New York Fashion Week is held each February and September. So, of course, in September, 2011 the new spring fashions for 2012 were released. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wasn’t paying attention to fashion trends for the new year when I was stuffing paper bags with PB & J and apple slices, putting all the back-to-school activities on the calendar and getting the kids out the door to school.

But here we are, it’s nearly spring, and I begin to wonder if I’m about to become a fashion faux paux. So I scoured the fashion magazines in an attempt to find what is in this coming season. And I wasn’t disappointed. Working with pieces I already have, and maybe picking up a new item or two, the spring of 2012 is proving to be a feminine, floral and fabulous. Here’s what I found.

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From America’s first fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, I noticed the new hairstyles for 2012 are classic. The ponytail, chignon and french braid are easy up-dos that are hitting the runways. Also, the palet of colors range from soft, muted colors to bright blues and greens. But flowers – everywhere flowers. From gentle petals to bold Hawaiian prints, even floral denim jeans are the new look for spring.

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From Elle Magazine, rolled down sheer socks and pointy toed shoes, nearly a rebirth of the ’50s, paired with flowing knee-length skirts and blouses in muted tones made headlines, as well. Elle noted muted shades of peach and pink, bird motifs on tees and dresses, frills, ruffles and girlie-girl all the way. For casual looks, denim overalls! Can you say early 1990s retro? Also sequins going from day to night to day again, leather jackets and skirts, and party dresses with short A-line skirts that make a statement when you step in the room.

Marie Claire Magazine noted block-prints and art deco designsh on tops, scarves and dresses in bold primary colors and yummy sherbert shades. White flowing sundresses, and active wear that can take you from the gym to the grocery store to the kids’ school with enough panache to get you noticed.

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So picking up something floral, something pastel, and something in a great bold stripe or polka-dot will get you set for spring. Denim, crisp white and pointed-toe heels are closet staples that you can continue to use and be stylish throughout the new season.