Curves International is kicking off the 2012 Curves Food Drive on Thursday, March 1 with a challenge to all Curves Clubs to meet or exceed last year’s donations. Each club, including of Lake Forest Park, is asking its members to donate bags of non-perishable food or cash throughout the March to support their local food banks. In addition, Curves will waive the joining fee for new members who bring in a bag of non-perishable food or donate $30 to their local food bank from March 12 to 25.

“Curves of Lake Forest Park is committed to supporting the health and well-being of our members, so the food drive is a natural extension of that commitment to the whole community,” said a Curves of Lake Forest Park staff member. “Many families are struggling with basic expenses and need some help to make ends meet. Our food drive gives our members a way to reach out and support their neighbors.”

With a theme of “good for your body and your soul,” this year’s drive encourages Curves members to feel doubly good about themselves as they make time to exercise for good health and help others in the community with a donation of nutritious food.

Curves International will award cash prizes to the clubs that collect the most food, the clubs that show the greatest increase in donations over the 2011 food drive, and to two additional clubs randomly selected from all the clubs who enter the contest.

Yet the main goal of the annual drive is to enlist the help of members in re-stocking the shelves of local food pantries across the country.

For more information about Curves of Lake Forest Park, and the 2012 Curves Food Drive, call 206.361.0800. For more information about Curves, or to find a Curves near you, visit


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