Home weddings can be some of the most creative and beautiful celebrations a couple can have. Capturing the true essence of a couple in the place where they live or the home of a relative brings a personal atmosphere that cannot always be found in churches or other ceremony sites. That said, due to its rainy climate, having a home wedding in Seattle can be tough. There is more than just the weather to take into consideration when planning the big day, though. Here are some helpful ideas that are geared to make your lifetime event magical and memorable.

Preparation is Key

More important than the ice sculpture, the flowers, or even the ring is the connection that you and your future spouse share and want to grow. Premarital counseling is an important tool that more and more Seattle couples are utilizing to help manage the stress before the big day. It’s also useful to grow relationships and stave off negative behavior that can have lasting effects on a marriage.

Simcha Shtull is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington and a member of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. Her goal as a premarital counselor is to help couples improve communication and conflict resolution skills and “develop a secure attachment bond, one based on safety, trust, intimate connection, and emotional presence.”

Have Everything Covered

Seattle weather is not always cooperative, and as luck has it, the skies always seem to get cloudy the second the bride is preparing to walk down the aisle of her outdoor wedding. To avoid leaving the guests out in the rain, renting a tent can be the perfect solution. Before making any decisions on a tent, be sure to have your guest list set. The last thing you want is to cram too many people inside a small space or pay too much for unused areas. There is a wide variety of creative structures that can really set your wedding apart from the rest. ABC Special Event Rentals offers a clear top tent, perfect for a night celebration. (What’s more romantic than dancing in the moonlight?) With dimly lit lanterns gracing the interior, the tent emits a warm glow that guests will flock to.

Hours: Mon to Sat -8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun -Closed

Grub for your Guests

People come to weddings for fun, food, and drinks. For home weddings on a strict budget, catering services can sometimes be too expensive. Just because you cannot afford a caterer, does not mean that you cannot provide your guests with great grub. Everyone has an uncle who loves to barbecue. Ask “old uncle Joe” if he wants to sit behind a sleek grilling machine and cook up some brisket for family and friends. R&R Party Rentals has a good selection of rental-grills in all sizes, and starting as low as $50, they can significantly cut down on your food expenses. Stainless steel, charcoal, or propane, old uncle Joe would love to sit behind one of these sleek grills and cook up some fun times at your wedding.

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Official Officiants

Imagine yourself at the alter with your future spouse. You are hand in hand looking into each other’s eyes, preparing to recite your vows. Suddenly, this magical moment is interrupted by a dumb joke that the wedding officiant decides to crack about the bridesmaids’ dresses. Don’t let your home wedding be ruined by a bad wedding officiant. Seattle is full of great ministers and non-denominational officiants who will fit perfectly with what you imagined your special day to be. Annemarie Juhlian won Evening Magazine’s Western Washington’s Best Wedding Officiant title in 2011. This contemporary, non-denominational officiant strives to create a personalized wedding ceremony by spending time with the couple and truly capturing their wishes.

Annemarie Juhlian
(425) 922-1325

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Meagan Hope is a blogger and owner of two event businesses. She is a wedding & event professional who began a career in the music industry in 2003. She currently lives is Portland, Oregon with her fiance Simon. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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