Sexy Liberal Hal Sparksjoins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at  6am for all three hours of Humpdays With Hal

 Journalist and author Matt Taibbi calls in at  7:30am to talk about his latest Rolling Stone article, “Why Bank of America is Too Crooked To Fail”

 Political Strategist and author David Bender calls in at 8am  to go over the results of last night’s Illinois primaries

 Mitt Romney won the Illinois Republican primary with ease on Tuesday night, allowing him to grow his delegate advantage over his rivals in the fight for the party’s presidential nomination. A total of 54 delegates were at stake on Tuesday, and 41 went to Romney and 8 to Santorum.

 Conservative Republicans controlling the House unveiled a budget blueprint Tuesday that combines slashing cuts to safety net programs for the poor with sharply lower tax rates in an election-year manifesto painting clear campaign differences with President Barack Obama.

 Florida’s 2005 “Stand Your Ground” law, which says a citizen doesn’t have to retreat before using deadly force against an attacker, could throw a legal wrinkle into the case of a neighborhood watch captain who shot to death Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teenager.


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