VANCOUVER, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – A young student was reportedly slapped in the head by her school’s lunch lady, and an investigation has been launched into whether or not the action was intentional or accidental.

In the meantime, KATU News is reporting that the victim, identified only as “Shelby,” is afraid to return to the school.

Last Wednesday, March 21, at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School, Shelby and some of her other friends got in trouble for talking while waiting to be dismissed from the cafeteria, and the lunch lady took their recess time away.

Shelby began to cry after receiving the punishment, at which point the cafeteria worker allegedly slapped her.

“She had a full hand and she has really long nails and she slapped me, and her nails kind of digged [sic] into my head,” Shelby said to KATU News.

The school district is looking further into the matter, and put the worker on leave for four school days.

“We understand the little girl was upset and she was crying, and we do believe that somehow she might have been hit in the back of the head,” Carol Fenstermacher, school district spokeswoman, said to KATU News. “The big question is, was it an accident? It’s a crowded lunch room. Was something else going on? So we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”


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