Beginning Monday March 12, The Thom Hartmann Program will be moving to a new timeslot.

The Ed Schultz Show will now air LIVE 9am-Noon on AM1090 with the biggest guests in progressive politics, in-depth coverage of the days news, your calls, and the same straight talk you’ve come to rely on.

Big Eddie will be followed LIVE by The Thom Hartmann Program from Noon-3pm, bringing you the insight and thought-provoking discussion that that only Thom Hartmann can.

We are very excited to once again have both programs air in real-time on AM1090.  The rest of our schedule remains the same and we will now have live progressive talk programming throughout the day, starting with Bill Press at 3am through Norman Goldman til 6pm.

Comments (5)
  1. FORD says:

    I realize this is Thom’s decision to move his show, and really has nothing to do with a local programming decision, but this would be an opportuntiy for AM 1090 to extend their LIVE programming schedule even further, and carry the Mike Malloy program LIVE at 6:00 PM rather than continuing to delay his programming.

    Randi is already delayed, so why not leave her as the ONLY delayed program on your schedule, and carry LIVE programming from 3:00 AM to 9:00 PM

    Seattle listeners shouldn’t have to subscribe to Sirius or stream from Minnesota in order to hear Mike Malloy in his proper time slot. Please take this opportunity to air Mike Malloy in real time.

    Thanks for continuing to air great progressive talk radio.

  2. Greg Bins says:

    Say it ain’t so . . . I work till 2:00 CST and it’s perfect. I suppose I’ve got to find another 2:00 start time somewhere unless I wait till 5:00 and dial up KCUP.

  3. Roxie Gihl says:

    So glad to hear that both Ed and Thom will continue to be on!! Was worried about that , they’re both so very good…

    I would also like to hear Mike Malloy at 6-9 pm, and Randi from 9-12 pm,
    as a personal preference….

    Your station is doing wonderful public service, by giving us REAL news and info about local events………Thanks again, AM 1090 is a STAR of Seattle radio!!

  4. eloise says:

    Would love to have Bill Press even if delayed instead of Norman from 3-6.
    Also, could you please update some spots like Mike talking about Palin talking down to Tea Party – seems dated.

  5. ray says:

    I guess this is good since both will be live but I have sure gotten used to the times they have been on. Change is good though!!

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