SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Google is testing 252 “mystery” devices in its employees’ homes, but what the device is, nobody outside of Google knows.

Google recently applied for an experimental license with the Federal Communications Commission for an unnamed entertainment device.

The device is still early in development as testing is set to see if the device works properly and to “reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks.”

One possibility that was suggested was the device is related to the Android@home framework, where Google promises to allow users to control appliances such as lights and alarm clocks through an Android device.

Another possibility is that it could be another version of Google TV.

Google TV was released in 2010 and received mediocre reviews. The product was considered a failure.

However, with the rumor of the Apple TV coming, and the media capabilities of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 being expanded recently, Google might want to throw its hat in the ring for another round.

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  1. Mark says:

    Most evil company that ever existed. I’m sure the new device spies on you and reports to every government agency that ever existed anywhere, just like everything else Google does for money.

    1. zeeuge says:

      and who do you report to?

      1. feeugu says:

        What an asinine reply. Do you salivate when someone rings a bell as well?

      2. Jim Justice says:

        Who do any of you report to

      3. Ryan says:

        I am convinced the proverbial S is hitting the fan. We are being lied to, spied on and raped and we are giving companies and the government the power to do so. I am just carefully preparing my family to handle any eventuality that could occur and I urge you if you are not prepared now is the time to get prepared. We will make it America we just need to be prepared for anything that occurs and speak out against these huge privacy encroachments!

        Everything you could possibly need to survive an apocalyptic disaster, don’t rely on the federal government! :

      4. FrankM says:

        Thanks Ryan, good site. Peace.

    2. Defund NPR says:

      Google = Federal Gov
      Federal Gov = Google
      Neither has your best interests in mind
      Both are evil

      1. TheRealKingMax says:

        So far, you’re the closest to getting it right…..

        Think higher up the food chain.

      2. Patriot says:

        Turn off the whole neighborhood?

      3. Joe Blow says:


        If you are big and smart and successful and make products or provide services that people want and might need, there are always idiots who will go after you and try to take you down. What is it? Envy? Insecurity? Fear? Dissatisfaction? Group Think? No Brains?

      4. grundoon says:

        Joeblow–I think it’s a combination of envey and no brains.

      5. Team America says:

        Is the federal government not to be trusted these days? They’ve grown so much bigger in the past 3 years, I just don’t know.

      6. WasabiNinja says:

        If you dont like it, dont use it.

      7. Ryan says:

        Totally agree. Oh because people love Google and trust it they don’t worry about the company eventually falling into the wrong hands? The government took over GM why not Google? What if Yahoo starts succeeding and Google is determined to be to big to fail?

      8. Evrim says:

        JasonViens23 on January 31, 2011 that was hirborle lol hahahaha.. im so happy mine didnt go that bad.. a bit of advice to all future best men.. dont try to be a inevative hero.. look up some good speeches take some good points from a few of them then impliment your own touch on them.. its a stressfull moment there is nothing wrong with a little help

    3. Patriot says:

      Bull, it’s to shield their WiFi network.

    4. Jeffrey W. Griffith says:

      Absolutely agree. Google must be destroyed! It is as evil as the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security.

    5. James Mac says:

      Mark, your mommy called and she wants you back in the garage this instant. Seriously, you sound like a paranoid, delusional flea…..

      1. stupid drones says:

        Jimmy Mac–

        Why don’t you go read the new Google user agreement. Then come back after your mommy has wiped your rear and we will have an intelligent discussion of what Google really is.

        In the agreement that you can not opt out of, you agree that Google can retain data related to your location and usage of the internet and may AT THEIR discrestion report this to any private of public agency WITHOUT your permission.

        Now also remember that a very senior member of the Google management team now works as the de-facto CTO for the Obama administration.

        Or—maybe you get your paycheck and your soul from Sergey and his trolls?

        Google doesnt give a rat’s a** about you or your privacy. All Google cares about is keeping track of you for their friends.

        Go search the government patent files. Google is the ONLY company that has been approved to build data centers on ships in international waters and has an agreement from the Obama administration that the military will protect those ships “when requested”.

    6. Kyle Hikalea says:

      Buncha mad Apple users in here. Google is one of the most political neutral and transparent companies out there. If this were legitimate cause for worry, you wouldn’t know about it (Aka geocaching your gps coord’s every 3 hours? iFools.)

      1. Carl Jensen says:

        Kyle, Google’s tracking makes the IPhone look like a joke. Google already admitted to gather WiFi information as it drives the streets collecting map a.k.a. Steetview photos and coordinates as well as recording every search you make along with numerous other web browsing habits. Mr. Schmidt of Google works for the administration and has been quoted saying that people shouldn’t be concerned about privacy if they aren’t doing anything wrong–which in the Obama regime, can be a flavor of the day crime. Schmidt would have made an excellent Gestapo officer. Transparent? Wake up.

      2. c mac of 22911 says:

        Google politically neutral….HAHAHAHA!

      3. stupid kyle says:


        Google was sued because they refused to release financial information that is required by any public company.

        If they were so transparent, why is this a secret device? Kyle, quit sucking at google’s tit.

    7. anon says:

      yup – google started by CIA funding.

      1. Mishma says:

        Arab Spring started from google…

    8. Not Kidding @ All says:

      -most- evil? rofl. Try M.O.N.S.A.N.T.O or perhaps Tea Ess Ayy (Terrorist Servants of America).

  2. jason says:

    great article… a company that is constantly turning out new products…is working on another product. thanks for the heads up.

  3. Chris says:

    “Google TV was released in 2010 and received mediocre reviews. The product was considered a failure.”

    Uhm, really?! Who does this reporting? You clearly know nothing about what you just wrote. The only thing that failed was Logitech to compete with Sony’s Blu-Ray player with Google TV built in. Logitech threw in the towel. Google TV is still technically in BETA, and was JUST upgraded to Android 3.2 and Ice Cream Sandwhich isn’t too far behind.

    Several other major players in the TV industry are going to be releasing Google TV products over the course of the next 6 – 8 months.

    Why don’t you do some research before making stupid statements like, “The product was considered a failure”.

    1. Andrew says:

      Again, why don’t you do some research? Everyone in the tech industry agrees that “Google TV” was a failure. Again, Logitech dropping it had absolutely nothing to do with Sony. And many people didn’t even care for the Google TV add on with the Sony Blu-Ray player either. Do your homework before blasting a writer for agreeing with the majority of the tech world. Major networks are blocking Google TV, there is little content, the interface isn’t very well designed and there is limited functionality or versatility to it that you can’t get somewhere else for far, far cheaper.

      1. Chris says:

        I read up on the Google TV product nearly every day. Every single Tech website I go on is STILL writing articles about Google TV updates, upgrades, new features, upcoming features, etc…

        Best Buy can’t even keep the Sony Blu-Ray Google TV player in stock. I ordered mine, and had to wait over a week. I went to my best buy last week, and they said they STILL cannot keep up with the demand.

        So, whatever “tech” people you communicate with, are a little behind times.

        Google TV was just updated with Android 3.2 which greatly enhanced its capabilities, as well as opened the doors for developers to more easily create apps, and content for it.

        Google TV is essentially the same as android on the phones, but for your tv. It is an operating system. It DOES have its uses, above and beyond any other product available out there right now. You clearly have no idea what Google TV is, or where it’s headed. You are a late-adapter. You can’t see a solid new product when it’s staring you in the face.

        It’s ok though – When you finally jump on the bandwagon, I’ll come over to your house to help you set it up =)

      2. akk says:

        ³ ½ ½ ³ ¾ makeing ¹ ¹ ¼ ²

  4. MyDarkSide says:

    Mark, not to mention shutting down your home resources either when the need is felt or if the home occupant(s) aren’t complying over some issue…..

    1. Chris says:

      Make sure you pull out the tin foil hats tonight! The aliens are coming! =|

    2. Billiam Hillary says:

      You are not complying now. We will be shutting you down.

  5. Cis says:

    how sad cbs got sucked into google pr ploy. only google would have released info about “mystery” device. cbs took the bait and provided free pr to get other outlets speculating, creating buzz.

    1. Google Pure Evil says:

      Pretty sure it’s a credit card reader with a Google logo on it. All proceeds go to Barry’s campaign.

      1. Roro says:

        Lauren,Nope, you’re not gullible, it’s slpmiy buying triggers’ that these dudes are hitting. Scarcity, fear of loss these are very powerful and are used to make you want to buy without really thinking about it. Now watch out for those Better Business Bureau looking sites most of them are the worst! Because another powerful buying trigger is when you’re made to feel safe with the don’t get scammed line.In reality most of those sites are just using yet another tactic to sell you a product.What is best is when you get a sample before you need to buy, when you can actually develop a relationship with the creator before you slap down your credit cardGood times indeed!Jonny

  6. yarply says:

    Gee. I hope this experimental devise is safe. The neighbors who live next to these employees may be at risk from a secret devise being tested in public without the consent of all who maybe effected. Is it even legal for a residential home to be used as a commercial research facility for a major corporation? Is there a fire hazard?

    1. yarply says:

      Hopefully the employees are not testing the devices ON there neighbors. lol

      1. Chris says:

        Yarply, you need to learn how to spell. “devise”? Really? “effected”? Really?

        I think you mean, “device” and “affected”.

        You have your tin foil hate on too tightly, methinks.

      2. yarply says:

        Chris .

        Been a long day huh?.. So how long have you been using the spelling and grammar lines. It must get pretty monotonous -or is that monogamist?- saying the same stuff all the time.

        Though I guess it may beat your other choice. Which would be grunting.

      3. yarply says:


        Give it a break. Even English teachers don’t agree to the proper usage of effected or affected. Generally it’s agreed by most grown ups, that as long as you spell well enough too get your idea or thought across it’s of no value to correct others over such a trivial matter. So maybe you should take your own advise but instead of learning hoe to spell, you could learn how to act like an adult.

    2. yarply says:


      ef·fect (-fkt)
      1. Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result.
      2. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result; influence:

      tr.v. ef·fect·ed, ef·fect·ing, ef·fects
      1. To bring into existence.
      2. To produce as a result.
      3. To bring about.

      1. Chris says:

        I hope you were backing me up on my correction of your verbage, because in the sense that the word “effected” was used in that paragraph is an incorrect useage. Please see the correct useage below.

        af·fect·ed1 Show Spelled[uh-fek-tid] Show IPA
        1. acted upon; influenced.
        2. influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease.
        3. (of the mind or feelings) impressed; moved; touched: She was deeply affected by their generosity.

      2. Chris says:


      3. Chris says:

        Using your ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, comprehensive reading challenged pattern of thought, his sentence would look like this….

        “The neighbors who live next to these employees may be at risk from a secret devise being tested in public without the consent of all who maybe effected (Produce as a result. To bring about. To bring into existence. A result. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result.”

        Now, use the correct word, “AFFECTED” in that same sentence.

        “The neighbors who live next to these employees may be at risk from a secret devise being tested in public without the consent of all who maybe AFFECTED. (Influenced. Acted upon. Influenced in a harmful way. Impaired. Harmed. Attacked. Impressed. Moved. Touched.)”

        You scare me. Are you the product of our public schools these days?

      4. yarply says:

        Chris Sorry man. You got me laughing so hard I almost wet myself.

    1. yay4u says:

      Oh lookee. Another self appointed comment cop and grammatician.Can’t get enough of their pursed lips and sneers, can we? Yes, yes Chris, everyone’s stupid. We sure wish you could get laid instead.

      1. RicardoCabeza says:

        being able to spell and use grammar correctly gets you laid you incompetent boob. Nobody likes an illiterate lout such as yourself that’s why at 21 you’re still punching the clown. n your parents basement virgin. By the way you should get the money back from your GED class and get me some fries with that order chief.

      2. yarply says:


        I know. Its generally because they don’t have an original idea one and subconsciously, down in the substrata of their brain pan they feel elevated emotionally by nit picking about things that more mature and adult people could care less about. I have seen it in childhood behavioral studies. It’s comical. I get a good chuckle.

  7. hopefull says:

    I propose that this is a new, wireless, adhoc, network device that does away with the Government controlled, wired for Money, spy internet we have now.

    Pure, unadulterated, peer2peer networking at it’s best

    1. Harry Reid the Donkey Honker says:

      Actually –

      Because the Internet has become so hacked, targeted, and most likely to be shut down by Comrade Obama:

      The Google device is a digital modem that transmits via shortwave.

      We’re going back to the old BBS sites – yay!

  8. thinker says:

    Whatever it’s intention you can be damn sure it’s ultimate goal will be either to control you or spy on you in some way.

  9. Android says:

    FUTUREDATABANK*COM reported that Google is aligned with the ELITE banking system to spy on everyone in their homes thru a fish eye lens.

  10. Mr Tada says:

    Google was not nice to ‘an employee’ once, so now they say Touché ! The ‘device’ is a complex sensor worn much like a hat. It scans the wearer’s Alpha, Theta and Beta brainwaves then converts them into word and action thought patterns which are then digitized and then input into a computer. It eliminates the 130+ year old Keyboard and Mouse. You merely ‘think’ what you want the computer to do, it interprets it and then does it. The ‘Device’ is related to a project prototyped thru DARPA. TaDa.

  11. Halo says:

    Clearly a Cylon device. DO NOT network it!

    1. Carolina says:

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  12. Captain Obvious says:

    Google: I can turn on my own alarm clock. Thanks.

    1. Viktor says:

      Ofcource I tcekid the expand widgets template. That’s what is so confusing to me. As I explained before it simply does not have the code. What I did find was, data:comment.authorAvatarImage ||timestamp|body and but not the line of code given. So what should I do? Is it a error in the template? Should I get a new one or can I fix it?Your help and expertise is gladly and gratefully asked and accepted.

  13. walter12 says:

    Since Google is in league with the monster Obama, anything is possible. Maybe, it is a Big Brother device. In that the creature Obama is Orwellian and Stalinistic, anything can happen today.

  14. Tea Ice says:

    Yawn! An Android based landline desk phone phone.with wifi, which is also used to locate to get the location of the device much like GPS in a cell phone.. Charges from phone line.

    Doubles as a home fire and secuirty alarm. Calls out when trouble detected.

    Knowing Google they’ll be eavesdropping for the feds.

  15. J.V. says:

    Do these devices have anything to do with the tattooed barcodes marks that Google inked on their employees’ heads?

  16. Defund NPR says:

    I’m done with creepy Google – they’re right up there with M$. Actively looking for something akin to Gmail, but based in another country.

    1. Ahad says:

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  17. eneils says:

    It’s a secret device that the preverts at Google have invented that will harvest your bodily fluids while you sleep at night.
    It’s code named the the “mosquito project.”
    Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.

  18. Mot says:

    Duh, it’s a tablet.

  19. Mot says:

    No seriously, I have no idea. Full moon tonight though.

  20. Get zGhostery says:

    With the advent of Google FORCING people to use their real name when signing up to ANY Google account, consumers need to emphasize all Google products.
    I ONLY use my PC to connect to the Internet. My Firefox browser has a fantastic addon called Ghostery to tell you who is attempting to track you at every web page.

  21. Get Ghostery says:

    Chris shows both the arrogance and power of Google.
    We must stop their tracking our every move, choice or button press to sell or give to anyone willing to pay.
    De-emphasize using Google products as there are alternatives.
    Again look up Ghostery as it stops them from tracking you while you surf.

  22. Get Ghostery says:

    Even though you can post without using your real name, Ghostery stopped 13 trackers on this web page along!
    The highest I’ve counted is 17 at

    Ironically the least trackers I’ve counted is zero at Goolgle search!

    1. Chris says:

      Lol, silly people. Using Ghostery alone does not conceal your identity, nor does it prevent people from tracking your internet history, and/or physical location.

      Even using multiple Proxy Servers does not protect you from being identified and/or located. Some of the best hackers in the world are still able to be “Tracked down” and “identified” using the latest and greatest scripts, coding, bots, proxies, etc… So what makes you people think that using a simple software/freeware/shareware program will “conceal who you are” and what you visit online, and conceal your internet history.

      ALL it does is conceal it from your every day commercial websites who would like to track your IP address for advertising useages, and/or sell your web history data to the highest bidder for advertising purposes (in most cases).

      Silly people… If you’re online and they want to find you – they will. Lol.

      1. Get Ghostery says:

        Chris said:
        “ALL it does is conceal it from your every day commercial websites who would like to track your IP address for advertising useages, and/or sell your web history data to the highest bidder for advertising purposes (in most cases).”

        We agree. This is exactly the most effective measure to stop Google in their tracks. Anf anyone else tracking you. You get to see how desperate so many Internet start-up companies are in real-time. All want to be become millionaires at the expense of invading consumer.privacy.
        ** So everyone install Ghostery and stop the bad guys snooping. **

        The golden rule:
        Never buy a tablet or computer where you are NOT the system administrator.

        Realize no software is “free” as they all want your contact information, read you email and track your movements to sell to advertisiters or give to the government.

        This is a war and all consumers need to fight it. Spread the word.

  23. Midge Martin says:

    “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”
    – Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977


    1. eneils says:

      Yes, and you see where DEC went to under Olson’s reign. Bought out by Compaq and then Compaq was purchased by HP. Ken Olson rode the VAX horse too long while ignoring the PC and PC networking market.

  24. Ubiquitous Google says:

    I love all the comments.

    When did Google put a gun to your heads?

    Don’t like it?

    Don’t use it…

  25. cheezis says:

    Ghostery is spyware

  26. eneils says:

    The new device is the “Googlulator.”
    It attaches to one of your lower extremities and notifies Google, the local police, and the Obama 2012 campaign manager every time you have a tingle running up your leg when Obama appears on your Google TV.
    Chris Matthews has ordered one dozen of the devices because Rachel Maddow gets an erection every time she sees Obama on TV.


  27. Oppressed says:

    These comments are crazy. Why does anyone care about any of this? If Google had their way, they’d be siphoning your blood by now or at least infesting it with advertisements. If anyone has noticed, there is an apparent focus on our future, continually sharpening, to the point to which no one even wants to look or even think about, as a result of direct corporate intervention and manipulation in the political and socioeconomic spectra. How about a discussion of Citizens United AKA Rise & Fall of Man… That’s where Google concentrates ITS efforts. Let’s do the same.

  28. Mike_88 says:

    If they are recording, they are turning your audio into key advertising words and making statistics.

  29. Get real says:

    Wow, some people commenting here need tinfoil hats, either that or massive doses of lithium… ffs…

    1. Chris says:

      Lol, my thoughts exactly… the crazies really came out on this one…

  30. Iman Azol says:

    That’s why I don’t have a computer, or cell phone, or phone, or drive a car, or go outside without a hoodie and a hat of aluminum foil to stop them tracking me. I too the hat off long enough to send this message psychicly.

  31. cheezis says:

    Tech insiders called e-readers a failure. Tech insiders called Kindle a failure. Tech insiders view tech through the filter of their own colons, apparently.

  32. the perv says:

    all I know, is when I type “porn” into google search;
    It gives me porn.
    why is there anything to worry about?

  33. Kris says:

    Is that what CBS thinks the Google homepage looks like?

  34. Get Ghostery says:

    Chris said:
    “ALL it does is conceal it from your every day commercial websites who would like to track your IP address for advertising useages, and/or sell your web history data to the highest bidder for advertising purposes (in most cases).”

    We agree. Ghostery is the most effective measure to stop Google in their tracks. And anyone else tracking you. You see as each web page loads how desperate the Internet start-up companies have beccome. All want to be become millionaires at the expense of invading consumer.privacy.
    ** So everyone install Ghostery and stop the bad guys snooping. **

    The golden rule:
    Never buy a tablet or computer where you are NOT the system administrator.

    Realize no software is “free” as they all want your contact information, read you email and track your movements to sell to advertisiters or give to the government. All with your name attached. So future employers or insurance companies will see your every preference and weakness. Even blackmail becomes a threat.

    This is a war and all consumers need to fight it. Spread the word.

  35. Get Ghostery says:

    To combat Chris propaganda consider using a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) to connnect to the Internet.
    This means turn off your “SMART” TV’s, or Blu-ray player’s Internet access and ONLY go through your HTPC. Here you are the System Administrator – not Google.
    I use the Windows 7 buillt in DVR so I can skip commericals. WIth a “SMART” TV consumers are forced to watch commericals.
    Whay not set yourself free? Hit them where it counts!

  36. Jay Hunt says:

    The problem with a networked utility monitor (if that is what it is) is that it can:
    1. Starts as a convenience (good information)
    2. Become a voluntary way to reduce your bills (still ok, good benefit)
    3. Become a way for utilities to actively prevent surges and over-use (um…)
    4. Be a mechanism for local/state entities to enforce usage within an ‘acceptable’ range and penalize those that exceed their ‘fair share’ (DANGER!)

  37. Notch Johnson says:

    I have a friend that works for Google, he says it’s a sex doll.

  38. Serioulsy? says:

    Joe Blow – it is fear. In Arkansas, there is no such thing as a “local” business anymore. There are no mom and pop stores, no local hardware stores, no specialty shops, nothing but WalMart. But they do have everything you need so who cares? We really only need 4 companies to supply us everything we need right? Hell for that matter, we only need 1. But with 4, there is great variety. And we really don’t have to worry about wondering what it is we need. Those 4 will let us know exactly what that is. God bless America!

  39. sean patriot says:


  40. T1000 says:

    Bunch of babies. They are only completely harmless skynet nodes. Sheesh.

  41. MZ says:

    M u s T S. t O p… G.. O… O…. G….l…..e ……..t…a.k…..i..n.g. ….o..v.e…r….t…h…e…….w..o…r….l……d…..(last gasp)

  42. John says:

    Uhm, you mean the “rumor” of the Apple TV that’s been out for over a year:

    I think they are on the second or third generation of it already.

    Google TV is still around and is being integrated in to more and more devices. The set top box that Logitec (the Revue) was dropped, but it has been picked up by other companies and is being put into Sony TVs, DVD players, and soon Visio TVs.

  43. David says:

    Chris, TV’s *already* have operating systems. They’ve had operating systems since they first started having to decode HD digital signals, which implies embedded algorithms, memory allocation, data management, failure recovery, the works – all the things that paint the picture of an OS, although perhaps not in what we consider conventional terms. Google may be trying to consolidate the idea, but with literally millions of people leveraging satellite and cable services, I don’t quite think I’m ready to jump on board the “Google is overtaking TV” bandwagon.

    The winner in the managed digital content delivery arena will be the one who crosses the “finish line” in ala carte selection from among nearly all the major content providers. Cable and satellite have force-fed unwanted channels into various pricing tiers and packages for years, and have been loathe to accept any notion of ala carte programming where users pay for and receive only the channels they want. Digital content delivery networks hold the promise of delivering *precisely* that, but until the providers and distributors in cable and satellite lose their grip on the delivery system, GoogleTV will continue to struggle in the provision of desirable content.

  44. mo2do says:

    Sounds like Google made a device that communicates via the new “Smart” electric meter that our government-controlled utilities are now deploying on homes across America.

    The Smart Meter advertises to be a large data collector using radio frequency signals to control your new RFID-enabled appliances.

    Using your Smart phone or computer you will be able to turn appliances on/off and regulate their usage either whether you are home or away. Unfortunately, if you are hacked so can someone else.

    Both the wireless cybersecurity and privacy data collection issues have not been adequately addressed by our government, utilities and companies like Google.

    1. Lydia says:

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