PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Traffic officers along Interstate 84 in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge say a lead-footed driver was in such a hurry to make a court date on a meth possession charge that he racked up $2,000 worth of speeding tickets in an hour.

Police say 34-year-old Jose Romero-Valenzuela of Las Vegas, Nev., was zooming west Wednesday morning and got pulled over three times – first at 105 mph, then at 98 mph and finally at 92 mph.

Police say the last ticket appeared to have an effect. Down the road a bit, a trooper set up watch and clocked him at the limit, 65 mph.

Besides fines and penalties, police say his license could be suspended for up to 90 days if he’s found guilty on the citation alleging driving in excess of 100 mph.

Police confirm he was indeed scheduled for a court appearance later Wednesday in Oregon City, south of Portland.

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Comments (59)
  1. jrey762 says:

    At least he was starting to slow down progressively anyway…

  2. DMac says:

    I worked traffic court for a time. When the cop wrote the ticket, and the driver explained that he had to get to the courthouse, the cop should have offered to escort him there so he wouldn’t get another ticket. Why didn’t he? Was it because he was hispanic?

    1. bill says:

      Your not serious, right? How about the defendent should have left a little earlier to make the damn court appearance. And I can’t believe if you worked for the court that you would even suggest something like that.

      Cops are not a damn escort service. And I suppose the cop should set aside any duties he should be performing just to help a moron that can’t tell time, or doesn’t care about being on tme. Its not the cops job to get him there.

      And to drag race into it is completely ridiculous. You are apparently very narrow minded when it comes to the police.

      1. Jason says:

        “Cops are not a damn escort service.” I’ve been to a couple bachelor parties where they were.

      2. Jake_AZ says:

        Cant you tell he is a progressive liberal mind? Of course he worked at a court house, and collected a check to do nothing or be terrible at something very lame/simple. Of course he worked for the government he is clearly a racist and views everything in COLOR.

        Of course the police are supposed to escort people, especially if they are of any race other than Caucasian, because they have nothing better to do. That’s the entitlement aspect.

        Its pretty clear if you ask me. This ones just got a lower IQ than most. ;]

      3. Sandra Johnson says:

        Bill, don’t get too upset with DMac. He/she is just another stup-ass liberal. And I bet they have never seen the inside of a court house as an employee.

    2. Jay says:

      This happened on a freeway, a cop can’t travel long distances and outside of his jurisdiction to “escort” a person who chose to be running late in the first place.

      If this were in a city, on city streets, I can see the argument for your proposal, but you can’t expect a sheriff deputy or highway patrolman to take that much time out of his day to travel outside of his jurisdiction.

      And its not like he was going just a little over, he was 40 over the limit on the first ticket. Just based on that he didn’t deserve any favors from the cop.

      1. bill says:

        I can see an escort if you pull over someone and mom is in labor, someone is shot or slashed open in an accident, or some other medical emergency. Beyojnd that, jeave earlier lol.

      2. DENNIS says:


    3. sm says:

      DMAC, Are you a moron? Come on. An escort to court? Are you kidding me?! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why should anyone much less a Meth Head get an escort to court? You must be in that 50% that pays no taxes and has NO REGARD for how tax revenues are spent. The Hispanic comment was stupid too…

      The police were idiots too for not hauling his sorry butt to jail after the first violation!

      1. Jake_AZ says:

        You’re right….lets say down the road at 102 he kills someone…They are now liable for leaving a public safety hazard out in public.

        Cops definitely don’t have an IQ over 90.

      2. bill says:

        Actually I am still wondering about that myself. At 40 over its reckless driving, an offense which in some states leads to an arrest ( I dont know about theirs).

      3. teaj says:

        Maybe he had a mouth like yours Jake. Don’t take someone with an IQ over 90 to know not to be an ass to the police.

    4. truther says:

      the 1 way to assure you get a ticket is to say your in a hurry, because the ticket/pulling you over put you further behind i know for a FACT that when someone says that, the cops will tell each other of that fact making it much more likely you/anyone driving a car w/your description will be watched.

    5. algore says:

      Funny, my first thought was if the pos was legal. If he is trade him to mehico for the next employable one in line without kids. A nice meth user endangering everybody else. Poor victim of the white man.

    6. bernie says:

      Usually they take your license away if you get two speeding tickets in one day !

    7. malachi says:

      LOL how about no meth and his life would be fine!!!!!! you jest!!!!

    8. Your Obvious Superior says:

      It is not the responsbility of the ticketing officer to escort the lawbreaker anywhere unless the lawbreaker’s infraction merits arrest and incarceration. Everyone is responsble for their own conduct.

    9. Al Schork says:

      Yeah, and maybe they should have paid the fine for him too.Then a nice lunch at Taco Bell. Then buy him a chiuahua puppy for his kids and a low rider for him.Late for a meth trial? Speeding. Go figure!!!

    10. BcdErick says:

      $2,000 bucks. Ain’t America a great country?

    11. OregonSnowman says:

      I’m sorry, DMac, but that’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. I live in the Gorge area, and I can assure you the law-enforcement people in this area are not in the habit of providing ‘escort service’ to people so they can make their court appearances on time – and it doesn’t matter if they are brown, black, yellow, white or green.

  3. Greg San Jose says:

    Ever since I got my Escort radar detector and downloaded Trapster on my iPhone, speeding tickets are no longer a revenue stream for police stag parties.

    1. Jake_AZ says:


  4. Eric says:

    He could’ve left earlier, and saved a lot on speed traps.

    But that would be too obvious.

  5. Rick says:

    AP, the designated speed in Oregon is 55mph, not 65.

    1. Traveled that road says:

      Hwy 84 is 65MPH in that area. Further East out of Idaho it is 70MPH.

  6. Rick says:

    Re. my 2:10pm post, I was incorrect. If the driver was in an urban zone 55mph would be the limit; in a rural area 65 is correct.

  7. HeyHey says:

    Oh they are targeting this man and making his life hell.

  8. Asmartwhiteboy says:

    Latinos are more American than you!

    1. truther says:

      unless your a native american, they are THE ONLY TRUE AMERICANS.

      1. Nawritz Sumrean says:

        No they’re not. Their ancestors walked here from China.

  9. Asmartlatinoboy says:

    Yea, no, they aren’t. Not according to google translate, they aren’t. Type the work American. Says its the United States….

  10. truther says:

    are cops really this stupid? they can see the tickets previously issued… dude should get his driving privileges revoked for 5 or 10 years then give him a 1 strike any strike and your out policy.

    1. JohnStarkReturns says:

      Revoke his driving privileges? And lose out on all that revenue from speeding tickets? Right. Cops aren’t there to promote public safety – they’re there to collect revenue to fund the illegitimate government.

  11. bernie says:

    You had the right idea but it’s BELOW 90 , otherwise they get bored and want to do something useful with their lives !

    1. Canof Sand says:

      Yeah, now call them all “pigs”. And how about parrotting that idiot meme, “95% of cops make the rest of them look bad.” The vast majority of policemen are good people and they’re doing a VITAL job. FAR more “useful” than whatever it is you’re doing, almost certainly. You’re a disgusting, hate-filled creature.

      1. Mike says:

        I don.t suppose you could pass the mental and physical testing to become an officer.. Oh well, sucks to be you!

    2. SHERIFF SAYS THE JIG IS UP... says:

  12. kevin says:

    How would they see the tickets previously issued? And what difference would that make anyway?

  13. freecheese says:

    Dennis. Are you STILL on probation ?

  14. bacon says:

    Dennis, that would be oink oink, moron

  15. bill says:

    Dennis, is there some type of medication you should be taking and have skipped today? Get a grip dude. And if your not on one, I suggest you consider one.

    1. DENNIS says:


  16. 1608the poet says:

    Some of us won’t read posts all in UPPER CASE. This is considered shouting.

    1. Jake_AZ says:

      thank you for saying what anyone with etiquette on the internet was thinking…

    2. SailorV says:

      I’m one. I do not read posts written in upper case, period.

  17. David from San Diego says:

    Three tickets and a suspended license is MUCH better than what would happen to a meth defendant who is seriously late for court. His bail would have been revoked. It was worth it.
    ADVICE FOR NEXT TIME: (a) Leave home a LOT earlier; (b) better yet, don’t do meth in the first place.

  18. TJ in CA says:

    Well???? Did he make it to court?

  19. QuitYellingPlease says:

    Do you also hate the caps lock key?

  20. Chuck says:

    I wish we had cops like that in Boston. You know, the ones that work.

  21. bob says:

    Speeding and parking tickets, that is the only reason for any police force’s existence. They’re nothing but a taxing arm of the government

  22. Chuck B. says:

    I am an ex cop,and let me say if I caught a speeder this fast ,I would have arrested him on the spot for reckless endangerment and excessive speeding. He would have never left after the first ticket.

    1. JohnStarkReturns says:

      See folks? Not all cops are bad. Some are retired… like this one.

  23. Mr. Crawley's Wife says:

    You’re an idiot.

    1. JR says:

      No… You are the idiot

  24. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Granted, Speedy Gonzales was a Looney Tune, but he never did Meth.

    Arriba, Arriba!

  25. JohnStarkReturns says:

    If the tyrants would stop busting people for victimless drug crimes then he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to rush to the kangaroo court, now would he?

  26. yarply says:

    Sorry but going 100 miles an hour is reckless driving in any state. Minimum.

  27. Craig says:

    Is Oregon a “sanctuary state”?

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