It’s Election Day in Florida! Some people are saying that the results from Florida may give the Republican race a degree of “clarity.” Wow. How bad have things gotten when America turns to Florida for definitive election results? Let Florida’s motto be “Hey, We Can’t Possibly Do Any Worse Than Iowa!” I guarantee you, we will have a winner.

Mitt Romney has hit some very sour notes already in this campaign—now he’s doing it literally. If you thought there was nothing more painful than listening to Mitt Romney reciting the lyrics to “America the Beautiful,” wait until you hear him try to sing it! Mitt Romney butchered “America the Beautiful” a lot worse than he butchered that poor roasted pig the other day.

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This proves one thing—all the money in the world can’t buy you the ability to sing on key. I thought Mormons could sing. They’ve got that “Tabernacle Choir,” AND the Osmonds! Hell, even Jon Huntsman was in a prog-rock band when he was young. Great—we got the only Mormon who can’t sing! Mitt’s singing came during an appearance at a big retirement village. Thank God—at least the people in the audience had the option of turning off their hearing aids. The fact that Mitt is singing “America the Beautiful” just shows how devoid of ideas his campaign is. All of the Republicans are running campaigns that have no meaning… just a lot of meanness.

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Mitt Romney said that he wishes he could “claim” he was Hispanic. Not that he wishes he was Hispanic, mind you—that would be going too far. On Fox News (where else?) Mitt said “You know, I wish I could claim I was Hispanic.” “Claim,” Mitt? What’s stopping you? You’re constantly claiming things that aren’t true. If you can say you’ve never been pro-choice, or pro-gay rights, then you might as well claim that you’re Hispanic. But then Mitt said WHY he wished he could claim he was Hispanic—because “it would help me with the Latino community here in Florida and around the country.” Ah! So you don’t want to BE Hispanic. You just want to pass for Hispanic whenever it would be useful to get votes. Sorry Mitt, but you can’t change you’re ethnicity the way you change your political beliefs. Actually, you can’t change your political beliefs the way that you do, but we’ve given up telling you that.

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