SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — A controversial iPhone application called “Girls Around Me” has been pulled from the virtual shelves by its creator after the public deemed it a breach of privacy.

The app allowed its user to find girls who had checked in to businesses and other pinpointed locations by finding and funneling the data publicly available on their Facebook pages and Foursquare accounts.

“In the mood for love, or just after a one-night stand?” the app’s website states. “‘Girls Around Me’ puts you in control! Reveal the hottest nightspots, who’s in them, and how to reach them.”

The app, made by Russian app producer iFree Innovations, was previously available on iTunes.

It was reportedly marketed as a way to “find out where girls or guys are hanging out,” according to a report from PCWorld.

However, it quickly drew criticism and concern as a tool that could potentially be used to stalk people, especially women.

John Brownlee from the Cult of Mac was reportedly able to test out the app before it went dark.

When he found an attractive woman on it, the app then gave him the woman’s full name, age, birthday, marital status, political views, and perhaps most invasive, her exact location at that moment.

In a statement released to the Wall Street Journal, iFree Innovations feels it did nothing wrong, despite pulling the app of its own volition, because “‘Girls Around Me’ cannot show the user more data than [a] social network already does.”

“[W]e believe it is unethical to pick a scapegoat to talk about the privacy concerns. We see this wave of negative as a serious misunderstanding of the apps’ [sic] goals, purpose, abilities and restrictions,” the statement given to the Wall Street Journal read. “‘Girls Around Me’ does not provide any data that is unavailable to user when he uses his or her social network account, nor does it reveal any data that users did not share with others.”

The statement also asserted that the app was downloaded more than 70,000 times.

Comments (5)
  1. Fred says:

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Hey man, lay off, I mean the CIA, FBI, TSA, MI5 and the fascist corps already do this- why can’t I make a buck off it?”

    We should all be taking down our social network data until such time as the government does not have back-doors for all of it. Let the data go stale. In 10 years of non-use it wil become completely irrelevant.

    Then what? After we Go Galt, we will only use networks who dare not shed light to the governments. Corporations that do business with the government also off limits.

    The problem with all the “what do you have to hide gestapo” types, is that the government and fascist corps are outlawing privacy and using technology to speed the process. There has always been a way to lead a private life for thousands of years, but under the political fear that “you might be a terrorist” now no one can be free.

    Lincoln did not free the slaves. He enslaved us all.

  3. none says:

    don’t people post all this stuff on facebook already and use the “check in” feature to show exactly where they are too? What is the difference?

  4. Patrick says:

    This is really silly. There is an opt-in for participation with location apps, so one can be offline as a privacy/security measure

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