Get your forks ready! March 1- 29, it’s the 10th anniversary of Dine Around Seattle! Sundays through Thursdays, you can dine at some of Seattle’s top restaurants. Just $30/person for a 3-course meal!

Whether you live in the Seattle area or are just visiting, Dine Around Seattle is a fine-dining experience you don’t want to miss. Now in its tenth year, this bi-annual promotion has become so woven into the culinary culture of our area, that locals and visitors alike eagerly await its arrival.

Here’s how Dine Around Seattle works. Each March and November, Sundays through Thursdays, Seattle area’s finest restaurants offer 3-course dinners for a mere $30. This includes selections for appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Many of the restaurants also offer lunch for $15. Prices do not include beverage, tax or gratuity.

This year, more restaurants are on board than ever before including Betty Restaurant and Bar, Carmelita Vegetarian Restaurant, Volterra, Assaggio Ristorante Seattle, BOKA Kitchen + Bar, Picolinos, Local 360, The Scotch and Vine (lucky news for Des Moines residents!).

You can make reservations between March 1 and 29 on Dine Around Seattle’s Facebook Page, at or at OpenTable.

Check out all the participating restaurants at

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