM says:

        At least he wasn’t in the White House

    3. Phil Mckracken says:

      Go guns!

    4. Ken says:

      you guys missed the actually interesting part of his comment altogether — gee let’s patent the classification of any area with any arbitrary property, because that’s just so innovative!

    5. Brian says:

      And traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in young white males. Should GPS tell you to avoid places full of white people?

  21. TheRealKingMax says:


  22. jimmythegoose says:

    I think some of the rental car companies already have this, and have for some time. I was in chicago about 4 years ago, on the far south side, and wanted to get to the near south side. the car’s GPS refused to route me through Englewood, probably the worst neighborhood in chicago, but rather routed me way east, to catch the highway, which would have been many, many miles out of the way. I ignored GPS and took Halsted straight north. as a veteran of chicago, i had no problem, but it was pretty rough.

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      I could understand why the GPS did that…

      Because when you’re carjacked, it really Hertz!

    2. Jesse Jacks on says:

      What do you mean, “worst neighborhood”? Most black? So racist.

      1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        Jesse, you be shuttin’ yo face hole now, or Reverend Al gonna pick up his bullhorn and be yellin’ in yo ear so loud it be meltin’ down yo erwax, it will.

      2. Zack says:

        No, it’s not.

        (Unless of course you’re being satirical/sarcastic and actually agree with what he’s saying).

        Sorry, but when I think of Atlanta/Chicago and “worst neighborhood”, I don’t exactly think of mostly white, gated communities. I’m sorry, but that’s life.

    3. ojthemurder says:

      Jimmy the Goose is a term of endearment for 1 of the greatets foos goalies of all times. If your not Tom Hyatts x partner, CHANGE YOUR NAME.

  23. Bill says:

    Who do you think would be buying this app?

    1. Edward says:

      Police departments and pizza delivery companies who are concerned about the safety of their employees.

    2. Ratt says:

      Rich White Kids looking for crack.

    3. oklahomabound says:

      Rich white kids who are looking for crack, but who get ripped off with sugar cubes instead. Anyone who wants to drive through an unfamiliar city and doesn’t want to be robbed, assaulted, car jacked or killed….you know, people who live in the real world rather than the multicultural utopia some people think exist.

      1. rawdog1 says:

        Avoid Richmond Virginia near the VA hospital… It’s a cesspool of black

    4. rawdog1 says:

      “Paulettes” They want to know where the most drugs are…

  24. Gangsta_Stylo says:

    Statistical facts don’t discriminate. There’s no way MS would put the racial demographics for the area.

    1. rawdog1 says:

      They should…

  25. TheRealKingMax says:

    Well, then YOU could never find your way home!

  26. Bud359 says:

    This app will be totally useless to half the residents in DC trying to get home

  27. dall1 says:

    why is “avoid ghetto” in quotes?

    1. Fu Manchu says:

      Because the feature actually is patented as an ability to avoid “unsafe neighborhoods”. But everyone knows that is code for “ghetto”. So “ghetto” is quoted because it was not actually used by Microsoft, but everyone knows that’s what they actually mean.

      1. Ken says:

        how is it different than “avoid toll roads” hmm?

  28. Barbarians inside gates says:

    Whole swaths of America are no go zones for whites. And when the sun goes down another the no go zone grows by another 50%. This is a dammed civil rights issue. Where are our congressman on this? If black were routinely raped or assaulted in certain white areas, our good friends in the Jewish atheist media would be all over it.

    1. Moishe says:

      Oh right. And you had really better avoid those lawless, out of control, violent Jewish neighborhoods!

    2. LoveTHISapp says:

      CIvil rights — ha!!! If anything it is using annonymous data to process a result and give accurate directions. It isn’t the data’s fault that a ghettos are primarily in Black and Hispanic areas. It isn’t that data’s fault that Black and HIspanic areas are lawless and they are raised without fathers. It isn’t that data’s fault that Black areas are full of drug dealers and prostitutes. Whomever came up with this app should be knighted for a service to society and travelers. it is my civil right to not be accidentally guided to bad areas of town because it hurts your feelings that these people allow themselves to live in dumps

  29. 34536464 says:

    Years ago there were incidents in which european tourists drove their rental cars from the Miami airport and made wrong turns into bad parts of town where they were robbed at gunpoint and, in some instances, shot to death.

    Their lives might have been saved if they had been given GPS with the ghetto-avoidance feature…

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Yup, you’re right.

      They even went one better: late at night, they would take large rocks and pieces of metal and throw them out on I-95 in front of cars.

      The cars would blow tires or be damaged, pull over, and were then held up. Cops finally caught them.

    2. Bamboozled & hoodwinked says:

      They also need to put up signs like they do here on the Outer Banks”don’t feed, ride, pet, mutilate or kill the horses”. But is should read” don’t feed, look in the eye, give the time of day, give a light, give a ride to the hoodrats.” In truth they are far more dangerous than any species man or animal, in America. 10,000 murders annually. Appalling and no one in the press tackles the issue at all.

      1. BigDaveATL says:

        And let’s not forget 36,000+ rapes annually. Look it up (


        Shall we go on? Beat any old people up lately for their $3 watch, Hmmmm?

      2. Hugged your Al Sharpton 2day? says:

        How do you know the ghetto even exists, it could be made to control you with you with fear? Or maybe you have seen the ghetto with your own eyes, and how did you ever make it out of such a condemned and dangerous place?

    3. Gerry says:

      Exactly! No use going where your life is in danger.

    4. great_idea says:

      Stickers on the rental cars, or the license plates themselves, gave away the rental status of the vehicles foreign tourists drove. Black thugs followed them out of the airport and eventually maneuvered to “tap” the rental cars’ rear bumpers. When the law abiding tourists got out to exchange insurance information, they were robbed and, as you say, sometimes murdered.

  30. richard says:

    We don’t have to use race or crime statistics at all…. Just plot out the political leanings of each neighborhood…. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the safer place….

  31. Truth says:

    …part of me thinks you are trying to use sarcasm, yet all you did is speak the truth.

  32. bettyBoop says:

    APPROACHING DETROIT……Recalculating, Recalculating……………….APPROACHING WASHINGTON D.C……Recalculating, Recalculating….

  33. Billy says:

    Give it a few more years and the “avoid ghetto” app. will be impossible use because everywhere you go will be a “ghetto”.

  34. Amy says:

    Yes, because you can’t tell a dangerous area simply by the garbage in the street, the abandoned buildings, and the prostitutes on the corner. You need an app for that.

    By the way, Micro$oft initially filed the patent in 2007. This is not news.

    1. Ken says:

      no no, “avoid street refuse”, “avoid abandoned areas”, and “avoid prostitutes” are totally separate patents

  35. Charlie says:

    You are now leaving the American Sector.

  36. 5% Neanderthal says:

    How about a drunk driver death map or a child molester map for people that want to avoid white devils? Or a “missing person” map for all those white people buried or wood-chipped to bits in backyards, basements, and cornfields across the honky hinterland. Just a thought.

    1. Zack says:

      Since all drunk drivers and child molesters are white?

      You’re a lifeless troll just seeking attention in the most immature possible way.

      1. 5% Neanderthal says:

        Since all drunk drivers and child molesters are white?

        No, all whites are child molesters and drunks, just haven’t been caught in the act.

      2. Ken says:

        OMG you are clueless. You are so easily race baited, like half the people here. The point is that “avoid anything” on a map has first, already been done (toll roads) and second, completely silly! Where does it end?

    2. Reality man says:

      Wouldn’t work; those are rare events. Each one is major news story because it so rarely happens; black and mexican crime on the other hand are as common as the sun rising and falling. Every day many people are shot, murdered, robbed, raped, assaulted, etc. in black and mexican neighborhoods. Now go back to your affirmative action accepted, federally funded community college, and cry to yourself about the pitful, unevolved state of your race.

      1. 5% Neanderthal says:

        The BBC writes that Europeans are 5% neanderthal in genetic composition, which in fact makes whites less evolved than Africans, who have no trace of sub-human genes- look it up, monkey-bo!.

        As for “rare events,” 45,000 people are killed by stupid white people and their cars, EACH YEAR. Furthermore, the deaths of millions of Iraqis, Vietnamese, Afganis, and others would argue that your pink-hued race is like a disease that needs to be “cured.”

        And your home-schooling fat ass crooked-tooth mama didn’t home school ya like I just did, boy!

    3. Mighty Whitey says:

      Howabout we hang you from a tree?

      1. 5% Neanderthal says:

        I’ll nail you and ten devils like you to a cross, first.

      2. harris says:

        How about I forget I’m a patriot and lead the ghetto’s hordes to the White areas?. Strategically… cut the racist ignorant bs you NWO shill.

    4. Gerry says:

      Replace the words “White” and “Honky” with undereducated Blacks and Hispanics and your argument will ring more true. By the way, I think you are “100% Neanderthal”.

      1. 5% Neanderthal says:

        1)You are a moron.

        2)Look at your middle finger for a second…

        3) go back to #1

    5. Phil Mckracken says:

      lol, ask Robin Quivers if all child molesters are white. Then ask her own father…

      1. Renato da Silva says:

        The neanderthal is a child rapist no matter what color his mommy happens to be… unfortunately he doesn’t know who his daddy is, could have been any of a couple hundred drug addicts that were in the vicinity at the time of his conception.

  37. Jon says:

    Good idea, terrible patent.

    1. Ken says:

      post of the day

  38. teaisstronger says:

    Gates did this to prevent any GPS company from implementing the feature.

    Gates cannot keep this patent because its obvious. I wrote emails to Magellan over 4 yrears ago requesting that they put this feature in one of their software releases and I am sure they still have a copy of the email. I also asked Magellan to include a feature that would identify the location of churches and they did include that feature. Gates is a fraud and his patent is worthless.

    I have a copy of the email I sent off to Magellan.

    1. Il Bui says:

      Sure he can. Judges uphold unlawful patents in the all the time.

    2. lee walton says:

      Um…why are you mentioning Gates in conjunction with this patent? Gates doesn’t run Microsoft, hasn’t for some time now.

      1. n0mad says:

        Chairman of the Board – he’s not in an Executive capacity, but nothing happens at Microsoft without Bill’s knowledge

    3. Mary says:

      I have the email I sent to God suggesting a planet capable of hosting life.

    4. Joey Dawson says:

      Too bad, buddy. The new patent law no longer allows inventors to claim first right of patent, based on date. The new law is “first to file”, not “first to discover”.

    5. RW Reagan says:

      Easy now. Let’s see if we can find out where you hid your meds.

    6. DiegoAT says:

      A Patent does not mean that you came up with an original idea. My company has developed and sold many new products only to have someone else apply for a patent. In some cases the patent is issued by the patent office.

      We have no problem with this practice. The patent does not stop us from selling products and making money since we have prior history of doing so.

      In almost every case, a patent only makes money for the patent attorney that files it. Or the attorney that sues for a royalty.

      Also remember that if you file for a patent, you have to explain your idea in detail (including technical drawings). By doing this, you may give someone else an idea to develop a similar product.

      By the way, the idea for the ghetto/high crime avoidance feature has been around for at least 20 years. You may remember a rash of European tourists were being robbed and or killed in Florida in rental cars.

      1. davec says:

        “A Patent does not mean that you came up with an original idea.”

        Yorue under the delusion that “ideas” are patentable, they are not. Only inventions are, and ideas are not inventions.

        I hope you are not in company management with that level of lack of education

    7. Joey Dawson says:

      Sorry, pal. Your e-mails are meaningless. The new patent law allows claims based on when the patent was filed, not by the inventor’s notebooks or any other such evidence any longer. So, if they filed it before anyone else, they could still win the patent, assuming it’s approved. That is the way the new law reads.

  39. Insensitive says:

    I think it’s amusing that some people automatically associate the term ‘Ghetto’.

    “The term was originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live.”

    “The term became more widely used for ghettos in occupied Europe in 1939-1944, when the Germans reused historic ghettos to confine Jews prior to their transportation to concentration and death camps during the holocaust.”

    Learn something:

    1. Cranios says:

      That’s what it meant in Europe, not in America.

  40. The Clintidote says:

    Add “Avoid democRats” and I’ll buy two.

      1. Ken says:

        or republiCans (like trash cans, get it? eh eh??). Yall R/D party fanatics are just being led around by bought and paid for politicians, you know that right?

  41. Thrasybulos says:

    The loudest protesters of this will be the first to quietly own it.

  42. bumphus says:

    People have a right to be informed when safety is involved. In my city there are many safe predominately blacki neighborhoods, one is even wealthy, and black people live in every part of the city, but you don’t want to visit certain areas if you can avoid it. not being racist, just being safe…

    1. ScissorMeTimbers says:

      I bet you felt so “enlightened”, “nuanced”, and “progressive” after you left that comment.


      1. jdaniel says:

        LOL. Let’s face it: It’s people like Bumphus who will REFUSE to turn on the “Avoid Ghetto” setting PRECISELY because they see themselves as “enlightened”, “nuanced”, and “progressive”.

        The REST of us just picture these types as “victims”.

  43. Starvin artist says:

    As the snow flies
    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
    A lost white boy drives his car
    stay out the ghetto

    And his mama cries
    Cause if there’s one thing that she don’t need
    Is for her young man to try to buy his weed
    stay out the ghetto

    People, don’t you understand
    The white boy needs a helping hand
    Or he’ll get lost and never be seen again
    Take a look at you and me,
    Are we too blind to see,
    Do we simply turn our heads

    And look the other way
    Microsoft comes up with a plan
    They have an ap for those
    Buyin from the street as the cold wind blows
    Stay out the ghetto

    But his desire to burn burns
    So he starts to drive the streets at night
    But his phone’s ap says don’t turn right
    And you will be alright
    Stay out the ghetto

    Then one night in desperation
    The white man breaks away
    He leaves his phone, drives car,
    Tries to buy, but he don’t get far
    And his mama cries
    As a crowd gathers ’round a white young man
    Face down on the street with no phone in his hand
    Stay out the ghetto

    As her young man dies,
    On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,
    Another white boy is driving lost, trying to
    Stay out the ghetto
    And his mama cries

    1. Consultofactus says:

      Elvis would be proud!

    2. rawdog1 says:

      Sh&%t! Now we know why your starvin…lol!

  44. Dexter says:

    I hear you fools putting down black folk. We got a movie out called Red Tail about how we won the world war with our proud tuskegge airmans(GO see it).Look it up we built the pyramids and first aqeuducts in Africa too. We dominate sports and music & have to work twice as hard to get the same pay.But we up to it, dont worry about that.

    1. Greg says:

      Then why is the world do you live in the ghetto?!

    2. Howie Phelterbusch says:

      the reason black people ever made anything is because someone else (the egyptians and whites) MADE you do it.

    3. Rich says:

      I DID see it! It was a true story & it was a good one. I also saw interviews of the REAL dudes that flew those missions and I was genuinely impressed.
      The (white) bomber crews aggressively campaigned for the Red Tails to do thier escort. It should inspire the black community to bust thier tails to be like them.
      Sadly, the character of those guys is not present in today’s ghettos.
      I judge, not on the color of thier skin but the content of thier character.
      And MLK is cool with that.

    4. Al Sharpton says:

      It can also be used to beat your punk kids so your hood doesn’t turn into a ghetto in the first place.

    5. Hawkdriver1961 says:

      Dexter you forgot to tell everyone how you black folk had wings and flew around the pyramids and that black scientists created white people and we got lose like Frankenstine (yes I know of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam beliefs too)….as far as the Tuskegge airman are concerned, they were Americans who fought Bravely and with Valor in WWII…Not African Americans….Americans! And in reply to the work twice as hard for same pay…tell that to Herman Cain who was excoriated for his success, BY BLACK FOLK….

      1. Thrastbulos says:

        well said.

    6. Adam says:

      Lol Dexter, you had an awesome parody comment on a Detroit (I think) thread a few months back, I recognize the style. I remember “lecturing in Afro-studies” & “we built the pyramids and what-not”, ha ha…

    7. jon says:

      Balck folk are their own worst enemy we don’t need to put them down

    8. Patrick says:

      Only seen the previews, looks like a good movie, aside from the spaterings of modern slang. History does show the red tails were credited with shooting down three me 262 fighters. But I must question the inference that the black aviators and troops single-handedly won world war two. Also, the builders of the pyramids were not black, but of a mediterainian ethnicity, like the arabs, greeks, and italians. The first aqueducts were built by sub-saharan africans after being influenced by the egyptians and jewish kingdoms. They did not build the first on the continent. It was in the Nubian kingdom where these were built.

    9. Josh Charleston says:

      It’s Tuskegee Airmen. The word “men” is the plural of man. I am black and I know that. You have got to be kidding us about the pay thing. There are plenty of black people I know that make six figure incomes, and don’t have to work twice as hard. It’s all about education. It’s not about black or white– the people who didn’t pay attention in school, the people who disrupted the class, the people who talked the whole entire time and made it harder for others to learn are the ones that suffer in the long run. Trust me I know, I went to a high school that was 70% black, and there was always some guy or girl in the classroom causing trouble for others. If you wanna make something out of yourself, learn about your culture in something more than movies and media, and get an education, then you wont have to work as hard. Seriously, you make us black people look bad.

      1. rawdog1 says:


        Well said

    10. Dan says:

      Black folks wear belts too, but for a different reason. For them, its merely a leather fence around a chicken graveyard.

    11. Hollywood Hick says:

      LOL. I saw the trailer for that movie and laughed out loud in the theater. It’s called revisionist history. The Tuskegee Airmen did a great job. They did NOT, however “win the war”.

    12. esuoh1 says:

      If you all did this cool stuff, what happened? Watch the morning news in any city and see what you all are up to now. BTW, You didn’t “win the war.”

    13. rawdog1 says:

      Get back on your meds, Dexter…

  45. Hawkdriver1961 says:

    That will be a bigger seller than Windows ever was….

  46. bishop says:

    The White House is in the ghetto.

  47. Trina says:

    Where’s the app to help me avoid neighborhoods where the cops can’t fathom the fact that someone who looks like me has a really goof – legitimate – job that allows me to afford the car I’m driving?

    When they come up with that, I’ll take a dozen…

    1. Oh no you di' int says:

      You’re whining about the wrong stereotype sweetie. It’s the black men that get pulled over for that one. Maybe you meant an app that avoids areas where you have to speak in non-ebonics to be viewed as intelligent.

    2. rawdog1 says:

      prolly when dey come up wit de one dat tells dem you wha’ int affirmative action and are a entitlement minded hiree…

  48. yankeefan says:

    Oh wow, racial profiling goes high tech. where can I buy one of these ghetto dodger?

    1. yankees suck says:

      Not racial profiling dim wit. Crime profiling.

      1. Al Sharpton says:

        Same thing…

      2. Kaba says:

        Not according to the comments here.

    2. rawdog1 says:

      Racial profiling is a GOOD thing…Need more of it not less.

  49. RICH says:


  50. Lee Wallton says:

    What makes you think that only WHITES live in non-ghetto areas?

  51. phil says:

    it don’t matter … all of you psychos will be voting for the ‘Bamster, anyway …

  52. RW Reagan says:

    I think MS uses a simple algorithm I discovered a few years back. This will work anywhere in the continental US. Just count the number of pawn shops, fried chicken restaurants, and check cashing stores. Is the total greater than three within a two-block radius? RUN…

  53. Wilbur Post says:

    Leave it to the media to try an create a racial issue out of everything. Too bad there isn’t an app for “avoid stupid media.”

    1. jon says:

      In this case it’s about a device that may save the lives of thousands of people, Im all for it

    2. Kaba says:

      Read the comments, Wilbur. Can’t blame the media for what people are posting. It is what it is…

  54. Traveller says:

    I’ve lived in and traveled to many cities over the years, including Detroit, Dallas, L.A., D.C., Chicago and New York. However, I’ve only been a victim of a crime in places not known for crime … Colorado Springs, Seattle and Wichita. Ultimately your safety is more dependent on being vigilant than any specific locale. I was constantly on guard in the cities known for crime and let my guard down in the “safer” locales.

  55. PatentInvestigator says:

    On a serious note, neither the inventors, patent examiners, nor patent attorneys knew what this invention really is after a 5-year patent prosecution —

    You may not like the fact that software intellectual property is eligible for patent protection, but the fact is, it is.

  56. Brandon says:

    I hope they add a feature for black people who want to avoid sundown towns and Mark Furman.

    1. jon says:

      Naw they won’t get jcked or killed in those places, they may get a job they don’t deserve though

    2. rawdog1 says:

      You really think Furman planted evidence? You really think that Ni^%er O.J. should be free because his lawyers villified the cops?
      Your as liberalas it gets someone may shoot you some day and then you will love those racist white boys.

  57. Mary Butler says:

    love it
    avoid obamaville

  58. NetShark says:

    I dont need an app for this, it’s common sense backed up by decades of statistics.

    1. jon says:

      Common since doesn’t tell you where the hood rats live when your out of town

      1. rawdog1 says:

        You can tell the projects from the freeway… You know, the neighborhoods that look like third world s^&tholes with all the housing looking the same and equally run down because no one takes care of free s^&t,. Oh,and theMLK thing.

  59. NetShark says:

    It’s sad people have lost their survival instincts and need a mobile app to tell them they’re in a high crime neighborhood.

    1. jon says:

      Stupid comment you don’t always know where the hood rats live when your out of town

      1. NetShark says:

        You need to consult software to know you’re in a ghetto? Mmmkay.

  60. Marsh626 says:

    Or they could just map out districts that voted for Obama and achieve the same effect…

  61. fred says:

    It is patentable. Software can be written in such a way as to be patentable. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  62. Sanjose Mike says:

    This feature may save my life. To heck with political correctness.


  63. John Q. Jerkoff says:

    What happens if you live in the Bronx? Does the app crash?

    1. Al Sharpton says:

      It just keeps screaming “RECALCULATING…RECALCULATING…”

  64. Dwayne Chastain says:

    Good news

  65. Midge Martin says:

    “The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

    1. Hollywood Hick says:

      That’s liberal thinking in a nutshell.

  66. jon says:

    They could call it avoid robery and murder…same thing

  67. John Spurlock says:

    In Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, it called the “Avoid Barrio” featture

  68. Unreal says:

    Ha. Funny. I always tell my passengers to duck their heads down if we ever cross MLK blvd in any city. Seems like there is one in every city.

  69. Jeff n Florida says:

    They already did a sketch comedy bit about this. It was “Discrimi-NAV, The World’s First Racist GPS system” Check it out!

  70. G says:

    That was funny when I heard Chris Rock say it.

  71. Brady says:

    Halarious! You Know Mr. T would be hitting that button just as often as everyone else.

  72. Cato says:

    Hope someone mentions Atlanta. Garmin wants me to take the M’basa Hwy. throught that burg especially at night

  73. Earl P. Holt III says:

    The idiots who will complain the loudest about this feature are the ones who have worked the most diligently to create these “ghettos.”

  74. DamntheMan says:

    I wonder if this will be standard issue to the Mormon on the Bike’s? MMUAAHAHAHA.. J/K.. Much Love Mormons.. but you might want to look into this 🙂

  75. NYGlenn says:

    If you are white that’s a great feature. Avoid the colored section at all costs!

  76. d-town says:

    Can we avoid “Trailer Parks”, streets w/Rebel Flags and gun-toting country bumpkins? If we can add those then I’m all for it. Let’s be racist all across the board!

    1. oklahomabound says:

      If those areas are unsafe then they will show up on the app since it is driven by crime stats not race. But of course you consider it a racist app because it forces you to accept and acknowledge what your kind (Libs & minorities) refuse to acknowledge, but know in your hearts, that minority areas are crime ridden Hell-holes.

    2. Renato da Silva says:

      If you’re stupid enough to wind up in a trailer park then you deserve to be taken out by the meth lab that is about to explode.

    3. rawdog1 says:

      You are racist, just like everyone else. Just towards whites. It’s ok though it’s America you can be what you want, just don’t know why all “you people” want to be A$$holes.

  77. Byron says:

    Or now, Cesar Chavez Blvd. They are popping up everywhere now.

  78. John says:

    Microsoft asked themselves a question… “do our customers want to drive through black neighborhoods?”
    Sadly they answered yes.

  79. tubaman says:

    boy,do I want one of those things!!!

  80. Herb in Jacksonville says:

    Could have used this in New Bern, NC. Instead of routing me to the next big boulevard to turn to downtown, Google Maps had me turn a few streets early, right through a housing project. Lots of slow speed bumps and folks openly staring at me wondering why I was in their project.

  81. Stu says:

    Another stupid generalized copyright for a giant corporation that will prevent competition

  82. oklahomabound says:

    It also comes with an Eco-Terrorist Avoidance App that keeps you and your SUV safe by steering you clear of cities like Seattle, Portland and LA. If you can’t afford the getto app a good rule of thumb is to always know where Martin Luther King Blvd and all welfare offices are in any city you travel too and just stay away from there.

  83. Alex Winter says:

    Finally Microsoft comes up with a good idea. Been a loooooooooong time.

  84. SirGareth says:


    They find neighborhoods that are predominately black or Hispanic and steer you away.

    If the banks did that they would be committing a federal crime; then have to loan money to criminals

  85. bill says:

    So what did microcsoft do?
    Just use maps that show areas where democrats won electons?
    That would be the easiest way to avoid bad areas.

  86. Jennifer Granholm says:

    for those wishing the ghetto route there is a new “diversity drive” ap.

  87. Jennifer Granholm says:

    competition already coming out with “multi-cultural motoring” app., “crack app”

  88. BRBSanDiego says:

    San Diego also has a ghetto with MLK streets.

  89. Enemyof Theobamastate says:

    If only we could keep the ghetto dwellers in their ghettos America would be a much nicer place.

    1. Hollywood Hick says:

      That experiment was done in the 70’s and 80’s in Detroit. Those suburbs are now wastelands.

  90. Craig Eliot says:

    Finally, something useful …

  91. Ignorance everywhere says:

    How about warning people about where minorities should avoid hillbilly racists? At least AAA does that.

    1. Al says:

      Speaking of ignorance. Anyone who assumes hillbillies are racists is just as ignorant as someone who assumes a confederate flag-raiser is racist — is just as ignorant as someone who assumes a ghetto is unsafe because blacks live in them. Ghettoes are unsafe because of the socio-economic class, not because of blacks. Where do you think Don Vito Corleone was living as a young man? Upper Manhattan?

      1. Wang says:

        ‘…Ghettoes are unsafe because of the socio-economic class, not because of blacks. Where do you think Don Vito Corleone was living as a young man? Upper Manhattan?…’

        Whites and Asians of modest means have a far lower crime rate than blacks of similar means. This is supported by FBI stats and by U.S. Census data.

        Don Vito Corleone is a fictional character. But note that immigrant slums of the early 1900’s were impoverished to a degree unknown by any blacks today. Yet they were still safer in comparison to black areas today, virtually all of which were once white neighborhoods.

        Something is seriously, profoundly wrong with blacks. One day we will be able to stop pretending otherwise.

  92. Daniel says:

    Beware Pennsylvania Ave.

  93. Cathy Frenette says:

    Makes me Chuckle, I can think of places that should be on there, like Wildomar, California. For every honest person there is 100 ghetto people, I should know, I live on a place the the Farm, should call it the Ghetto! There are so many mexican’s wearing their white shirts fixing cars in the front yard and taco grease covering the shirts.

    They should start kicking them all out, that’s why I am a republican!

  94. Josey says:

    I already programmed my Garmin to talk jive. What I’d like would be for the GPS to use the dialect of the neighborhood: If I’m in a black area, talk jive; If I’m in a Mexican area, talk broken Spanish. I really want my GPS to give me the full cultural experience.

  95. sffrontman says:

    Will it include Mexican occupied parts of our towns and cities? Like half of Marshalltown, Iowa? Here in the mid west illegal immigrants control large areas. They make it very clear that whites are not welcome. In fact the Marshalltown Walmart has bilingual signs, with the English sides turned so you can’t read them!

  96. Pat says:

    Microsoft’ “avoid the ghetto” feature for GPS device could just as well be called “avoid heavily black areas.”
    It warns the user of high crime areas, which general mean areas with a high percentage of black people and/or illegal aliens.

  97. sffrontman says:

    This is only fair. There is an app by a tax payer funded professor to help illegals walk across the border. I really hope they include Mexican occupation zones. Like major parts of Mid-West cities and towns. Yet another example of how technology is helping us survive a hostile government. and are examples of how we are connecting and organizing for self defense. Check them and others out. The news links section of Storm Front is very enlightening.

  98. Kelly Walters says:

    I’ve driven past trailer parks, but I’ve never been lost in a trailer park. How stupid would you have to be for that to happen??

    1. Renato da Silva says:

      You were stupid enough to drive past one. A meth lab can take out an idiot like you in a heartbeat.

  99. Kelly Walters says:

    My parents were lost in New Orleans and they stopped for directions. The black guy they stopped to ask told them they needed to get out of that area and not come back as fast as they could. Than he gave them some very good directions that lead them straight out of the place. There are plenty of places in this country white people can’t go safely. That isn’t racist me to say, that’s just reality.

  100. len says:

    it’s so easy to talk smack behind a keyboard.

  101. willard says:

    Mr. Gates, please add Durham, NC to the list. It’s know here as the South Central LA of the East Coast.

    What happened to this once great Country?

    1. Wang says:

      It died at Gettysburg.

  102. Hawkeye666 says:

    IF we get four more years of Obama, this device will warn against driving anywhere in the US.

  103. buckeyebubba2905 says:

    IF we get four more years of Obama, this device will warn against driving anywhere in the US.

  104. Brad Skidmore says:

    Does it work in reverse too? For those special times?

    1. Hollywood Hick says:

      Yes, it will work while driving at a very fast rate in reverse.

  105. Julian says:

    Thats one way to avoid driving thru White House

  106. jon says:

    I am convinced earth is hell,and I wont need one of these when I get there.

  107. C.Primm says:

    Wow Whites ratio to Blacks is 4:1 and their scared of us? Talk about educated fools!!!

    1. Wang says:

      Blacks commit 52% of murders, 45% of aggravated rapes, 89% of interracial crimes and 67% of armed robberies. That’s why whites, and other non-blacks, are afraid of blacks. Through the vehicle of crime blacks have ethnically cleansed hundreds of formally white neighborhoods; Mattapan, Marquette Park, West Chicago, etc. This is euphemistically called ‘white flight’. How many Asian shopkeepers have been murdered by black robbers? Nary a week goes by that I don’t hear of another such murder.

      Just a bit of edumacation for you brah.

    2. semprof says:

      It’s 8:1. Blacks only comprise 12.5% of the population

    3. Hollywood Hick says:

      You make the mistake of confusing avoidance and caution with fear.

  108. John Smith says:

    Anymore, with how this nation has been run down in the last 3 years. That “ghetto button” will pull up a lot of places.

  109. blorjr says:

    Welcom to obama’s America.

  110. TedBurrows says:

    I like how the headline specifically mentions “avoid ghetto” in quotes, even though that never appears in the patent. Way to commit to yellow journalism you frauds.

  111. Vote Loud says:

    I prefer “Avoid Democrat Neighborhoods”.

    I do NOT need my windshield washed!!!!!

    1. Wang says:

      Plenty of Dem ‘hoods are safe. Largely because they are middle and upper middle class white neighborhoods. What makes a neighborhood unsafe is the presence of blacks, and to a lesser degree, non-white Hispanics.

      Please remember, Detroit didn’t die because of industrial policy, but because of the Dark Undertow.

  112. mememe says:

    Damn how am I supposed to get to LA South Central now?

  113. Jefferson Starship says:

    Realistically the GPS would say: “avoid the United States as a while since it’s just one giant dump ghetto and buy a plane ticket to Western Europe” (assuming it doesn’t become ghetto fast because their debt crisis)

    1. Wang says:

      Western Europe’s problems have more to do with non-white immigration than with fiscal policy. As Disraeli said, it’s all about race.

  114. Capn Jack says:

    Just avoid the Blue areas. The Ghettos will be right in the middle.

  115. aurther p. winterfur says:

    I hear it comes with a voice prompted ebonics translation feature as well, just in case.

  116. Paul M says:

    Four more years of the Marxist dunce in office, and even the best GPS will have hard time finding ANY route that doesn’t lead through a ghetto.

  117. John Brockelman says:

    How about Pennsylvania Avenue in DC, typical thug ghetto jockey lives there.

  118. Dave Thrush says:

    I’m mixed race, look mostly white and lived with my Family and young son who looks all white in three different mostly black neighborhoods in Denver. That was before I lived in Santa Ana, Ca. which was at least half Hispanic. Never had a problem. What a bunch of pansies on here…

    1. Wang says:

      Andrew Graham. 23 years old. Graduate student in mathematical engineering. Murdered by black members of the Denver Crips. November 6, 2009.

      I won’t forget. And you would do well to not forget either before making ‘clever’ comments about ‘pansies’.

      Who knows what Andrew Graham could have given the world? What possibilities? I wouldn’t trade his life, his potential, for 40 million African-Americans.

  119. roger says:

    The drug dealer of the world will soon be filing a class action lawsuit to stop the APP, claiming profits are down for the annual report.

  120. Fritz Von says:

    As A “Ghetto American” I object to any device that keeps potential prey from entering my kill zone. How shall I purchase designer products to please my many brood sows and their litters of offspring, without making you a victim of my violent anti social behavior?

  121. B Forrest says:

    This is so unfair to criminals. It will reduce the number of people they have to rob. How will they feed their families?

  122. Billy Jo Gates says:

    I was part of the Beta testers for this software.. I wasn’t impressed… Sure it avoided the places of color, err… I mean the “ghetto’s” but the downside was that instead of taking me to my destination, the device kept directing me toward the nearest Microsoft Computer Store…

  123. Billy Sue Thornton says:

    I was part of the Beta testers for this software. I wasn’t impressed. Sure it avoided the places of color, err… I mean the “ghetto’s” but the downside was that instead of taking me to my destination, the device kept directing me toward the nearest Microsoft Computer Store.

  124. Bubba Thornton says:

    I was part of the Beta testers for this software. I wasn’t impressed. Sure it avoided the places of color, err… I mean the “ghetto’s” but the downside was that instead of taking me to my destination, the device kept directing me toward the nearest Microsoft Computer Store……

  125. Consultofactus says:

    Perhaps this patent could be applied to celebrity based GPS systems. Imagine a “Lost in Space” themed GPS with the robot saying “Warning Will Robinson Knee-Grows ahead!!!”

  126. laffin'atcha says:

    FYI, They would bus’ a cap up in yo…

  127. harvy says:

    Good! Ghetto avoidance software, I can hear Fat Al and Jessie Jackson playing the race card now.

  128. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Now Everyone with a GPS will know the closest Route for Free Stuff.

  129. Fed Up says:

    All for it and if some don’t like it they can wake the hell up and realize real Americans are sick and tired of political correctness it time to say it like it is and gehtto world is their problem I didn’t create the animals living and hunting there and I certianly am tired of supporting them. I am not going to drive or walk though those areas. If everyone is so equal why don’t they straighten their dam mess neighborhoods up and stop asking everyone else to do it. STOP HAVE BABIES WHEN YOUR NOT MARRIED AND CAN NOT AFFORD THEM. STOP LETTING YOUR CHILDREN RAISE THEMSELVES-THEY ARE DOING A LOUSEY JOB OF IT. STOP DOING DRUGS, SELLING DRUGS, TRAFFICING DRUGS. STOP ALL YOUR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. And everyone stop pointing fingures about who knows about this andcame up with it. Liberals if you have the right to your opinions and feelings so do those of us that don’t like any of it so here is the best idea- let all the liberals go live and work in the gehtto and they can straighten it out while being raped, beat and murdered show us how its done but hte rest of us are going to buy this product for sure.

  130. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Chicken & Waffles, Turn Left.

  131. blownfuelcoupe says:

    Taking Pride in ones Neighborhood takes just two things: Pride and a Neighborhood.

  132. John Carlucci says:

    Does it also tell you to lock the doors when you drive thru a black neighborhood like my dad used to?

  133. Rob says:

    That would have been useful for this navy guy:

  134. Joe Dutra says:

    Just wait till Holder hears about this!

  135. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    I love it. It gives the term “red-lining” a whole new dimension. Federal lawsuits, here we come! (Avoiding “ghettoes” deprives minority businesses of traffic, which means they lose income. RACISM!)

  136. TonyTonyTony says:

    Thank you Democrats. Thank you so much…Yet again.

  137. David Axelrod says:

    Wha? You mean “smart” phones don’t like ni ggers either?

    I guess that’s why they’re “smart”, eh?

  138. David Axelrod says:

    All the news that’s fit to print:

  139. watash60 says:

    Liberals should start loosing sleep for the mess they created with their laws put in place from the 60’s.

    We should sterilize and eliminate voting privileges for all families (mother, father (if he can be found – else cut the benefits in 1/2), children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

    1. Wang says:

      Reform as you suggest is not possible with a population possessing an average IQ of 83. 25% of whom have an IQ of 70 or below.

      Repatriation is the only long term solution.

  140. Thomas Baker says:

    Waiting for the NAACP and Hispanic rights groups to file a lawsuit saying the technology unfairly targets minorities………

    1. Renato da Silva says:

      Minorities unfairly monopolize the violent crime in America.

  141. udo says:

    If peeps in those communities don’t like the ghetto label, then change your behaviors and don’t at criminals! Parents that live in those areas, get out of the bars, take care of your kids and stop hanging around the low lifes. It’s not rocket science so just do it.

  142. Jim Britt says:

    Good to see something that will keep people safe.

  143. David Axelrod says:

    It’s funny to read some of the comments from dopey liberals who are screaming “racist”. Notice how they fail to see what everyone else considers common sense…that blacks = crime, and MOAR blacks = MOAR crime.

  144. John says:

    It’s a great idea. My idiotic Garmin once had me get off a highway and take a “short cut” throught the most run down ghetto in Wilmington Delaware. My wife was petrified.

  145. isnrblog says:

    So this is how it works.

    White people build pre-decrepit builidngs, put a bunch of burn barrels around, strew old wrecked cars here and there and put garbage all over the place.

    Than we force black people to live there. Than they attack/kill and/or rob any white people who venture into their zone.

    Instant ghetto. It’s not their fault, really.

    What we really need is an app that shows stores that are selling Air Jordans. Man, you want to avoid those places. I notice there were no riots and violence in the lines waiting for the new iphone or ipad. Few blacks in line, if any.

  146. Artie says:

    That’s true even if you take the words “MLK in” out of that sentence

  147. davec says:

    Curious how this isnt “racism” when a big corporation does it.

    FACT, white bread isnt safe in the Hood

    1. Ed says:

      It’s not “racism” to want to stay alive.MS is doing what it can to keep people out of harm’s way.
      Most Whites want nothing to do with hood trash.

  148. Allan Wafkowski says:

    This an app I would actually have use for.

  149. Ed says:

    Countless lives will be saved and hundreds of robberies and rapes will not happen.
    Good job, Microsoft.

  150. Ed says:

    Countless lives will be saved and hundreds of robberies and rapes will not happen.
    Good job, Microsoft.

  151. Tom Genin says:

    I guess that leaves out all of Detroit.

  152. Brian P Chapin says:

    Weak at best – but then again typical Microsoft!

    My company Street Smart USA developed a much more complete and valuable data model which has been available for years on TomTom and Garmin GPS units as well as on Smartphones.

    Targeting area such as ghettos offers little to no value to the traveler, nor does using simple crime statistics. Violent crimes are not committed where people assume they might be. High risk and unsafe area identification is far more complex then that. Our product identifies and alerts users of potentially unsafe areas which have been identified using a number of key data elements and proprietary algorithms that accurately mark areas as unsafe to personal or property safety.

    If you want a product that is proven with years of development and a track record that reflect true personal safety then check out

    1. isnrblog says:

      “Violent crimes are not committed where people assume they might be”

      Really?? Lets see you drive thru the ghetto (where blacks live) with your windows open and stop for all the lights.

      A first grader knows where the crime occurs.

      1. Brian P Chapin says:

        I call what Microsoft is presenting and what you speak of the “spider-web perception”. The inaccurate assumption that criminals sit in their neighborhoods – their ‘webs’ if you will, waiting to prey on infrequent unsuspecting victims that may stumble into it. That’s simply not how it works. Criminals are opportunists and that doesn’t afford a lot of opportunity.

        Violent crimes are not concentrated or limited within ghettos or low income areas. In fact, a large part of violent crimes occur in bordering neighborhoods, areas with high gain potential for criminals or areas where volumes of unsuspecting targets traffic.

        Yes ‘ghetto’ areas may be unsafe but they are far from the only areas where assaults, muggings, robberies, rapes, drug or gang clashes occur. If it were that simple we would only need to police those areas.

        And yes, I have driven may times and in many cities through ‘ghetto’ areas and I am on higher alert to the potential of being a victim, however, I don’t simply fear the people, because not everyone there is a threat or criminal.

  153. Austin says:

    Here in Austin, TX MLK and Cesar Chavez blvds are actually quite classy. Y’all are a bunch of racists.

  154. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    Annihilation by Assimilation

    Every white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country.

    The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

    Immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

    All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

    Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race.

    It is genocide.

  155. rawdog1 says:

    Simply the truth, only butt hurt coloreds and libturds would call it racist.
    That’s why businesses don’t “invest” in those areas, cause people who work don’t live there.

  156. Musa says:

    paraphrased- “Avoid Black People App”

  157. Thinkitthrew says:

    Anyone wondering why you want to stay out of a “ghetto” (and don’t forget, this isn’t about race, it’s about racial concentration in an area: i.e.: if you are not “one of them”, you don’t belong there) has never been approached on a public sidewalk and been accused of “trespassing” because you look different.

  158. TJO says:

    This is the Uncle Tom Tom…

  159. billy jack says:

    If you ever get a chance to travel outside of the United States, you might be able to see past your programming. Then again, maybe not. Although I do believe that there are identifiable ethnic characteristics, there is nothing inherently wrong with any ethnic group, only with individuals within it.

    Thankfully I have the intelligence to understand that the ignorance of some of the posters here – of whatever ethnicity – does not represent their entire race.

    I fully expect to find ignorance wherever I go, but I am always confident that I will be able to bypass them in order to connect with thinking, evolved individuals who can actually SEE.

    Good luck to all of you morons. There’s a new day coming!

  160. Lena says:

    It is funny how the people who think they will get raped and attacked going through the inner-city are the ones that most people who live there do not want to touch. Get over yourselves

  161. Carla Ackley says:

    I’ve gotten attacked in all sorts of areas. Black, and White, Never Hispanic. I feel totally safe among Hispanics. Good people. Worst areas were Long Beach CA and Lakewood CA. Craziest kids on drugs were in Seattle subburbs. I have liven all over the Western USA and Western Mexico.

  162. Bill Kilpatrick says:

    I don’t feel like kissing anybody’s ethnic sensitivity If the device’s algorithm is based on crime statistics, “unsafe” has a basis in reality.

    I don’t care about the complexion or ethnic origin of whomever might rape, rob and murder me (probably in that order). Just keep me on a path that is safe. By all means, don’t send me through a war zone.

  163. Batwings says:

    Wait till the NAACP gets ahold of this. The s888 will hit the fan.

  164. Fred Cooper says:

    Swell, I hear the premium version also integrates the latest key-hole
    satellite imaging so the user can avoid da black folk too…

  165. Paula Coleman says:

    I can believe you people! Avoid streets with names like Martin Luther King ? really ? How shallow minded the world has become is unbelievable to me! Its one thing to say avoid high crime areas. I get how that could be helpful. But to stereo type a community just because of the street name or the majority of ethnicity who resides in the community is WRONG. SHALLOW, and STUPID.
    And what really takes the cake for me on this one is that Microsoft has the patent on this but when asked by CBS they declined to comment. Really ? You obliviously felt song enough about it to ask for the patent on the terminology for your technology now dig your balls out from behind your ass and defend it microsoft! By running and hiding behind it your just proving the the rest of the world what a bunch of gutless wonders you are. I would be ashamed to be associated with or part of such a racist project.

  166. Samantha says:

    Microsoft should be ashamed. I’m not saying it b/c the app will have you avoid Black/His people in the city. Who cares about that? Avoid who you want when you want. All Microsoft had to was name it “avoid crime” inside of “avoid ghetto.” Sure, people on the internet would have turned it into a race war, because people who don’t use their real name, face, or address always do. I”ve never seen any of you in a coffee shop debating race related issues, but when you have an opportunity to make an anonymous racist remark, you cowards always step up to the plate. But I expected more from Microsoft, and when they throw around derogatory terms, I get offended, The term ghetto became widely used when the Germans reused areas to confine Jews prior to their transportation to concentration and death camps during the holocaust. Even though it is now more a term for inner city, poverty stricken, neighborhoods, look at the history of the word! Really Microsoft? You couldn’t think of any else? Before today, I was never really an Apple person, but God, please send Steve jobs back to us!

  167. WOOLEY says:


  168. WOOLEY says:


  169. Try it says:

    I have lived in Atlanta, south side for ages. Worked downtown, passed by winos, disabled, crazy people at the five points station. I’ve had occasion to rescue a friend downtown at 2 am, surrounded by the sort that come out after dark. You know, in all honesty, I was treated with the greatest respect by all. Actually I can think of another four times in different ‘Superbad’ neighborhoods at late hours, each time I was treated so nicely it amazed me. The wino, the hotrodder, the clubber, they are all just people man, and if you are respectable to them you will get respect back! I’ve had a crowd around me, desperate to help me in some way each time. I was a little nervous the first time but calmed down when I chose to see their humanity instead. I only wish I’d had some change to tip with, I mean when someone is digging your front tire out for you for two hours while the tow truck is on the way…on the Marta trains I got so used to the regular dark skinned people I only felt afraid when the North side moms came down on the trains screaming at their teens, lol. Go volunteer or something until ‘these people’ look normal to you!

  170. Broken Spoon says:

    Just remember, Apple users are elitist snobs.

    Stay classy, Microsoft.

  171. jzazz says:

    And don’t forget “MemFrica”, Tennessee… lol

  172. Jess Goloyugo says:


  173. ljandrews78 says:

    it’s sad that people like to throw race around like this, especially under anonymous names. it’s also sad that cbs seattle allows this. wordpress does have a “disable comments” feature, you know.

  174. YoungCollegeEducated says:

    Wow at the people using race as an issue here…
    My only question is why they chose to avoid areas with the highest crime rate instead of areas where individuals who have committed serious crimes reside. It makes it look like they are TARGETING minorities. Its sad how many close minded individuals have posted on this article. I read over these posts and felt as though I was in the 1940’s. You have no respect for others or yourselves for that matter. Stop making race the center or every issue. That is whats holding America back. *Oh, and by the way I am black.

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  177. J. Harper says:

    This is going to be rough for some poor folks living in the wrong part of town. I graduated from Georgia Tech, but I live dirt cheap so I can retire young. I’ll move to a nicer place when a significant other or wife asks me to move. I can see it now:

    Hey guys, come on over! We’re watching a movie, drinking, and then heading out from here!

    Many phone calls later, “Yes, I know your GPS can’t find the place, no… I can’t imagine why… ok, you just turn left on MLK…”

  178. Wei says:

    Wow, a quick glance at these comments really reveal a certain angry segment of our population has WAY too much time on their hands. They’re in need of jobs, then maybe they won’t be as angry. Or won’t have as much time to spew such baseless venom.

  179. JT says:

    Avoid ghetto areas? Avoid non-whites baby!

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